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Hello everybody, like we already mentionned it : Thomas765 and I are independently working on foreign affairs.
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India holds another referendum on GEA membership
India has revealed plans to hold a referendum on their Garden of EDEN Alliance membership after several in the nation felt disrespected by Croatia's attitude recently. They cite that Croatia does not wish to pay for a region they would be releasing (Tamil Nada), while India argues that they should pay because they still had the region up until it was released yesterday. On the other hand, several in Croatia and perhaps also EDEN HQ have suggested that India should not rent out their regions for money, especially regions that they don't need in terms of resources. The Indian government has also stated that all but one request for help has been denied and that they feel ignored by EDEN HQ.

You can read the original article here.

Events in the North Atlantic

Ireland and the UK have recently renewed a Non-Aggression Pact, which allows for peace to be kept between the two nations. The Psych0, Ireland's country president, has stated in his most recent article that Ireland have very limited options of where to go, suggesting CoT would welcome the country if they were to join, while stating that Ireland and the UK have formed a friendship after years of war. He has also stated that a training war with Canada has been planned to allow Irish citizens the chance to get their true patriot medals up.

Meanwhile, the war between the UK and Canada continues. The war had initially been announced by the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an agreement between the two nations to allow the UK to obtain a border with original Portuguese regions to keep them off the map for the congress elections. The UK currently have Newfoundland and Labrador, which borders Azores, an original Portuguese region.


Well, last time that I talked about this war : I mentioned that Chile was forced to attack original argentinian regions.

They attacked Cuyo but due to the new auto-attack limit (72h till January 7), Argentina was able to have it back via Resistance war.

Situation on Dec 17. Red arrow = Chilean attack road

However, Chile attacked the same region again and like the first time : it was another Chilean success and they attacked Patagonia. Like usual, Argentina had no chance to win again our chilean friends and on these moments : Argentinian capital (Pampas) is under attack.

It shouldn’t be a problem for Chile to win that region. Why ? Because Argentina is not focused there.

On this moment, they have a small babyboom. Enough to attack Paraguay (who is a small country). By this way, they are trying to show to their babies that they are powerful, can have a, “empire”, …
They fight there to try to keep their babies : Most of them ignore that paraguay is a small country, and if babies see that their country continues to lose regions : they will probably lose them.

So, like Argentina made with Chile in the past : Chile and CoT are trying to save paraguay from argentinian aggressors.

Current campaign between Paraguay and Argentina is tied and I shouldn’t be surprised to see the campaign finishing at the 15th round

Current situation : Red arrow = Chilean attack and try to cut argentinian bonus
White arrow = Argentina attacking Paraguay
Orange arrow = Uruguay attacks Chile

Last things : Chile won Pampas and now attack Argentina Northwest. Chile victory is essential there. Since Argentina lost Pampas, their capital moved to Cuyo (Argentina had it back via RW). If Chile wins Argentina Northwest, Pampas will be surrounded by chilean regions and they can kill argentinian economy (Argentina should have 1 resource as bonus at that time)
Uruguay who is a small country with only 1 original region and also a good friend of Argentina launched a NE proposal against Chile.

Their goal is mainly to drain Chile when they attack Argentina


We talked about them on last FA News, and they had significant changes since last time.
Last time, they lost their 4 original regions to Brazil and USA (Brazil took Southern Taiwan and USA the 3 others ones).
They were able to escape by giving back a region to Japan and cut borders between them and USA + Brazil.

They remained on the map but only via their colonies in Asia (in South Korea, Japan, …)

Situation on last week, before Taiwan had a babyboom

But 5 days ago, they were able to generate a babyboom, if they were between 2400 and 2500 citizens before it. They are now around 7000 citizens.
Their babyboom was generated via a Taiwanese video game website.

Currently, and with the help of their allies (mainly China) : they were able to kick our brazillian friends out of Asia. Following that event, Taiwanese CP launched a Natural enemy law against USA. This proposal will be accepted by their congress and Taiwan will try to have back their original regions from USA.

Current situation : Brazil disappeared from Taiwan regions. They lost Southern Taiwan.
Taiwan will attack Central or Eastern Taiwan (under USA control)

Like Taiwan, USA launched a NE proposal against Taiwan but they won’t have the initiative.

The interest is very different for every country.
For Taiwan : it is to have back their original regions and the first step to have back their small asian empire.
For USA : it is keeping their colonies in Asia

Bulgaria - Turkey … and Poland

Well, just after the last article, where Turkey was under the attack of Poland. Things were quite good for them … but only for some days.

Bulgaria decided to declare Turkey as Natural Enemy. They began to attack turkish regions until their attack was stopped in Al Madinah. Since that moment, Turkey attacked Bulgarian regions but our bulgarian ally just stopped turkish progression in Burgas.

Even if Bulgaria was able to capture several turkish core regions : they were unable to keep them and sadly for us, Turkey had these regions back via resistance wars (same events happened with Poland).

Situation on Dec 15, before Turkish had initiative

That’s not all, like I said just before, Poland lost its possessions in Turkey (and the road to arrive there). That’s why they declared Ukraine as Natural enemy and like last time : arrive to turkish regions via Taurida (ukrainian core region).

Currently, they is still 1 region between Poland and Turkey (Taurida) and on the next days : Poland will join the party and (like Bulgaria) declares Turkey as Natural enemy

Current situation : Bulgaria stopped turkish attack in Burgas and will attack Marmara soon (Orange arrow)
Red arrow = Polish road to have a border with Turkey

PS : Bulgaria has still 2 egyptian regions but these regions have no border with turkey

War Summary

- Chile continues to win again Argentina
- Argentina had some regions back via resistance wars
- Chile invaded Pampas and Argentinian capital moved to Cuyo
- Chile surrounded new Argentinian capital
- Argentina attacked Paraguay
- Uruguay (Argentina friend) attacks Chile

- Taiwan had a babyboom (their population is now around 7k instead of 2.5k)
- Taiwan kicked Brazil from Southern Taiwan
- Taiwan declared USA as Natural enemy
- USA will try to keep their regions in Asia
- Taiwan will try to have back their original regions back

Bulgaria - Turkey ... and Poland
- Bulgaria declared Turkey as Natural enemy
- Bulgaria attacked several turkish regions before lose initiative
- Bulgaria took initiative back
- Poland lost turkish regions
- Poland will join the party and like last time they will arrive via Ukraine
- Bulgaria has still 2 egyptian regions but no border with turkish ones

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