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[MDP] A Council and Congress

Day 1,857, 14:37 Published in Canada Canada by Muglack

I promised an article that would name the new Council and would talk about our plans for the coming month in Congress. Well, here it is. Promise kept.

The Military Council

With the reinstatement last month of the Military Council the MDP took a big step in returning to it's roots. Next to breaking ties with Coalition I would say that the Council's reemergence was probably the biggest step forward (or backward depending on how you look at it) to bringing the MDP back in line with what the original Party was all about.

Those who served on the Council served well, and their involvement and dedication to the party will be rewarded.

But it's a new month, and with a new month comes a new Council. Some of the names and faces will repeat, which is inevitable but I will also include new blood so that the group of people with experience in the party that are able to step up doesn't slowly dwindle and die. The MDP is familiar with what happens when a talent pool goes dry, and I want to do everything I can to safeguard against it happening again.

The Military Council for the next 27 days will be as follows:

Light of Palaero (aka Leo Balzac)

His contributions to the party are too many to count. He's always willing to go the extra mile, and participates in all Council matters. He is well informed and logical. But there aren't the only things that have earned him spot on the Council. Last month when I was deliberating Congress ballot placement he informed me that he would recuse himself so that a newer player could get a chance so that the party as a whole would become stronger. It's the dedication to the MDP that has earned him not only a spot on the Council but also secured his spot as the next Dictator.


His history is storied and long. There are few people in Canada that have been declared an outlaw and canonized a saint. Rylde has the dubious distinction of being the only player to be both, twice. But there are facts which are undeniable. When it comes to crunch time, and eCanada needs someone to work tirelessly handing out tanks, or making sure every last effort is being done to win a battle, Rylde is the best person to have in the trenches. Whether he's tanking himself, or giving out thousands of tanks to foreign Mercs he will stop at nothing to get eCanada the precious points each mini-battle represents. It's that die hard, all or nothing attitude that has earned him his spot on the Council.


This month the new blood on the Council is MCA421. Last month MCA421 was one of the people it pained me to see miss the cut for Congress. Despite missing out on Congress he wasn't disheartened, and quickly commented in the Party shoutfeed that he'd go harder next month, and he was committed. This exactly the type of player that the MDP is looking for, and eCanada needs. When someone puts a wall in front of them, they put their head down and charge through it. In fact, his dedication has inspired me so much that in this month's Congress election I've decided to move myself down the ballot from a "guaranteed spot" so that he will get the chance he's wanted and for for so long.

Homer J Simpson

Much like last month Homer will not be an official member of the Council. His duties with The Crimson Order, The Boomer's Academy and his job as Speaker of Congress keep him fairly busy. But his insight, and opinion are always valued.

Congress Ballot

Under the old system being the Party President was much easier. With multiple candidates in multiple regions there were never really any hard choices that had to be made. If one region had too many qualified candidates, you simply got people to move and the problem was solved. Sadly that is no longer the case.

This leaves me with a dilemma. Who deserves the coveted top few spots that have a high chance of success, and who is relegated to the lower part of the ballot where their chances of getting elected are not nearly as good. On the 24th of the month when these decisions are being finalized, I can tell you honestly that heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Finally I decided the easiest way to do it would be to remove my heart from the equation and only use my head. That's how I came up with the following criteria. Questions that, if you want to earn a top spot on the ballot, you should answer to me in a PM.

1) What have you done for the MDP lately?
2) What have you don for eCanada lately?
3) Historically what have you done for the MDP?
4) Historically what have you done for eCanada?
5) On the 26th of December, if elected, what proposal would you make that you think will move eCanada forward?

Simple, straightforward, and easily answered. Are they too blunt, and perhaps a little esoteric? Absolutely. After all if you want a high ballot position with the MDP, you'll have to earn it.

But before you start writing remember one thing:

Congressmen from the MDP work for their gold.

Hail MDP!
Hail eCanada!



Muglack, why em I not on here? or right cause you excluded me from your party hahahaa.

Venoms III
Venoms III Day 1,857, 14:57

Good day.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,857, 15:00


@Sabzii:Exclusion is part of a dictatorship.

@ Chan: no one told me it would hurt like this though 🙁

Rylde Day 1,857, 16:40

Honored to be on the council. I'll try not to knife u in the dark. Thats how dictators get voted out right?

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,857, 16:46


MCA421 Day 1,857, 16:51

Hail MDP
Thank you Muglack

Funky 24
Funky 24 Day 1,857, 16:52

Councils are good if you have something you need to discuss, otherwise it becomes either really awkward or annoying.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,857, 20:37

Hail the MDP o/

I was an honour serving on the council this past month Muglack, I hope I will have a chance to serve in such a position again in the future.


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,857, 20:58

Congrats to MCA421, very well deserved and congrats to Mugs and MDP on a good month

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