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[JK] Thoughts on Recent and Upcoming Events

Day 2,180, 21:19 Published in USA USA by John Killah



”JK writes an article? What did we this time?”

Surprisingly, nothing :3 I just felt like it was time to get an article out and do some updating -

1) - CP Elections

Oh boy am I late on this one, but hey, better late than never right? Well actually, some things are better never than late, but that sounds stupid >_>!

So, I made no secret early on after the idea was floated and being done that I had no particular love of the entire thing. This was in no way a reflection on the people that were running or what was occuring … on the contrary, I found the “Newbie from Every Party” idea quite refreshing and certainly a better alternative to what was originally bound to happen (No offense to either IS or Artela)

The end results? Not bad in my opinion. New Azazel will (or at least should) be a fine PotUS … I didn’t pick him as my VP during my ill-fated and terribad first run for PotUS for no reason (Or the usual in that he’d be a good way to sway the Fed Nom), I picked him because he was intelligent, well spoken and versed in writing and certainly I felt he’d be capable of filling my shoes if I wasn’t around to do something (Which is what Jefferson Locke did well as my actual VP when I DID become a terrible PotUS xD)

Personally, I voted Largo just because he was AMP. Shoot me if you disagree. The only reason I voted along party lines is the simple fact that the CP Race, like most other races, are just based on the popularity of the person and not because their ideas are radically different than their oppositions. This can’t be helped, blame Plato for taking away any depth the game ever had. Simply put, I just fail to care about CP Elections anymore.

But still, a congratulations to NA for winning, and everyone else for participating, good job!

2) - Upcoming AMP PP Elections

So, this is where my attention usually is.

It’s common knowledge how much I am ingrained in my party and how much of an interest I take in what happens presently and what may happen in its future. Oh, and before cries of “party elitist!” come about, I’m only where I am still because I provide insight and knowledge based on the past … I can’t stand shady backroom deals that is the staple of a true elitist trying to stay in some form of power. Truth is, I don’t have any power xD Any decision made that i’ve had an affect on is purely because of a logical argument, not pressure :3

Anyways, off my little soapbox rant, whenever a party administration comes to a close, I pay close attention to how the outgoing has performed and what the potential incomings have to say. So lets get stuck in -

* - Pauls term has been pretty good. Sure it has been marked by the odd inactive moment here and there, such as Paul not having written a PP Address in 16 days (I have been assured he will have one out soon), but other than that, we’ve been making good progress in other parts of his wishes - more and more of leadership is attempting to engage regular members and bring them into the fold. Malarkey has been doing extremely well in his attempts and deserves credit for being a shining beacon for activity.
* - Elsewhere, the revived Media Department has been doing wonders. If AMP has ever had an awesome director for this department, it’s Sarah and her sheer personality that just draws people into enjoying whatever is happening … be it an article she’s written or her “T0ga Parties”, nobody can deny she’s breathed new life back into her old stomping ground.
* - As for me, it’s been nice getting back into the swing of things, albeit the occasional dropped ball here and there as I deal with RL (Visa’s and work are a pain in the ASS!) There could've been more done with this term, but sadly, it is what it is.

** - On the incoming front, things have been done differently this time. In the past we held a Nomination period, and during those 48 hours, people would need 2 nominations to be considered for the Primary. Not this month … Paul scrapped it and decided if you wanted to be in the primary, you would have to declare before it started! Naturally, it has to be fine tuned, but heh, next month can do that.
** - Anyways, with the primary being held on the 10th for either 48 or 72 hours (Still being debated on), so far I see only two contenders - Malarkey83 and Syz2. One a longtime AMPer the other an Ex-Fed PP who’s converted to AMPism (xD!) I won’t take sides … the benefit of being an oldie in this party is you’re generally neutral so you can see the good and bad. I feel both gentlemen would be fine PP’s and they both have ideas and plans that would benefit the party.
** - I ask them only to CAMPAIGN! A strange word nowadays since the only campaigning you ever see prominently is during CP Elections … I wanna see PP ELECTION CAMPAIGNING … and not just from my own party either! :3 It’d be nice to see some campaigning from the other parties too (That’s mainly personal since despite what you may think, I do find it interesting to read what other Parties PP Hopefuls plan on attempting and think).

But the end of the article is here

Since, there’s not really much to say. Except maybe to repeat that Visa’s and Work are huge pains in the ass >_>!

So in the meantime, chins up ‘Murica!

The man of Integri … who am I kidding, i’m just a joker really



John Killah
John Killah Day 2,180, 21:19

First because I like reserving this spot for myself :3

Malarkey83 Day 2,180, 21:29

Excellent article JK

John Largo
John Largo Day 2,181, 04:21

"I voted Largo......Shoot me if you disagree."

JK is still alive? The people have spoken!

Tanishq Day 2,181, 08:26

*Shoots JK*

*Then takes him to the hospital for treatment because...*

"I ask them only to CAMPAIGN!"

Wholeheartedly agree with that one. 😉

Good luck on Visas and work...

Syz2 Day 2,181, 16:20

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs! ✯ ✯ ✯

jmurrib21 Day 2,182, 15:25

Voted. Thanks.

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