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[Kravenn] My Thoughts on current events

Day 1,961, 10:49 Published in United Kingdom Greece by Kravenn

Well, I don’t know where to begin. I have so many things to say about current events on eUK.

1- Argentina airstrikes UK
As you know Argentina chose to airstrike UK. Officially, they claim that it is a wargame, they just want fun and they want do to something to celebrate their defeat on Falklands war. It was 31 years ago but they are still angry about that. Don’t ask me why.

Real life events about Falklands sovereignty referendum probably didn’t helped too
For your information : 99.8% of voters decided that Falklands is a british overseas territory.

April 2 arrived and Argentina (like each year) have their celebration day about it. In game, they decided to launch an airstrike on our country and presented everything as a wargame.
They even organised a babyboom about that event, explaining their invasion on UK (officially for a wargame).

The truth is totally different :
1- eUK government never approved something about it. We consider argentinian move as an agression.
2- Argentina is locked in South america, they were defeated by Chile and they don’t have lot of resources for their economy.
3- They organise a babyboom based on RL stuffs and plan to emigrate to eUK. They want to wipe eUK and have our resources to save their babies (eUK has more economical resources than Argentina).

It means that Argentina totally lied to eveybody about everything. eUK considers their airstrike as agression and defend their regions but if it was only a wargame. Why Argentina should open supplies channel ? Need to admit they are very good in hypocrisy. For Argentina, eUK is only good for colonisation

2- Irish Betrayal

A year ago, eUK signed peace with their irish neighbor. During several years, eUK and eIreland were at war (mainly about Northern Ireland).
For eUK : Northern Ireland is one of our regions. There is no reason to give it another country
For eIreland : They want their “United” Ireland, and they think that Northern Ireland should be for them.

To not help : Admin decided to put fish resource there and it is also a resource that Ireland doesn’t have.

During the last year, we organised several Training wars with Ireland, at each time, everything was respected on each part... until April 1, 2013.
It wasn’t an april fool. Current Irish CP decided to choose UK as natural enemy ... just after we signed peace. He wants (at least) Northern Ireland for his country and to show that it was scheduled with Argentinian airstrike : everything was done on the same time.

That’s clearly a cowardly move from someone that I respected and also another proof that Argentina comes for colonisation.

3- About UK Government

Well, some people will say that our current CP (Blue And Evil) is guilty for everything, ... doing a bad job, ... That’s not what I think.

You don’t manage a country on the same time when it is peace than when it is war. I was CP on war time and I can assure you that it is very hard. CP is always on the first line when there is a blame. On these last hours, he organised “Call to Arms”, prepared supply channel, ...
His MoFA (Betafoxtrot) and him talked with several Latin American countries to have more MPPs against Argentina.
We are currently signing MPP with Brazil - Paraguay - Mexico

Even if these talks aren’t public : Nobody can say that he doesn’t care about eUK. He puts our country on the center of his intentions.

4- Friendship

Some people on eUK tell “Fight for UK”, “We want war and TP medals”, ... when some of our allies need help. I often said that it is a greedy and selfish move. My motto is more “Help your allies when they need help, they will give it back to you”.
Once again, I was right.

Just an example: yesterday, Michael Crookes wrote an article and asked me if I was able to make it published in several Latin American countries. Once I received it, I asked to my chileans friends to translate it into Spanish. Shortly after, it was published in Chile, Venezuela, Paraguay and Mexico.

On these 4 countries : this article is at least on their top 3. Also, when our CP wrote official article : it was easily pushed into our top 5 and we received lot of good comments from our allies.When war opened, we received lot of help from our allies

Chilean Version
Paraguayian one
Venezuelian one
Mexican one

It proves that even if eUK is a huge country, our diplomatic work always showed good results.
Last thing, to show how alliance and friendship work : Spain decided to launch an airstrike on Argentina.
Shortly after Argentina arrives in Europa, they will have another front to manage : Spain.
To finish, I would like to thank all of our allies : You are great


See ya,



Gumper Day 1,961, 10:49


Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,961, 10:50


Don Lex
Don Lex Day 1,961, 10:51


Minino. Day 1,961, 10:53


SmoothZiga Day 1,961, 10:55

If I was you I would use this situation with argentina and make my own babyboom. I know its stupid to mix rl with game but everyone do it, especially in balkan and imo this situation with falkland islands would drag a lot of people in to the game.

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,961, 14:14

people in the UK aren't that bothered about the Falklands.

