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[JK] The Bear and his words

Day 2,262, 10:12 Published in USA USA by John Killah



Hold your buttholes kiddies, JK’s here throwing another article at your face!

So sit down, shut up, and pay attention :3

The topic today is … solidarity

And i’m showing solidarity with Israel Stevens.

Let me start off by stating the obvious - It’s no secret that I’ve called Israel an a**hole in the past, hell, I call it to his face, but thats our way of communicating to each other, I’m sure he has many colorful terms for me too xD I also haven’t approved of some of his actions and how he has gone about doing some things.

But when it comes to the clutch, when he’s right, I stand next to him, and this is me doing it once more.

Recently, he authored an article in which he called out a member of the party based upon little bits of information that added up to paint a different picture than what was being accepted by others. Israel’s known for his scathing hatchetjobs and articles basically giving a rundown of people in a completely different light. The day he makes an article like that about me, I’m sure i’ll be ready to laugh my ass off.

So why am I getting involved?

The comments

Simple as that.

If I like an article, sometimes I go back a few times to read the comments on it to see what others are saying. Israel’s article was no different … I wanted to hear what other people would say about the angle Israel was telling. They weren’t all what I liked to see, so instead of cluttering the comments with a long winded rundown of my own to support Israel, I decided an article would be more sufficient.

Before I start, I would like to point out a couple of things -

1.: Me and Israel have absolutely ZERO to gain from these articles. I can’t speak for Israel, but I know that i’ve accomplished any goals I had when I started playing this game … I’ve been President (Urg …), I’ve been in Congress (More times than I’d like … blerg), I’ve been a Multi-Term Party President (Best job imo), i’ve built up an Economically sufficient and Militarily strong character, and i’ve worked with a few MU’s.

2.: The American Military Party is our home. Here’s a quick bit of math - Me and Israel have both been in the party for over 2 years in leadership … We’ll round it to 2 and a quarter years for math sake. In that time, we’ve worked roughly 8 hours a day average … that’s taking in to account days we decided to have a break and days we’d work 10-12+ hours. Adding all that together, myself and Israel have clocked up over 13,000 (Yes, Thirteen Thousand) Hours working in this party to better it. Let that sink in.

So, lets get to back to them comment points eh?

Point #1 - Lauren asking sarcastically if she should’ve dropped family problems RL to play eRepublik

No, she shouldn’t. But she’s not showing the full picture. She posted she was taking days out to deal with this on the AMP shout feed, but 2 days BEFORE that, a group PM had gone out to everyone on the ingame PP Ballot to drop so we didn’t waste votes. Lauren was in that PM and didn’t reply. “But, maybe she wasn’t there?” some people will say. Wrong. Lauren was INDEED on eRepublik as eGov clearly shows her being active fighting on the days between the PM going out and her leaving. She went on to garner 40 votes, meaning help had to be diverted away from usual ATO operations to prevent her winning unjustly. So not only did she harm the party, she harmed national efforts.

Point #2 - Lauren stating we take this game too seriously.

Refer back to my 2nd point above. When you have put in 6,000 hours+ in to a party, THEN you can tell us to not be serious in wanting to keep that party safe. As Israel quite simply put it, we’ve invested a LOT of time into the party to see it all messed over by someone incompetant and not ready.

Point #3 - Lauren saying she’s spent months MMing the party on behalf of our retention dpeartment.

Part Truth. VERY part. Yes, you did MM the party on behalf of retention. HOWEVER, it is exaggerated. In the “months” she’s done it … I received a grand total of? … Maybe 2 PMs related to it. I realise that because i’m already active, I already know what’s going on. However, you can’t pick and choose when MMing a party. You have to be fair and unbiased, which means messaging EVERYONE. Oh … I did receive MM’s from her during them months … But they weren’t Retention related. They were basically asking us (me) to vote for her in such-and-such a primary. Haven’t seen that in a long time … and certainly doesn’t seem right to me.

Point #4 - Lauren saying that she doesn’t have time to chit-chat all day

That basically reinforces Israel’s (and mine) assertion as to why you are unsuitable for the jobs you run for. I’ve said time and time again, you don’t take a position and do a half-assed job because you won’t commit to it. You wanna be Party President/Country President? You gotta be ready to drop a LOT of time into it. Remember them 10-12+ hour days I talked about? Those days were when I was a Party President … It REQUIRES you to put it all in the job … You half-ass that job, you can already kiss a political career goodbye since it’s such an important ingame position.

Point #5 - Thomas’s comments (I’m grouping it all into one point)

The Intern Program isn’t used as much anymore. You’re better off directly contacting a Department Director and asking them if they have a deputy position open … I’ve yet to find a director in recent memory who’s said no. Failing that, contact someone else in leadership, like the PP themself. Yes, IRC can be silent, but Kortanul hit the nail on the head - it happens. The channel has it’s ups and down, like a lot of things and like other party channels, you just happened to be coming on when nobody wanted to talk or people were too busy.

