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Day 1,811, 14:58 Published in Belgium Belgium by Kylero
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It's almost decision time. In less than 10 hours, you will have the opportunity to vote for a new way for eBelgium. A way that is more inclusive, understanding, fun-driven, and fiscally-responsible.

It's been said that you should vote for what a candidate prioritizes rather than what they promise. So here's what I will prioritize if I become CP:

1. Reducing our national income deficit. We need to take a serious look at our expenditures and why our income is low before we run out of money.
2. Add more elements to the military experience. Add more awards, recognition, and specialized training programs and assignments.
3. Promote our local economy. Explore ways to get our local economy moving again through a Made in eBelgium working group.
4. Party relations. Because of the increased importance of party politics, I want to stress the importance of active leadership in eBelgium's political parties and ensure that we are all working for the shared interest of a free and active eBelgium.
5. Increase our national security practices. Recognize possible PTOs, act to prevent the PTOs if they are underway, and root out and report Multis.
6. Reform or eliminate laws that work against the people of eBelgium. We don't need laws that are authoritarian in nature, reducing the rights and freedoms of eBelgians.

So this is what I believe, and I feel I have assembled an experienced and capable team to help me achieve these goals. You have a choice to make soon. Understand that me and my team are the right choice for eBelgium at this time.

Join us!



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