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[JK/AMP] I went for the path of reason, did you?

Day 1,757, 12:09 Published in USA USA by John Killah

An appeal to reason

Good evening America …

Or more specifically, Good Evening AMP members. It has been a while since I spoke to you in this fashion, the fact that I am doing so again means I consider it important.

We are at a vital moment in our history!

Yes, we have been at these before … Moments where our path as a party can diverge into two completely separate and distinct paths. We’ve had it done in the past, and now we find ourselves standing at the fork once more.

In one corner, we have the incumbent Party President Potato134 … and in the other corner, his challenger – Current Legal Director Cerb.

Both of them have ideas on where the party should go from this fork, and both of them plans to implement that will take us down that route. Now I’m sure you’re already aware of this, so that isn’t why i’m writing this article … I’m writing this article to voice my support – For Cerb.

Why NOT to vote for Potato?

There are quite a few reasons why I feel Potato isn’t the right choice for PP, and it all stems from this current term. I’ve been on the inside, I’ve watched the leadership channel, and it’s not great.

#1 – This is a great party right? THE best party in the eUS. So why, in that case, are we ranked 3rd? That isn’t right … That’s NOT how it should be. Here’s some stats for you – Before I left office, the last Member Numbers given to me told me the Party had 783 people in it. Today, the party numbers around 732. That’s a 51 member drop. I know for a fact that this can’t be attributed to our Recruitment Director because I know they’ve been working their ass off. So what’s the reasoning? People that feel Potato is taking our party in the wrong direction. How many more members will we lose because potato isn’t going the right way?

#2 – The Round Table has become terrible. Everyday I sit there, wondering when Potato will release a new PDB for them … hell, on quite a few occasions, I’ve had to yell at him to remind him he’s overdue one. But it gets worse … Not only is he terrible at remember to give his RT goals to achieve … Half of the RT doesn’t even REPLY. The thing about our PDB’s is that if you are a Director, it is MANDITORY that you reply … You don’t have a choice in the matter, your goals are there! But all I ever see in those PDB’s post wise are a couple of RT members who do their job, potato … and former PP’s and HRT members posting their thoughts. It isn’t good enough!

#3 – PAC was a shambles this term. Now, I don’t blame our PAC Director too much, they were busy with RL that popped up and didn’t really want to do the job in the first place. However, I don’t like it when on Congress Elections, when I get asked where a vote should go, that when I look on the Party’s PAC War Sheet, there’s nothing there because Nobody prepared one. For a few hours, we were blind that day, because nobody had even bothered to check to see if it was ready. That’s pathetic.

#4 – Also PAC related: His goal this month is to get the most congressmen. Sorry, but at a time when the US is having trouble with domestic politics in regards to congress … where we are getting rogue proposals day in and day out, when a PP focuses on his own selfish ambition over unity for the countries sake, that is downright moronic. At the end of the day, even if we come out with the most congress seats, we’re going to be unfairly vilified for not helping the country. It isn’t about keeping the elites in power, it’s about stopping rogue NE’s and stopping people disrupting donations that help keep the country running. And it should also NEVER be about quantity. Quality is what matters.

So why am I voting for Cerb?

Now, I know that quite a few of you are looking at him suspiciously and thinking “PTO … PTO … Junior USWP”. That’s quite wrong.

One thing about Cerb is when we talk, we talk frankly. I am honest with him, and he is with me in return. He feels the same way I do about potato’s term in that it’s been a disgraceful train wreck on the inside. He feels that Potato hasn’t done anything of merit other then act like the boss is really isn't capable of being. I know for a fact that he is prone to irrational decisions and I can remember one time very clearly when I had to shout him down on one of the courses of action he was trying to take because it was impossible to do and would of done nothing but cause a huge amount of disruption.

He also left the USWP for the reasoning that he felt the USWP wasn’t what he felt it once stood for, lacked potential for growth and had no exciting elements left, and he no longer considered it his home. He chose AMP not because we were the next biggest, but because of what we stood for and how we are and he recognised that we were the closest to what he considered home, that, “Here in the AMP, we still have young players looking to step up. We just need to give them a chance. Give the RIGHT players a chance”

He plans to make sure we get quality people into congress while working with ALL parties (Not just the top 5, he plans on working with the other 6th parties to help ensure a safer election) to make sure we don’t have a repeat of last month were disarray and problems caused a result that was unwelcomed and has since caused the current headaches in congress.

He made his cabinet more open that previous PP’s, including myself have. Before, PP’s pick candidates based on personal knowledge of them and because they think they’re suitable for the job they’re offering. Cerb instead made a form that anyone in the party could fill out - He was scouting out potential talent that former PP’s may not of considered. This is the opposite of potato, who usually fills up cabinet and deputy spots with people who like him, regardless of talents.

Oh god yes, if i’d seen THESE when I watched Seasame Street, instaboner

Keep it chillin eAmerica!




John Killah
John Killah Day 1,757, 12:10

First is denied because I voted Cerb!

Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Day 1,757, 12:10

Checking in.

Jack Mensley
Jack Mensley Day 1,757, 12:30

Just gunna sit here if ya don't mind

bigcdizzle Day 1,757, 12:33

If I were AMP I would vote for Cerb.

emdoublegee Day 1,757, 12:33

I voted!

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Day 1,757, 13:55

You can't go wrong when you choose Cerb.

ErrOrka Day 1,757, 14:01

I don't care who's the PP as long as the party keeps getting bigger and better. Good luck to both.

John Marsten
John Marsten Day 1,757, 15:02

I voted Cerb and belive that if AMP has another Potatoe month it will drop out of the top 5 completly people will not put up with this some will stay but I will not be one of them sorry to say I do believe AMP is headed in the wrong direction and needs a serious shake up

BeachBunny Day 1,757, 15:08

i highly doubt you will drop to 140 members in one month Marsten

Synesi Day 1,757, 15:16

No, not with that attitude BeachBunny!!!

Eric Vanderberg
Eric Vanderberg Day 1,757, 15:52

The fact that no rank and file members of the AMP have come out to condemn Cerb for his abuse of mod powers as a member of the Round Table in deleting posts, locking threads and PMing people he doesn't agree with arrogant, smug comments and half threats is really disappointing. We are not the Cerb Party, we are the AMP and no one should put up with that kind of behavior from a person yerning for higher audience.

John Largo
John Largo Day 1,757, 16:52

I voted for Cerb.

Jasper Ferguson
Jasper Ferguson Day 1,757, 19:10

I voted Cerb

@Eric - Cerb has been POTUS, you think that AMP PP is a higher audience?

Candor Day 1,757, 22:19

I like chilli fries.

Eric Vanderberg
Eric Vanderberg Day 1,758, 00:00

@Eric - Cerb has been POTUS, you think that AMP PP is a higher audience?

Cerb was not President while with the AMP, he appeared here from the USWP and after one term in the round table suddenly catapults to PP. That is admirable, however locking threads, deleting posts and sending threatening, arrogant PMs to people that disagree with him is not admirable, it is wrong and it goes to show that no one in this party is willing to stand up and tell him to his face that he is acting improperly.

Adam Pro
Adam Pro Day 1,758, 16:36

i did leave amp but not because it was a bad party at all it was because me and my friend wanted to make our own party

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