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[KHMC] Thank You

Day 1,916, 02:36 Published in Australia Australia by Aussie Blokee

Greetings KHMC members and the average eAustralian, I'm sorry about this late article but I've had a pretty hektic weekend! Now that's over I can get down to business.

Firstly, I would like to thank each and everyone of you KHMC members that put faith in me to lead the largest party in eAustralia at the moment. I'm more than proud to be in this position, I hope I don't let any of you down this next month.

We have a very busy month ahead, congress is only around the corner! [Hopefully we will have a region!] Party politics are really heating up, there are even a few new parties popping up which will make things much more interesting. I would like all eAustralians Parties to know that I'm open to any discussions on anything that might pop up in the near future.

Ok enough about that, lets focus on what I hopefully plan on getting done this month.

- More Party Members
I know most parties preach this and really its common sense for any aspiring Party President. I am going to try with help from members in my party cabinet [more on this later] to get back to 80 members, and keep the top spot. We do have the ARP chasing us down, can't let that happen can we guys!

- Voting Numbers/Congress
We seem to be lacking here every congress election. This month I am going to aim for a 95% turn out in votes from this party. This isn't going to be easy but hopefully we can get the members ready for the day and get more congress in than last month. Which may not happen if we have no regions, but you get the point. 🙂

This one is also an easy one, education which every party should be doing. I will be trying to write a few educational articles, just to keep as many in the news as possible. The current writers are doing a bloody good job already I'm sure a couple more wont hurt.

-Staying True to the Party
I am currently in a position of power and could easily take advantage of it, but guess what That's not me. I am going to stay true to the party, It wont be changed what so ever. No new name or policies changes. This party is also going to remain affiliated with the Knight Hawk Military Unit, even if I may not. Why try and fix something that's not broken right?

Party Positions
I am looking for a,

Vice President Insert your name here
Secretary General Insert your name here
Councillor Insert your name here
Spokesman Insert your name here

Anyone is more than welcome to apply for these positions within the party. Please Private message me with a little about yourself.

Feel free to message me with any questions about the month ahead and anything else that may come up. I'll always be happy to chat either on IRC #KHMC or our party chat box on erep.

Thanks for your time,
Aussie Bloke.


Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,916, 02:38

~Bloke Aussie~

Arthur the Elitist Cole
Arthur the Elitist Cole Day 1,916, 02:39

~Cole Arthurias~

Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,916, 02:39


Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,916, 02:41


F0rse7i Day 1,916, 02:54


Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,916, 14:42

Can't let ARP pass you in the rankings - that would be the end of the world - especially since it might be something DIFFERENT in a country where the same old things is working so well.

Keep maintaining the same old things AB.

Do we start to see the problem in this country?

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,916, 15:25

If you didn't see the joke in that all hope is lost in you my friend.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Day 1,917, 23:57

I saw the joke but new guys probably won't lol

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,917, 03:00

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,917, 05:30

Pretty obscure - yes, I'm sure it's a thing for all the old guys to laugh about.

scottty the NUKE Day 1,916, 18:27

Comment deleted

scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Day 1,916, 18:27

~Nuke the Scottty~

Valentyme Day 1,916, 20:46

Vyrin: I'd say the same "old thing" in Australia is whinging, which you seem to be very pro efficient at.

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,917, 05:32

Yes that's true. When old players troll and whine on my articles it's "constructive feedback" and when I give something back in defense it's "whining."

DamnItsMikey Day 1,940, 06:55

Vryim, they have silly logic to us lololol.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,917, 23:33

Nicely done AB. Look forward to working with you!

venja Day 1,917, 02:28

If you want 95% active Senators, try dealing with those that dont perform and make sure you dont select them again.

Aussie Blokee
Aussie Blokee Day 1,917, 03:34

I wasn't part of the leadership at the time, I will try my best mate.

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