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[JK/AMP] Story and Life of an AMP Oldie

Day 1,818, 16:24 Published in USA USA by John Killah

I’mma tell you a story

Evening all

I was thinking the other day, that I was pretty sure that I’ve been in the AMP for a while … so I did some mental calculations, did some scouting around and I realised … I’m a dinosaur in the parties leadership now.

So I thought why not explain what’s i've been doing in the year I’ve been around.

A Newb in Wild Pastures

Lets start at the beginning. Take one political newb who’s purposely kept out of the limelight to focus on his military stuff, and thrust him into party leadership by taking him on as a deputy. That’s what happened to me, plucked from obscurity by Haliman to be his Deputy PAC. Now I’ll use the word obscurity as loosely, since I was obscure to most of their leadership, but I’ve known Hali for years before, dates back from a completely different game we used to play.

Anyways, so there I was, in the middle of something I knew nothing about and I’m not gonna lie, the first few days/weeks I tried hard to impress everyone. MM’s needed sending out? I’LL TAKE 3 ROWS AND I’LL DO IT IN A COUPLE OF HOURS! (This was before MM Scripts … this was when you had to do it all by hand). I worked hard, was constantly polite and generally tried to make myself useful.

Then Hali tells me he’s not returning as PAC next month … and told Israel (Who was serving his first term at the time) that if he ran for Term #2, which he did, that I should be PAC … which I was. I think I shit a brick. I had barely any clue what to do with regards to assigning sheets because Haliman, while showing me a few things … isn’t the best teacher. He likes to do things his way, and alone. So I was kinda up shit creek without a paddle, completely out of my depth and I thought “Well, this was fun while it lasted, I’m outta here after this term”

Not gonna lie … I got saved by the impending wipe. Dwindling regions caused us to have to bunk people together in states, saved me a lot of work (Along with the help from Israel). Cue Cleveland Fleman asking me to stay on for his term. I’ll save you the boring stuff – Shit happened, didn’t do so well, I hated it.

The middle months

Gonna try and keep this short now, because I’d be here forever. Next I served two terms as Chief of Staff under Cleveland and Jack Mensley … Jack’s was relatively easy, but Cleveland had to do school … so that left me in charge. “Oh fuck” was my reaction.

Fastforward a couple more months and I watched David Wilson’s terms play out. I can honestly say they were some of the best months the party had … we flourished, we grew … we became contenders in every sense of the word.

It’s a shame David no longer plays … I’d hoped he’d stick around, offer his experience to future players, he was great at helping the newbies … his series of articles were inspiring, easy to read, you couldn’t beat them sometimes because their simplicity were their beauty.

Then came battle of the old PP’s – Haliman and Israel duked it out for the month of May. My hat was in the arena too, but this wasn’t a serious run like I’d hoped. Haliman was running for Term #4, Israel was running for Term #3. This was probably the MOST INTENSE PP Primary we’ve ever held. The voting was back and forth with a hint of tenacity not seen in a long time. Eventually Israel won … and then ran straight for CP. Problem was, he didn’t want to be PP AND CP too, so he offloaded PP to someone he trusted … It just happened to be me …

Rise … and Fall … and the Return.

I took over and I set out doing what I wanted to achieve. I ran the party as Interim PP for 10 days, and I’m not afraid to say that leadership was in a shambles. Half of them were going inactive, and while I was tempted to fire the lot of them, my compassionate side got the better of me and I let them ride the term out while making their deputies step up to the plate.

Then I ran for PP the following month and won. I was in the big chair. Let me tell you, it’s interesting. You feel big, but you have to try not to let it go to your head. I brought in people new and old, and I put into motion my plans. Things went well … I was constantly putting out articles, we won a majority in congress (Something I’m actually not entirely proud of), we were closing in on the USWP in members.

