[LARGO4POTUS] Rock the Vote

Day 2,418, 05:06 Published in USA USA by John Largo

Hello America! I'm John Largo and I'm running for President of the eUnited States.

For your Daily Hilarity:Vote or Die

My team has been doing a great job, and they are having a blast running this campaign too. I think we have an outstanding chance at winning this thing. You can still jump aboard the bus if you like.

These great parties have endorsed me:
The American Military Party (AMP)
The Black Sheep Party
The Socialist Freedom Party
The NOS Dive Party

Some clarification on my meet the team article. Wild Owl will be the lead Secretary of State and David Wilson, irule777, and Derphoof will be Regional Secretaries of State (I can't wait for my media team to interview them with pictures of their assistants as Dwight Schrute). SColbert is in the mix too, and Wild Owl will use him for special FA projects. The state department will be rounded out with a revitalized Ambassador program, as new Director, DylanBAS illustrates in his article.

Voting for John Largo ROCKS!!!

America, I lost a close election last month, and it has been burning a hole inside me ever since. I keep asking myself what I could do differently. Was I too nice? Was I unclear in my communications? Did I not go far enough to get your votes?

Well this month, there will be no questions and no regret left on the table. I'm going full bore and pulling all the levers at my command.

We are rocking the vote, America. I want to pull away to an insurmountable lead as soon as the vote begins. My competition can have all the late votes, but I want all the early ones.

I am offering 10 Q7 tanks to every citizen who comments in this article that they voted for me in the first hour of voting. You comments are time stamped, so vote for John Largo in the first hour and then comment this article that you did so within that first hour.

If you can't make the reset vote, then I offer a prizeless group vote at 12:00 eRep time. I would love for you guys to vote in the first hour, but if you cannot be up that late/early (depending on where you are in the world), then I offer a second chance at camaraderie.

So in summary, vote for John Largo on the 5th, comment here in the first hour after reset and get 10 Q7 tanks, and if you cannot make it then, then there will be a mass vote at 12:00 eRep time.