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Day 1,810, 01:38 Published in Poland United Kingdom by Carlini8

Hello all,

You have come here to find out more about “The Legion” hopefully. If you haven’t then I am afraid you are in the wrong place! Here there will be a series of links to articles detailing a specific aspect of The Legion. These will be kept up-to-date and to the point to minimise waffle and get you straight to the information you need.

So without further a do!

If you want to find out about the topic at hand, follow the link.

Supplies -

In The Legion we have an extensive supplying and distributing method to try to ensure you get your supplies efficiently. We offer higher supplies for those who are more active or hit harder. Both are used to not discriminate towards newer players. To find out more about this, what the supplies are and how to get a job, go here:


We offer rewards for people who achieve specific things. When you get them, such as a hard worker medal, we ask that you post in the feed so that everyone can know of your accomplishment and we can then reward you for the effort you are putting in. To see what gets rewarded and by how much, check out here: To be added shortly

eUK MU -

The Legion is the national eUK MU. This happened very recently and is a big change not only for the country, but ourselves here too. We are hoping to adapt quickly and offer the best possible service to all of the eUK. Please read more about it here:

Avatar -

The Legion has a new image. We are very happy to announce our new avatar which can be customised for people to make it not only about The Legion, but themselves. To get yourself one, please fill in the form here:

Community -

Outside the game we communicate on two separate platforms. On IRC and on the eUK forums.

We have our own section on the eUK forums which we are currently trying to improve to give us all better communication and an extra place to go if we have any issues or problems.

The room we use on the rizon IRC network is #TheLegion – Here we openly discuss everyone Legion along with getting to know everyone better and just generally chatting about anything.

You are not forced to go on to any of these mediums but we would love to chat to you so please if you have time, do come on down! To learn more about how to get on to IRC and use the Forums, please go here:

Thank you everyone,



Crispy Squirrel
Crispy Squirrel Day 1,810, 01:59

In before dog farts!

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,810, 04:35

Horice (:

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,810, 10:05

Emergy's graphics make me smile every time

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,822, 14:37

Every time I see that image for Support and Supply, I always mistake what is being held and that huge grin doesn't help either.

Carlini8 Day 1,824, 00:43

Lol IfIwere, love it 😃

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