[KK4CP] It's Like Sex Without the Cuddling

Day 3,203, 09:40 Published in Japan Pakistan by Dio Buttercup

Hmmmm, talkin. Never been much into it but it's never stopped me.

Guess I'll give this country president run thing a try again. I've been country president of canuckdum twice before (Canada to you lay folk), and SC of the Terra alliance. Vice president, other crap, none of which really matter at present, just saying I do have experience. The first time fortress London feel it was to my feet, been there done that, I pissed a few people off, so be it. Getting shit done isn't like dancing, sure you have to do some, but it's not the real job, it's just the show.

Now eJapan is a different type of war. Yea I'll call it a war because that's really what it is, civil war. Wejaboo vs serb, nobodies happy and the reasons are clear, hostile takeovers aren't liked. But what's done is done and nothing will change any of it without the exception of fresh thinking.

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Lets consider the present and air grievences.

Lack of communication: The current goverment only talks amongst itself. Nobody is consulted or even told what is going on. Everyone's left in the dark it was just done and nobody knows why.

Attitude: We know you outnumber us and with dictatorship we can't defend that. You already won but feel this self righteous need to keep proving it. Childish at best, I could call it better but not looking to have thois article deleted.

Training War Crap: You call people out on not fighting for eJapan while you provide these training wars full time.
News flash, TWs are so 2011. Today becoming high strength in a lower division is what it's about, nobody wants the experince from fighting when it means nothing. Nobody wants to spend money to buy packs for nothing. It's just flawed logic.

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I'm, sure I can go on but restraint is a virtue. Let's consider that the CP actually is rather powerless at the moment. It's a fact. However there are things that need to be addressed and fixed. Prehaps a position could be found to try and start working on that. What might happen is the future and we can only guess, I won't make promises I can't fulfill.

See what happens.

Silent Warrior - mushroom - cornfield 🙂

and most wickedly I did as I sailed,
Kaptain Kidd