Sambo112 Day 1,961, 10:56

argentina claiming we can use it too start our own babyboom, unlike argentina we see the falklands issue as a done deal and don't really care. No one would join the game because of it and its rather insulting since the attack was on april 2nd

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,961, 11:16

Here's the flaw. If TWO loved you as much as you love TWO they would have supported you fully last night in East Midlands. Plainly they did not. I think you need to ask yourselves why the UK ranks dead last in this 'alliance of equals'

BeeDeeCollecter Day 1,961, 15:55

Why its almost as if TWO did help us out quite a lot... You didn't just walk in and take those territories without a fight, you were fought every step of the way.

Lets not forget the Spanish airstrike either, the one specifically being used to help solve this issue...

Enjoy your wipe Argentina.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,962, 00:31

Ah, I don't think so. First, if TWO actually wanted to stop Argentina from getting a toehold they could have done it in their sleep. Serbia+Poland+UK >>>> CUA. Secondly, even if Spain takes over Argentina - as Chile has done before - they can RW them back easily. In the meantime, as their country no longer exists they might as well stay where they your backyard. The Spanish airstrike prolongs this conflict.

Srpski Sin 83
Srpski Sin 83 Day 2,016, 10:36

You don't know that TWO at that time decided to help eBulgaria to keep their regions in Asia.
Yeah that is how TWO was actually bad towards CoT...

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 1,961, 11:19

Hail CoT!!
Hail UK!!

We will be together against our mutual enemy!
We will not leave you alone!!

MUFC992 Day 1,961, 11:32

If your MoFA didn't put his hands into Irish internal things, questions and issues I doubt Ireland would attack.

We're helping our new allies to get baby boom easier, they ask for help - we help. Nothing more to add here.

MUFC992 Day 1,961, 11:55

Also, peace was already broken once you decided to attack us for real after rogue proposals from our congress. You used that as excuse to attack smaller country.

You shouldn't be surprised if we backfire.

Frerk Day 1,962, 00:30

You'd have attacked anyway, don't be silly.

Lorena.Chile Day 1,961, 11:37


Wildrunner Day 1,961, 11:53

If there are any doubts about your war with Argentina that's not Argentinian fault.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,961, 12:22

Typical irish...ah well when they read the newspapers and realise NORTHERN IRELAND IS OURS that will wipe some of the smile off. the rest will be wiped off when we reclaim it back.

Real life gentlemen should not be brought into this god forsaken game.

MUFC992 Day 1,961, 12:25

Tiocfaidh ár lá

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,961, 12:32

Are you even Irish? I'm pretty sure you're not, so using IRA phrases is an insult to everybody.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,961, 12:33

I bet he hasn't even been to Old Trafford either

WayneKerr Day 1,963, 04:13

Like most Utd fans then Hugh 😛

T1nk3r Day 1,961, 12:32

Unfair to call it an Irish betrayal, despite what the UK MoFA says - messages given in public from the UK government was that we risked war if we joined CUA or attacked Spain. That an offence on the UK's part, immensely disrespectful to interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation (the Irish government certainly did not threaten war on the UK for acting as part of TWO, and directly attacking our allies - we respected our nation-to-nation NAP). And while the Irish NE proposals were a nuisance, they were far from a threat, and it was well communicated that those proposing the rogue proposals were doing it purposely to undermine the Irish CP.

Unfortunate the UK government attempted to interfere in Irish domestic affairs, and got a backlash for it, right in time for the Argentinian Airstrike - but sod's law for you. As I said the first time the UK government starting trying to dictate our foreign policy, respect is a two-way street.

MUFC992 Day 1,961, 12:36


T1nk3r Day 1,961, 12:38

Also, the region Northern Ireland is an original region of the eUnited Kingdom - but a natural target of eIreland for the food bonus.

You guys are always saying we're obsessive over NORN IRON, but the last survey on the subject the eIrish population took part in showed that over 80% held the top opinion. Cop on, we're a very grounded bunch; you're the guys who first ask your population if you think Congress are competent, and when the results show the opinion is "No", conclude that its because the population doesn't know much about congress... #roleplayers

Desmond Van Wolf
Desmond Van Wolf Day 1,961, 13:23

Lets erase those argent's assholes from the face of this earth once and for all, keep'em erased for a whole year and lower their self-esteem to where its supposed to be.

David Jardon
David Jardon Day 1,961, 17:04

DO IT. And when you fail your self esteem will be where it is supposed to be.

Desmond Van Wolf
Desmond Van Wolf Day 1,963, 21:42

shut up dragqueen

David Jardon
David Jardon Day 1,964, 04:11

Dragqueen? ohh what a smart and terrible insult! I am so offended and deeply touched.

Desmond Van Wolf
Desmond Van Wolf Day 1,967, 12:47

good 😛

David Jardon
David Jardon Day 1,967, 21:31

I see that besides a talent for good insults you have the touch of a very developed sarcarsm. What a wonderboy.

