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[Legion] Strike tonight!

Day 1,671, 08:50 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Elle Roslin
First order of business, strike tonight!

#RomanNavy on irc, or post on Legion feed

7 pm

Legion and Royal Navy

Boat shoes, bowler hats, floral print dresses, Charlie Sheen shirts, parasols


3x Q6 tanks if you ask in the feed
As many as you can use (with food fights) if you ask on irc

Come on out and have some fun and meet some new people! See you at 7 pm 😃

Obligatory boat reference:

'Hold me Jack'
enter Celine Dion stage right

Second order of business, Legion rearrangements

Regiments are being reorganized to reflect divisional status. Many of you will receive invites to join another regiment, PLEASE ACCEPT THESE INVITATIONS!!!

I cannot stress this enough. The faster we have everyone shifted around the quicker we can maximize our damage in war through targeted orders.

This article will be updated shortly with the regular gold training bonuses etc.

Ninjas indeed!

That's all folks!



Etheri Day 1,671, 12:36

I have the black lego ninja guy irl.

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