Point #6 - alashtboy88’s comments

Access has been a real thorny issue as of late. So i’ll explain it - For one, we noticed sudden influx’s of requests during Primary weeks. Ask any T5 Party and they would agree that taking time with access of new account during a Primary for Party President, Country President (or in our case) Congressional is a good, cautious move … ESPECIALLY for a party that has had issues in the past. Secondly, the board has two admins, Myself and Jack Mensley … Problem is, Jack has been super busy as of late with studies and work, and I have been going through an extremely tough and difficult time IRL that means I have hardly wanted to do anything eRepublik-related. However, you’ll find that the solution was fixed when we appointed a 3rd Admin who had the time, knowhow and background. As for decorations, ingame decorations mean nothing … RGR has two, does that make him a good guy? Does it F***.

Conclusion of the article

We (leadership) watch everyone who joins the party with interest. We want to know who shows potential to be in leadership and eventually lead the party … and we also want to see who could be a threat to the party itself (See Point 1 regarding power and why I have no care for it). We try and be accommodating to everyone and try to get them involved. Some take us up on the offer, others don’t.

Unfortunately for you Lauren, when we watched you, you migrated. You started off as the former (Potential) and ended up moving towards (Threat) because of the behaviour you showed. Israel might not know this, but a few people do - I myself have been keeping a close eye on you, have had many discussions with close friends, and was actually gearing up to write an article just like Israel’s when he beat me to the punchline.

I speak the same words as Israel when I say - Don’t f*** with my party. There are a very small number who have seen what i’m like when i’m annoyed. Don’t believe me when I say it? Why don’t you take a look what happened when Free Area PTO’d us. Brief rundown for you -

I removed him from the metagame position.
I started damage control and trying to keep the party and other Top 5 Parties calm and worked with other members in Leadership to this end.
I worked my ass off during what was supposed to be a happy time for me, to keep the party together. The stuff that happened that month and the effort I put in to it took a huge toll on my psyche.
And I (with a lot of support and help from within and outside the party) retook the party from Free Area.

Sure I messed up the following month with what I perceive to be a justified moment, but you come after my home, you can bet your ass the old saying is true … Don’t poke the bear.

Because this bear will rip your head off without a second thought.

A bear defending his home



emdoublegee Day 2,262, 10:12


I'm loving this when old fags get together to show their party spirit. IS and JK and many others have dumped tons of time into this game and party. I am nowhere near their quantity of hours, but probably still more than most. DON'T MESS WITH OUR PARTY

I'll add something else to his comment about poking the bear...There's not just one bear, that bear has friends! I came THIS CLOSE to coming back and running for PP to keep this party where it needs to be, moving forward and not back. Hell, i still might at some point. The point is, if you're here for the good of the party, and the good of the eUSA, you'll have no better friends than us....but mess with it and you'll have no worse enemy.

"I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f*** with me, I'll kill you all" General “Mad Dog” Mattis, USMC retired

greeling Day 2,262, 19:06


I consider the AMP one of my homes in this game. I don't really know Lauren but from the time that I have came back I can tell she has not been a good party member and has signs of being a threat to the party. I know she has been given chances to explain herself and she really doesn't which just makes her look more suspicious.

But I have put a lot of time to this party I might not have served much time in the leadership but I have always been an active member when I have been around and I don't want to see something bad happen to it. I will defend this party and I agree with JK and IS on this. Don't mess with the AMP.


Gnilraps Day 2,262, 19:14

Has anyone asked where these 40 votes came from?

Gnilraps Day 2,262, 19:15

You should poll your membership and try to find even 5 regular AMP members who made that mistake. I bet you can't. In other words, WHO ARE THESE 40 VOTERS???

Napalm Norm
Napalm Norm Day 2,262, 22:02

IF it was anyone was probably non-forum usiing / inactive members. However multiple MM's were sent out, and the entire party feed was filled with shouts/voting instructions. 40 just seemed to be an unreasonable amount.

Triwolf03 Day 2,263, 10:12

40 is too big of a number to be random or Coincidence.

tsakali Day 2,263, 23:32


Tiamati Day 2,263, 23:48

Unsub 512

VelAco Day 2,263, 00:22

Sub 513... xD

Pfeiffer. Day 2,263, 13:50

Nobody calls you the bear. That is not a thing.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,264, 06:30

greeling, you're dead to me.

Aryzn Day 2,263, 14:45

I don't like that song.

aliros999 Day 2,263, 15:15


George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Day 2,263, 19:50

I really miss logging on to chat with you fellows.

Anyone who says we old fgts take shit too serious they don't understand the years each of us have put into this game.

chazp Day 2,264, 07:20

I agree this is just a game, however many of us take it very seriously, so don't mess with those who do. Serious time and energy are put in by players in various aspects of the game to make it better for all, so show that some respect.

Cthulhu.. Day 2,264, 08:22


So many words.

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 2,265, 11:32


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