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[LARGO4POTUS] The Annoucement - Redux

Day 2,410, 18:19 Published in USA USA by John Largo

I am John Largo and I am running for President of the United States.

No really. I’m running. It’s not a joke. It’s not LULZ. I came 17 votes away from victory last month, and I am here to finish the job. I’ve learned my lessons and I am even better.

eAmerica, I want to do my duty, and together we will do our DUTI. This will sound similar to the ideas behind my last campaign, but it is improved and better; acronym included.

Diversity – I want to have people on my team from all corners of our society. Diversity brings new ideas and new enthusiasm.

Unity – Infighting weakens our nation. Uniting our citizen soldiers in battles makes us a formidable force.

Transparency – The more people that can see what is going on, the more active we become. The more issues we show more people, the more problems we solve.

Inclusiveness – When everyone is included, we make fewer enemies and we get better buy-in to our solutions. The more people we include the better our society functions and we build upon past successes easier.

Now let me tell you about my time this month in AMP. I’ve done different jobs in the party before, but this is my first time as Party President. Man, this is a fun job. AMP has a stable leadership that kept the party afloat, while I learned my buttons, and we have an enthusiastic group of AMP’s future leaders champing at the bit to get more experience in this game. This is where I tried out my Party-Wide PDBs, which I hope to mirror as POTUS in eAmerican-Wide PDBs. This has been a success in AMP and I know it will be nationally.
AMP set a party record yesterday in voter turnout. We got 88.21% turnout. Yes you read that right 88.21% Voter Turnout!!!! Now, again, I cannot take all the credit because we have had high turnout for a long time. It's just that this month we broke through the roof! When you offer Diversity, present Unity, show Transparency, and demonstrate Inclusiveness, activity will rise, and great things will happen.

✯✯✯ Feel the AMPS! ✯✯✯

Those in my party have seen that I lead as a big picture guy. That grand vision setting is necessary for greatness, but it requires a good team to enact that vision. I am looking for talent for my cabinet. I seek those who believe in Largo and who can help me implement DUTI for the nation. Send me a PM if you want in on greatness.


Oblige Day 2,410, 18:32

Great work!

Cubby Day 2,410, 18:51

As everyone said last month, JULY is for John Largo!
His values and ethos are something special that will have a profound beneficial effect on the eUS. I encourage you all to support him.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 2,410, 18:56


YutuKaron Day 2,410, 18:57

Good Luck!

DMV3 Day 2,410, 19:09

Not elitist enough! Needs more Oblige.

Haliman Day 2,410, 19:24


Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 2,410, 19:51

A wild fish sighting! these are becoming more and more rare, it seems...

Pfeiffer. Day 2,410, 21:21

This is not a bad thing.

Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,410, 19:55


Code-Y Day 2,410, 19:28


PilotPhil Day 2,410, 20:49

This is your month JL!!!

greeling Day 2,410, 20:54


SColbert Day 2,410, 21:10

This article ranks among the articles I have read.

David Wilson
David Wilson Day 2,410, 22:03

Round 2 minus Oblige and Seppo?

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,411, 04:24

I am all for Oblige and Seppo running too, a four way race might be interesting.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 2,411, 04:50

4 ways are always interesting

Cubby Day 2,411, 08:31

He meant without them on the cabinet. But that would be a bad idea IMO.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,411, 08:48

The only thing I would fear in a four way is a Presidential PTO attempt.
Just because they are not in the cabinet does not mean their consultation shouldn't be sought....

Cubby Day 2,411, 12:11

Are you still missing the point? We are not talking about all 4 people running at all. There is no 4-way race. That indeed would not be a good thing.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,411, 13:48

Hmmm...maybe. I meant a 4 way Presidential Race between John Largo, dmjohston, Oblige and Seppo. Yes, I believe it would be a big mistake.

Henry William French
Henry William French Day 2,411, 00:07

★★★★ Baaaa o7 ★★★★

Cholan II
Cholan II Day 2,411, 02:14

Good Luck bro o7

Thedillpickl Day 2,411, 02:49

Hell yeah!

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Day 2,411, 04:21

I am looking forward to this Presidential race.

Heluin Day 2,411, 06:08

Good luck Largo!

Nfin Day 2,411, 06:11


Serendipitous Day 2,411, 07:10

all hail long jargo

Heemsleepy Day 2,411, 08:44

Where's the greeling?

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,411, 09:26

Good to see that you are giving it another shot.

Tide15 Day 2,411, 10:29


seeker1 Day 2,411, 11:00


David Wilson
David Wilson Day 2,411, 15:38

Apply for Team Largo

Zheng He
Zheng He Day 2,411, 17:00

✯✯✯ Feel the AMPS! ✯✯✯

zako soldier
zako soldier Day 2,412, 01:46


redbirdusa Day 2,412, 06:56


Titless fairy
Titless fairy Day 2,412, 12:35


Syz2 Day 2,412, 19:04

✯✯✯ Feel the AMPS! ✯✯✯

Legolas555 Day 2,413, 01:44


Mr.Cypriot Day 2,413, 08:00


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