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[MaartenW] Finding the Community project

Day 3,666, 10:56 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by MaartenW
It is December 2012; Gangnam Style has become the first video to reach one billion views on Youtube and the end of the world is being preached for the final date on the Mayan calendar is coming up. In this era if you were looking for eRepublik players there was but one place to look, in some ancient communication system called IRC.

Since then a lot has changed, IRC died out and discord has tried to take its place. I've tried to look for activity in some of the country channels on discord I used to frequent on the IRC but most of them are beyond dead. There is not too much going on on the official eRepublik discord either. So what is the deal? Does the international community of players that liked to socialize gone? Is the only population that remains that of soldiers that spam the fight button to improve their stats? I can not believe that, especially since I occasionally stumble across active whatsapp and telegram groups.

The community behind the game is what kept me interested for so long so I am quite eager to find and map out the activity hotspots. In order to do that I plan to send this form regarding community communication to all ingame CP's. In order to make sure silence wont fall when the question is asked I would like to give them 5 gold for taking part in the survey. From the outcome of the survey I hope to conclude the location and level of community activity.

To fund the gold reward I would like to request an one time sponsorship of the plato foundation of 500 gold. The breakdown of this amount would be 74 CP's x 5 gold = 370 gold which leaves 130 gold for 26 other players that are willing to fill the form. If the survey supplies some usable results I might start community building projects next.

That's all for now, please comment what you think!

a salute to you o7
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black..wolf Day 3,666, 11:06

Comment deleted

Jimkats1 Day 3,666, 11:26

Mostly is ingame conv messages and Whatsapp

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 3,666, 11:26

not all places are dead, good article.

Alina V
Alina V Day 3,666, 11:32

space 😛

Shawtyl0w Day 3,666, 11:32

filling this form out asi'm typing.

telegram is used a lot as well

Director9 Day 3,666, 11:44

IRC dead? IRC ancient?

Maliopopoubross Day 3,666, 12:15

i'm out

Jordic69 Day 3,666, 12:24

I talk with erep people but about stuff unrelated to eRep 🙁

MaartenW Day 3,667, 01:14

Yeah that is the nice thing about it Jordic 😃

odan Day 3,666, 12:27

there is some occasional people still visiting irc. but due to people splitting off into so many different communication channels (discord/telegram/whatsapp/etc) the community only became more divided.

Weekstrom Day 3,666, 13:49

Sounds good!
I personally think Telegram is the most active group and the easiest to use as people don't need to provide their RL data and don't need an extra app or program to look into it where discord irc and all kinds of others require you to have that.

And sadly I also think the game is way more dead than it was 2 years ago let alone 4...

Octienne Day 3,668, 14:26

filled, nice job

zzzingo Day 3,668, 14:27


It seems like there is a connection with the amount of pressing the big red button and less and less activity on forums and chats. Nowadays, most people just want to press that button 1000 times a day and maybe not write anything anywhere. The situation was pretty much the opposite before 2011, when we started to be able to fight much more...

SIay3R Day 3,668, 14:48


virtualPersia Day 3,668, 15:01

Great Idea. Keep going

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