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[Just the Lulz] What a Drag

Day 1,895, 00:57 Published in India India by Xicor13

Hiya People

DISCLAIMER :- Why Im writing this article,I dont know myself,but thats the brilliant part of me,eh 😃

Well,I was inactive for long,then came back,grabbed a few peoples attention then vanished again,but,this time,it was not cause I wanted to,but,because of the river they are connecting to my town 😛

The Water Level is around 10 feet (city average),still,they were bringing water from the river Chambal so the whole place was dug up and I was left without internet for weeks,only to find we have regained a few regions from the Croats,but have no RWs and stuff,I pondered through the articles,found nothing related to my query,perhaps Im mistimed,the war is gonna be on later perhaps or whatever,but on a seperate note :-

The BB efforts are going on awesome,I am willing to help in whatever way I can 😃

Oh,and btw,my reason for writing this whole piece of junk was so that I dont have to explain it to everyone (2-3 people to be precise 😛) on IRC 😛

Oh,and isnt this what you feel like saying


Dranze R
Dranze R Day 1,895, 01:04


Xicor13 Day 1,895, 02:31

@Alector : Isnt war good for a BB (as the article says it ceased the war for the BB efforts) : P

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,895, 06:11

welcome back xicor!!! ceasefire was signed... and it will be over soon : D

BB is alright... retention is also doing alright but need more people : DD

good to see u back!! btw which side of Chambal are you in? MP, UP or Raj? : ))

Xicor13 Day 1,895, 06:28


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,895, 09:18

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