[Irish Army] Week 9 Report

Day 3,977, 14:18 Published in Ireland Poland by Irish Army

October 8th, 2018 (Day 3,976)

Currently the Irish Army is a recipient of a 200 Gold sponsorship from the Plato Foundation. This sponsorship enabled the Irish Army to further enhance our supply system with the aim of motivating Irish citizens to get active and be present on the battlefield.

This 200 Gold was sold on the monetary market gold resulting in this weeks funds from the Plato Foundation amounting to 94,760cc.

With this money, we purchased 180,000 Energy Units, costing us 27,340cc

We made payments as part of the Irish Army Airborne initiative to the value of 36,845cc

We also purchased 525 tanks,costing 37,275cc

We provided 100cc to every soldier who killed 50 enemies in our priority battles. This cost us 8,600c

This gives us a weekly cost of 110,060cc

However, our costs would be much higher had we not received a discount on our food purchases from Rusty D.

The Irish Army was also the recipient of a 47,000cc donation from Drawback.

[Our Supplies]

Thanks to the funding from the Plato Foundation, Irish Army soldiers can now receive the following supplies:

[Our Re-Application]
This month the Irish Army received 800 Gold from the Plato Foundation which was converted into 361,315cc.
Meanwhile we have had expenses of 403,585. The additional 42,270cc was funded by private donations towards the Irish Army.

The impact on the Irish Community has been incredible.

The Irish Army began two months ago as a military unit with 12 members that had maybe 3 active fighters who completed a combined 8 Daily Orders a week. Much of Irelands development can be attributed to the Irish Army as we have attracted at least 10 foreign fighters to our ranks with a potential 20 further in the pipeline. When I returned to Ireland four months ago, the country was on the brink of collapse but through strong political leadership and a united military – Ireland is standing strong. The funding from Plato Foundation has played a huge part in this as without it, I do not believe we would be able to fund the costs as we have grown to now be an army of 55 members with over 40 active fighters.

We are constantly evolving our programs, we have introduced a new scheme in which we track our fighters who partake in our battle orders that are found in an article published every two days, updated every hour. For doing 50 kills in these battles, soldiers can earn 100cc per order completed. These orders currently come across 3 different levels of severity (we will be upgrading to 5 shortly).

The Irish Army would like to apply for an additional 100 Gold from the Plato Foundation to cater for our growing numbers. This would be roughly 7.5G made available for every one of our soldiers.

[How Have We Progressed]

Daily Orders Completed.

Week 1 Daily Orders Completed:87
Week 2 Daily Orders Completed: 109
Week 3 Daily Orders Completed: 117
Week 4 Daily Orders Completed: 124
Week 5 Daily Orders Completed: 125
Week 6 Daily Orders Completed: 113
Week 8 Daily Orders Completed: 172
Week 9 Daily Orders Completed: 172

Air Kills.

Week 1 Air Kills: 6438
Week 2 Air Kills: 7725
Week 3 Air Kills: 8973
Week 4 Air Kills: 9216
Week 5 Air Kills: 11290
Week 6 Air Kills: 13102
Week 8 Air Kills: 14791
Week 9 Air Kills: 14791

National Rankings

1st in Air Kills
1st in Air Damage
1st in Tank Kills
1st in Tank Damage

Additional Activities

1) As usual we held our Sunday Night Air Strike in which we fought for Venezuela against India to support them following their successful airstrike against Bulgaria.

In the week ahead, we plan on holding another Strike on Sunday at 12:00 eRepublik time on our Discord channel.

Always in the fight

The Irish Army Command
Slua, Commander
T1nk3r, 2nd Commander
Armanych, 2nd Commander
MeDs., Captain
Kevin Sheridan, Captain