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[Legion] - The Supply Level and Recommended Activity

Day 1,901, 16:32 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Carlini8

Hello Legionnaires,

This article will outline the supply system within The Legion, how to get it yourself and also the minimum activity we expect from members.

Nearly every MU in existence has something known as their supply. This is when you use your daily work for someone inside the MU and in return you often get paid in tanks. These tanks will always be worth more than the highest cash offer on the market however so it is always well worth taking a job with your MU.

Here in The Legion we promote activity and community as much as we can. We see the tier system as a way to promote activity. Effectively, the short version of the tier system is: The more you play the game, the more tanks we give you on a daily basis. The less you play, the lower your supply. However, it is still well over the current best wage in the eUK. Our lowest supply is currently valued at £48 where as I pay workers in Poland £14! So the lowest supply in The Legion is 3.5 times higher than the current market value! As for the highest, that is very close to 9 times!

We base all the data on a two week rolling basis. We decide what tier you are in every Sunday. I check the stats for the past two weeks at some point on that Sunday and tell the suppliers and distributors which tier everyone is in. So if you have an excellent two weeks and fight a lot, giving you lots of experience points, you will make the top level easily!

Two little things, please remember you have to have a Legion job to actually gain the benefits of the tier you are in and any new player will be entered at Tier 2 until two weeks have passed and we can see their stats. If someone has come from a different eUK MU we will already have your stats tracked.

So without further waffle, here are the details on the four tiers:

Tier 1 – Militia:

Requirement: Over 200 exp and 20,000 rank points in a two week period.
Reward: 4 Q7s + £10 for every day worked.

Tier 2 – Auxiliaries:

Requirement: Over 1000 exp or 1000k rank points in the two week period.
Reward: 6 Q7s + £10 for every day worked

Tier 3 - Legionnaires

Requirement: Over 2000 exp or 2000k rank points in the two week period.
Reward: 10 Q7s + £10 for every day worked

Tier 4 - Praetorians

Requirement: Over 3000 exp or 3000k rank points in the two week period.
Reward: 16 Q7s + £10 for every day worked

To get a job, fill in this form, it is simply for admin purposes, no one gets refused:

We will be continuing the tier system. It has been an AMAZING SUCCESS! We have pushed activity up so much as people strive for a better paid job! Everyone has the same chance regardless of age. The easiest way to get the higher paid jobs is to be active! We would like to remind Legion members you are free to do whatever you want with your hard earned wage!

As the official MU for the eUK The Legion has great responsibility. We are a very key part of the fight for retention and the battle with the permanent log out button.

We monitor activity of our members closely and will be using captains as an aid to keeping people active. A close helping hand will hopefully increase peoples activity and enjoyment gained from this game.

We only ask that our members keep playing this game to stay in The Legion. As long as people have fought in the past two weeks and have gained more than 200 exp in that time we consider you still playing the game. To put this into perspective, I get over 200 exp every morning before work.

If you do not meet this threshold we will remove you during one of our activity sweeps. You will also get a message pointing you in the direction of this article and telling you that if you do start playing the game again we would be very happy to have you with us! We are just maintaining activity, everyone is welcome to come back!

If you would like a Legion job, a Legion avatar or to check our tracking site please see the links in the buttons below!

Thank you all,

Commander Carlini



beist Day 1,902, 07:27

First! o7

Asid250 Day 1,902, 10:05

9th.Square of 3.

Xaeleam Day 1,903, 04:52


Damien P Fleming
Damien P Fleming Day 1,910, 03:36

Awesome o7

Draconius Nightwatch
Draconius Nightwatch Day 1,915, 11:32

Voted 07 for the Legion!

Strength and Honour

Vorian Drake
Vorian Drake Day 1,957, 23:05

the job and avatar application links are switched around

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