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[Legion] Building Together!

Day 1,672, 18:06 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Elle Roslin

Hello there!
This article is intended for new players who have just joined the game, or older players who have either never been in a Military Unit or are dissatisfied with their current one.

Join Up with a Fun Squad!

For the last 7 months I have had the pleasure of being involved with a great team of people that are collectively known as the ESO Legion, and I’d like to share with you why I think it’s the best Military Unit in the eUK.

So here’s why:

Low Key Fun
Rewards & Support

(see below for explanations)

Legion is a group that works collectively for the mutual development of one another. We have been around for over 6 months, and we stick by one another through thick and thin. Players give generously to one another, and we strive to share in each others’ successes. I believe this is one of the key reasons why Legion is regularly the #1 ranked UK MU by kills per day, despite the fact that we do not have many older ‘tank’ players. The Legion Feed is very active, and players of all ages and stripes typically respond to questions or requests for assistance rapidly and helpfully (and if you’re Llort Zakharov, pseudo-philosophically!).

We're stable, we're well organized, and we're experienced. We are unaffected by changes in CP, and we are not reliant on gold buyers or single rich players for support. We are a network of people, many of which can (and do) lead in some capacity.

Low Key
We’re not big on rank, or titles, or chains of command. If you’re looking for SERIOUS BUSINESS people, we’re probably not the best gang to join up with. We have some fun logos and graphics, which are indicative of how we approach the game. Playful, humorous, a little self-deprecating – it’s all fair game!

Everyone gets access to the same rewards, contests, support, and supplies (if you work in a Legion company). There are no special rewards or special treatment for those who are older. A player is a player is a player. We have had Captains that are a month old, and Captains that have been playing for 3+ years. Everyone has the right and the chance to contribute in their own way.

Freedom of Choice
We respect your freedom to choose which party you belong to, who you vote for CP, and what policies you agree or disagree with. Although ESO is in the name, you will never be asked to change parties simply for being in the unit. We try to keep politics out of the MU as much as possible, to the point that we expressly request that people do not ask for votes or push election articles on the feed. We have never received a single pound of currency from the government, and we want to keep it that way.


So materially, what's in it for you?
12 Q6 tanks per day for Legion workers (subject to spaces in Legion companies)
5 Q6 rewards for completing any of the following:
Gaining a level
Gaining a rank
Earning a hardworker or super soldier medal
Earning a battle hero or campaign hero medal

10x Gold training support (0.19 gold in value) weekly, drawn at random from members who complete their daily orders.
Free food upon request for any players that fall in Division 1 or Division 2 (levels 1-29)

Thank you for reading! So what are you waiting for? Join us here and let us help you grow in this game!

ESO Legion
Commander Elle Roslin


N W G Day 1,672, 18:51

You have my Sword and i have your Shield. Together we are stronger !!!

So Help us to Help you and come say hello.

The Legion Awaits !!!!

unstupid Day 1,672, 22:09


Llort Zakharov
Llort Zakharov Day 1,673, 00:45

What if this post is just a manifestation of a growing baby's subconscious that you have dubbed legion?


Verygamer747 Day 1,673, 02:34

You have my bow!

George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw Day 1,673, 06:00

voted as usual! \o/

Alex Kearney
Alex Kearney Day 1,673, 10:45

dude we have kittens??? DIE KITTENS

Max Blue
Max Blue Day 1,675, 04:20

[MoHA] Been playing less than a 2 months? Get 400 free health/day:

David Norman
David Norman Day 1,815, 02:53

am serious player, you can verify it, just passed 4 days and now i own 2 battle hero medals with 2 true patriot medals side by side, am a good at battlefield in erepublik, may i join Legion? may i get bonus as per described here? thanks.

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