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[Jimbo4CP] Argentina, We stand ready.

Day 1,960, 12:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Jimbojoy

Hi. I’m James, although many of you will know me as Jimbojoy. I am running to be your Prime-Minister (CP) for April, and I’d be grateful if you would consider giving me your vote.

Foreign affairs are a crucial part of running the country. As Minister of Foreign Affairs for most of this year, I have always needed to make sure my relationship with our allies is excellent, and that my contacts around the world are constantly reporting information to me.

As I type, I am helping to organise our allies to aid us in a battle that is soon to happen on UK soil: An airstrike by Argentina against us! My intelligence suggests they want to attack due to real life ideology over the Falkland Islands, rightly ruled from London. The islands are not even in the game and yet Argentina wants to attack to try and trigger a population boom- we cannot allow them to succeed.

Our return of fire will be a swift-counter attack!

I will do my part to make sure we have all our allies fighting for us when the battle opens, but each of us also has out part to play on the battlefield! Please, conserve your strength, prepare, and give it your all when the battle opens, whenever that may be! Fight smart, and join our IRC channel #MoD for free supplies and up to date orders throughout the battle. This will not be an easy battle, but by being more intelligent, more organised, and more united in the cause of our country we will prevail!

More from the campaign trail - I’m running for the top job this month for a variety of reasons. Firstly I’m coming off the back of two terms as Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2013, which has given me a huge insight into international relations, allowed me to forge contacts around the world and I want to put this to good use. We are only as well represented in world politics as we allow ourselves to be. I know that I am the person in the eUK with the most relevant, useful and diverse expertise in this area who is running for the job that demands just those attributes. I’ve spent hours this year talking with Serbs, be it about their empire, production bonus or just about trips to Belgrade and shared experiences. I’ve hung out with ACT nations to better educate them on the eUKs methods of operations, itself bettering relations and the potential for their fighters to join us in battles, and given our country representation to our ally and superpower neighbour Poland, through my personal friendship with Marvin, the Polish President who is highly influential whether in office or out of it. I think it might be fair to say I’m the right guy to handle the reins to help our country hold the disproportionate amount of respect that we hold, despite our small size. We may be an island nation of fewer players than many of our foes, but with strong leadership emulating the days of Talon Karrde, Iain Keers and Jamesw we can show just how awesome we are.

The last tranche of government I need to outline is defence, or in some cases offence. I will not shy away from the opportunities offered to us by conflict now they have come calling. I hear the cries for UK wars to gather True Patriot medals, and support making sure that we get as much action as we can. I know of at least one country with which I can secure a TW should the Ireland and Argentine conflicts come to an swift end, and I am also prepared to personally invest in the eUK on the battlefield this month, as I fully believe the CP should tank hard. I have the resources this month to help on that front, and challenge people to fight me for BH’s in not only UK battles, but those of our allies.

The MU league is a great way of improving gentle rivalry between units and I want to ensure that it is updated once a week, with one milestone where awards and prizes are given out. I will ensure that the MoD I choose holds this as a high priority. The Minister of Defence will also help out with the Sunday strikes that everyone enjoys so much! I want the eUK Armed Forces group to remain strong this term, and my good friend Rodney Mckay will no doubt continue to work his hardest to provide great co-ordination on their end. I can only promise to match the zeal and enthusiasm of all those in this endeavour to ensure the eUK has the best service available to all who choose it. I echo this sentiment for all departments and I hope, through this document and those that will follow it that I can convince you that I am what we need as Country President (Prime-Minister) for April 2013.

That brings this edition to a close, please ask away in the comments with queries - I will do my best to answer them! 😃 Look for my Cabinet and Finance plans in the coming days. Subscribe to make sure you get them. Till then friends,

Thanks for reading!



Jimbojoy Day 1,960, 12:01

Needs Less Jimbo.

Jimbobfrey Day 1,962, 05:08

We need a Jimbo government 😉

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,960, 12:02

You have my sword

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Day 1,960, 12:24

and my Axe

dante643 Day 1,961, 00:33

and my Bow

Viridi Day 1,961, 12:34

and my shield

Alexandross Day 1,963, 10:06

and my potato ~_~

Magic Day 1,960, 12:03

Great candidate!

Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Day 1,960, 12:05

You know, Thatcher also used the war with Argentina for political support. 😛

Arrlo Day 1,960, 12:09

I did not.

Koratos Day 1,960, 12:08

Yeah ! Good luck ! 🙂

Fill Werrell
Fill Werrell Day 1,960, 12:13


Gumper Day 1,960, 12:34

good article!

Alesis Bonte
Alesis Bonte Day 1,960, 12:36


Pan Tadeuszh
Pan Tadeuszh Day 1,960, 12:40


Neospa Day 1,960, 12:44


Yank Cisnero
Yank Cisnero Day 1,960, 13:44

We'll kick your a$$ : )

Aladrak Day 1,961, 07:11


Bohemond4 Day 1,961, 10:23


Destriant Day 1,961, 11:01

You'd totally have my vote if I only had British CS. Too bad I'm forced to stay here a little longer. Good luck anyway!

pacifyer Day 1,961, 11:38

All you need is LULZ!

tntss Day 1,961, 18:53


Gh0strr Day 1,961, 19:08

JIMBO4CP !!! Wooohoooooo...... My own comrade who came right after me back in 2010 is becoming CP :.)

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