Term #2 however … not so great. I became arrogant, then came Obligegate (I won’t rehash that) and after having a good friend slap me in the face with some truths, I realised how much that in my quest to make the party better, I’d accidentally divided it and caused a lot of disruption. I’d lowered myself and I felt crap ... I’d tarnished my home. Needless to say, using my last few days, I tried to restore some order and try to fix things. I’ll leave it up to the members to decide if they want to put it in history whether I succeeded or not.

After that, I went back to the silent adviser, watching the party quietly, taking note of what was going on and speaking up when I felt something needed to be said. Potato’s term can easily be mentioned as one of the worst – On par with my 2nd and Israel’s 3rd. Thankgod Cerb won the next month, I felt he really brought the party back to good standing.

The Moral of this Story?

Ok, slightly went off on a tangent, but I wanted you to have some backstory. Here’s the real point of the story –

I’ve been in that leadership room for over a year now. A year of my life I have dedicated to a party I have watched, and presided over its growth. Yes, I am a party leadership oldfgt … I am a dinosaur in there … But therein lies the moral! Other than Israel and Jack, I am the only one who is regularly in the room that remembers some of the old days.

I look at the names sitting in there now, and 6 months ago, none of them were there. This party has the most amazing ability of any party in the United States – We have grown talent! Each of the current members were just like me – Plucked from obscurity, thrown into the limelight and given the chance to shine. Nearly each and every single one has succeeded in way I couldn’t of even imagined. Hell, I can say with pride that the best person I ever got into RT was the very guy that lead AMP the best – David Wilson.

This is a party were we don’t say no all the time to keep leadership to an inner circle. We are not a bunch of elitists like some would paint us. Have some of us served in the Exec? Damn right, they make me the proudest. These guys are also willing to step back for new talent. Look at Dr Luis Sentieiro! He was Legal Director … now he’s Deputy Legal so others can have their chance to shine while he can help guide them.

The moral is I’ve watched this party grow and change and embrace new blood and talent. Never feel down about parties because this one will open you with wide welcoming arms and if you want to contribute to the party, we let you! We welcome the challenge of trying to help and mold you into something people can look up to!

Emdoublegee! Dr Luis Sentieiro! DokJon! John Largo! BeachBunny!

Those are just some of the names I’ve seen in leadership and I’m extremely proud of them!

I may be an oldfgt, but I’m proud of it and hope that one day, these people will look back and find themselves in my position.

I’ll serve this party till I’m done with this game. And then some …

Keep it chillin eAmerica!




John Killah
John Killah Day 1,818, 16:27

First denied because i'm a dinosaur who loves his party!

potato134 Day 1,818, 16:30

> one of the worst

Not even close.

greeling Day 1,818, 16:42

needs more greeling

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,818, 17:06

"Legal Director"

It's a browser game


Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,818, 17:06


Thanks for having me in consideration man! You were the first PP I served on AMP leadership, it's something in my history I cannot forget.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,818, 17:13


You will not be CP

It's a browser game dude... xD


DokJon Day 1,818, 18:00

JK shanks IS on a daily basis.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Day 1,818, 18:04

Hail John Killah!

emdoublegee Day 1,818, 18:07

Nice history article JK, haven't seen one of these in a while, and it was cool to see some of your history!

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

Inwegen Day 1,818, 19:11

You're far from an oldfgt. 😛

Tony Rumor
Tony Rumor Day 1,819, 23:58

Killah our master!!!!!!!!!!!!

jmurrib21 Day 1,819, 00:35

Well done! Thanks for sharing JK. It's like everything in RL noobs need experience and that is passed along to them form less noobs players. Congratulations in your eAnniversary!

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,819, 06:42

This Brit speaks nothing but truth about the AMP. I was one of those basically unknown noobs plucked to become a Deputy, all in all a interesting historical article!

★ ★ ★ Feel the AMPs ★ ★ ★

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Day 1,819, 06:44

If you are oldfgt then what am I? lol

Great article nonetheless

fingerguns Day 1,819, 07:34

heart you amp

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,823, 17:01


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