BigAnt Day 1,961, 13:53



MUFC992 Day 1,961, 15:04

I miss you, these guys actually can fight ;__;

Niemand Day 1,961, 15:21

You lied Big Ant, and you fuck eUK even more. The article is good and does give support for eUK. I do think it is worthwhile to be united. Sad you are selfish (no surprise). Good to see ePoland DO is for eUK.

Caudio Day 1,961, 17:12

You lied on this article.. There is no way that a Chilean can translate something to Spanish.. their language is as close to Spanish as Chinese..
and.. we haven't been defeated by Chileans.. we are still fighting against Brazil, Chile, and the entire list of CoT members, nevertheless we still manage to exist and to secure congress..

One last thing as an off topic.. if 100% of the people are British.. it is kind of logic that the result will be around that..

Daanitha Day 1,961, 20:24

And why you fight against almost all South America? because you're bad allies, you betray every single time to your neighbours ...even eBrazil. You'll be kick from eUK anyways, and i really hope that the new citizens are not multies, like the last "BB" you had.
oh, btw, Ireland, you're doin' it wrong.

Caudio Day 1,961, 21:41

jajajaja betraying?? are you kidding me? Brazil wanted war a long time ago, Paraguay stabbed us several times, and Chile.. well they are always playing the victim part..
Ask Colombia and Uruguay why they always support us, they will tell you how we really help no matter what,
Quite different to the chilean style..

Maegalodonus Day 1,961, 22:40

Lo mismo pasa con el argentino, es un chamullo incomprensible y ridículo. En chileno está bien, mientras no pongan wea, weon conchetumare y esas cosas.

Pero lo mas lamentable sería sin duda que lo pusieran en Handaluz.

mick cain
mick cain Day 1,962, 15:48

Ofc they are all British,it's British land

Desmond Van Wolf
Desmond Van Wolf Day 1,963, 21:44

we can't translate? what a sack of bullcrap u got pouring out of your shit hole.... i mean your mouth.. sorry

tntss Day 1,961, 19:06


HELMET666 Day 1,961, 20:49

travestis 🙂

Lucho93 Day 1,961, 20:49


JoseArtigas Day 1,961, 20:53

Voy a mezclar la vida real, pero leí cosas que no me gustaron. El ataque aéreo del 2 de abril fue hecho para recordar la guerra de malvinas, la injusta y colonizadora actitud de Gran Bretaña y para dejar en claro el reclamo de soberanía de todo el pueblo argentino sobre las Islas. Por algo tuvimos el apoyo de Irlanda, porque ambos países sufrimos el sometimiento del imperio, pero al menos en este juego podemos demostrar que conservamos nuestra dignidad y nuestro reclamo. Nunca vamos a perderlo, porque eso sería renunciar a nuestra patria. Los 1500 Malvinenses (Malvinas es la zona menos desamente poblada de toda América) son un pueblo impostado, ellos quieren ser británicos, no son una nación su opinion no es significativa porque está atada a los intereses británicos. Ninguna persona en su sano juicio debería dudar de la legitimidad de la soberanía y el reclamo argentino. Hasta el Papa Francisco se pronunció al respecto diciendo acertadamente que fue un robo a todo el pueblo argentino. Por todo eso fue el ataque aéreo, es todo lo que podemos hacer, no es mucho, pero ayer yo y muchos compañeros míos realmente nos emocionamos por el mensaje que hemos dejado. ¡VIVA ARGENTINA! ¡VIVAN LAS MALVINAS! ¡VIVA LA PATRIA!

DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 1,962, 17:24

Y luego sigue un As a eEspaña por la colonizacion Española ¿no? 😕

Frerk Day 1,962, 00:34

Oh look at these egocentric Argies, thinking they've "DEFEATED THE EMPIRE" after winning 1 battle. Dear lord, I used to respect your nation, but truly, is there no common sense in those heads of yours? Come back when you've actually wiped us properly.

And for Christ's sake write in English ¬_¬

MUFC992 Day 1,962, 04:45

2 battles and still counting..
how many points have you won in both battles?

Frerk Day 1,962, 07:08

Grasping points is not your strongest point is it?

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,962, 01:42

''Some people on eUK tell “Fight for UK”, “We want war and TP medals”, ... when some of our allies need help. I often said that it is a greedy and selfish move. My motto is more “Help your allies when they need help, they will give it back to you”.
Once again, I was right.''

To be fair that has always been my stance because we've been bailed out so many times and I'd rather repay debts...but i can see that newer players rely on the TP gold.

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