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[ISP] Approval Ratings: Dec 16th 2012

Day 1,853, 23:39 Published in Japan Japan by DankChronic

With activity and number of members steadily growing in the Imperial Sun Party, we have begun to start our own approval ratings to share some of the topics we support or don't support. We will also share some of the reasons discussed in these polls to give an idea as to why some voted the way they did. This is the first of our approval rating articles which I hope will also be the first of many to come.

Country President Koppanyi Ferenc

At the beginning of this poll, the CP was doing well, showing a well mixed party cabinet, and some believed him to have helped in the release of Kanto. He had also started to become active in the national forums, and there even are mentions of a couple of visits to the IRC, not common in the DNP. But over his term and after recent elections and events, his approval rating has dropped in the ISP.

There is lack of transparency, no updates of government affairs, just medal announcements and bad news of the national bank being banned again. Along with the lack of Ministry of Finance bookkeeping, there practically is no transparency for the public. Also his cabinet choice quality has dropped, what once won him a little approval has now disappeared with his choice to continue to put a criminal in his cabinet, known for illegal Citizenship approvals and getting the national bank banned, being the first in eJapanese history to do so. That kind of cabinet selection is dangerous for eJapan and he lost a lot of support for the choice of covering for a criminal.

He showed promise in the beginning, but in the end has shown to ignore the public's requests of transparency and the continued support of a criminal.

Circle of Trust (CoT)

There is some approval in the ISP for the CoT alliance but most are unsure. CoT has shown to help when they can and and count close allies of eJapan such as eSouth Korea. Also believed that it is important for eJapan to be in an alliance to raise our nation's reputation and of course to continue to increase our friendly relations which is much needed for small nations.

The undecided is from those unfamiliar with current foreign affairs, and a little distrust from the rumors of eBulgaria sending a PTO because they believe eJapan was PTO'd already and full of "savages". Here is a quote from eJapan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the time of the rumor:

"Bulgaria is part of CoT and they've been trying. But they consider us PTO'd apparently and 'savages.' I've already spoken to CoT, and I told them it has to be solved as there are a couple people in CoT gov. supporting it and it won't do well do keep us in CoT among other stuff they've done. " ~MoFA during the time Oraizan

Military Charter Amendments

There is mostly only support for the new Military Charter Amendments that has been under discussion. Most of the support for the amendments is to help have a solid military system that promotes unity while keeping Private MUs private, and national MUs to the government while supplying everyone who fights for the official orders from the Ministry of Defense. Some believe all those that fight for those orders deserve government resources.

The small amount of disapproval and undecided is from the long standing separation of Private MUs supplying themselves as it has always been before the first decentralized military system. The government didn't ask for the private MUs and shouldn't have to supply them, just as it was in early eJapan.

Immigration Law Dec 2012

The recent Immigration Law that was passed just didn’t sit well with the ISP members, and even to a lot of those in other parties. A quote from Myung Kei pretty much says it all.

“The current policy was a half-hearted compromise that consisted of a series of multiple choice votes. This lead to the creation of a bill that is moderate readable, moderately enforceable, and moderately democratic, but ultimately unsound.” ~Myung Kei

Imperial Sun Party President: DankChronic


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,853, 00:25


Very Informative. Good Job

Koragi Day 1,853, 00:44

Voted, this is a cool idea.

Zodiarque Day 1,853, 03:16


Sir Robin Ibz
Sir Robin Ibz Day 1,853, 03:41


Kitsune Usureki
Kitsune Usureki Day 1,853, 03:58

Good job. Voted~

I do approve CoT and disapprove the Immigration Law aswell :3

ShinigamiTM Day 1,853, 05:23

hoot to that

@Usu, funny, you voted different if I recall.

bobbySAURON Day 1,853, 08:03

Finally you wrote an article over subjects that matter.

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,853, 09:16


Squibeel Day 1,853, 11:06


Geezus Day 1,854, 02:01

Koppanyi were reelected by great superiority.
The previous governments were able to take back four regions and bonuses, and we have congress again.
We had 9 MPP with strong countries and finally we have strong allies and they are ready to fight for us.
Life in Japan is better than before.

B00oo Day 1,854, 09:52


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