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[Kravenn] Some vacations

Day 1,867, 21:00 Published in United Kingdom Greece by Kravenn

Well, this article will be to announce that I decided to take some vacations.

3 years ago, I arrived on eUK and since that time, I almost never took time to make a break. If 3 years without any break is long on the real world, it is almost like a century in erepublik.

I decided to move to a country who is far away from eUK and where I know some pleasant people.

Saying goodbye to Alice

Crying on Dan’s arms

Following that, I prepared my package and direction to Chile, a nice and pleasant country that I discovered during the year.

Listening some music before arrive to the airport

And now let’s go for a lot of hours in a plane. No need to add picture of that : It is useless.
When, I arrived in Santiago : I was quite tired after the fly but after sleeping some hours and we made a party with several friends

Including Psycokenin (who was my first contact in Chile)

and I also talked with Miss eChile

aka Daanitha 🙂

I don’t hide it : I’m quite happy to meet them, But that’s not all : Chile is also a wonderful country with a lot of beautiful landscapes.

On the forest and I promise that it is the last picture where I appear.

To finish, I don’t hide that Chile is a nice place where I meet several friends.
They also have nice landscapes.



Salto de laja

Salto del leon


That’s all for now, I’m fine there and I will remain here during some times. I don’t forget eUK and I’m sure that I will have some nice things to offer to the population when I will be back.

PS : I decided to organise a small food drive for every young citizen from Chile :

Our fish and chips

If your current level is below or equal to 27 (Only valid for Chilean people) :
Vote my article and write in comment "Welcome to Chile" , I give you 50 Q2 food (200 health)

Stay tuned,



PsyCokenin Day 1,867, 21:04


Welcome to eChile my friend


Zer0Xx Day 1,867, 21:07

Nice choice Kravenn 😃

Welcome to eChile :3

Greetings from Honduras

kami4u11 Day 1,867, 21:09

nice information for travel and tourism:p

P L S Day 1,867, 21:09

V & S

OgnH Day 1,867, 21:10


OgnH Day 1,867, 21:12

Bienvenida 🙂

PsyCokenin Day 1,867, 21:14

Chilenos aprovechen de saludar a Kravenn en su presentación en el foro

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Day 1,867, 21:17

Enjoy your time their... I love the Chilean people!

Especially Daani ;P

gonzzzo Day 1,867, 21:19

Welcome to Chile!

Greatmoff Day 1,867, 21:19

Good choice, get out of that dump.

Kravenn Day 1,867, 21:20

Mi presentación

El DemZ MC
El DemZ MC Day 1,867, 21:32

Welcome to Chile!

Dr.Anonymous Day 1,867, 21:52

Welcome to Chile! o7

LrdArc Day 1,867, 22:12

Welcome to Chile!

Killua Lion
Killua Lion Day 1,867, 22:15

Welcome to Chile! \o/

MaryamQ Day 1,868, 23:20

Looks like a lovely spot for a holiday!

Michael Crookes
Michael Crookes Day 1,868, 23:36

I'll miss you back soon o/

seascifi Day 1,868, 00:10

Welcome to Chile! (I am not local, neither under level 27, but I am glad you are happy there)

Now, you are welcome any time to Mexico (particularly Mexico City)

Kravenn Day 1,868, 00:17

Done till Killua Lion

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,868, 01:50

I've come across some awesome people in Chile. Great eCountry O7

elnixo Day 1,868, 02:49

Welcome to eChile

elnixo Day 1,868, 02:50

v y s

Capitan Haddock
Capitan Haddock Day 1,868, 03:30

Welcome to Chile (I do not want food).
Here you will learn many things, but above all, you will find out how bad is the google translator xD
(forgive me for my bad English).
Have a nice stay.

Niemand Day 1,868, 03:33

Happy vacations Kravenn.
A good start for the new year!

oviwan Day 1,868, 05:06

Welcome to eChile

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Day 1,868, 06:09

Have fun

Horice 🙂

Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby Day 1,868, 06:43

Keep in touch Kravenn, hope you enjoy your time in eChile!

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Day 1,868, 07:17

o7 Kravenn

Richard Bennet
Richard Bennet Day 1,868, 07:39

At least you did not quit the game.

Richard Bennet
Richard Bennet Day 1,868, 07:40

Best wishes!

Darshi Day 1,868, 07:52

Welcome to Chile

saIena Day 1,868, 07:59

"Bienvenidos a Chile

shipamogli Day 1,868, 08:27

¡Bienvenida! \o/

nachobellamy Day 1,868, 08:34

Welcome to Chile \o/

BlGFOOT Day 1,868, 08:38

Welcome to eChile my friend

ARMIN EL VIAJERO Day 1,868, 08:39

Welcome Kravenn o/

Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Day 1,868, 08:46

Welcome to Chile! o/// O//// o/////

Apimir Day 1,868, 09:03

"Welcome to Chile" v70 s621

aravanal Day 1,868, 09:07

Welcome to eChile
o/ hail Kravenn

DarkxSiders Day 1,868, 09:16

Welcome to Chile friend o/

H. Bouchard
H. Bouchard Day 1,868, 09:19

Para un Chileno nada mejor que un Ingles...

IfIWereARichMan Day 1,868, 09:58

Never been to Chile. Been to Colombia, nice place too once you get out of Bogota. Have fun and see you when you get back .

Ando Calrissian
Ando Calrissian Day 1,868, 10:31

Good luck, Kravenn!

ANTINIANKU Day 1,868, 10:55

welcome 😉

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,868, 11:09

Farewell Kravenn. Good luck in your new home! : )

Joao Ramirez
Joao Ramirez Day 1,868, 11:24

"Welcome to Chile" good luck and enjoy!

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,868, 11:40

Have fun o7

Sonambulandia Day 1,868, 12:07

Welcome to Chile!

Dr. Fito
Dr. Fito Day 1,868, 12:15

"Welcome to Chile"

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