[Irish Army] Week 3 Report

Day 3,934, 09:05 Published in Ireland Poland by Irish Army

August 28th, 2018 (Day 3,934)

Last week, it was announced that the Irish Army application to the Plato Foundation had been successful and that we would benefit from a 200 Gold sponsorship to assist in the funding of our project. This sponsorship enabled the Irish Army to further enhance our supply system with the aim of further incentivising Irish citizens to get active and be present on the battlefield.

This 200 Gold was sold on the monetary market at a price of 433cc per gold resulting in this months funds from the Plato Foundation amounting to 86,600cc.

With this money, we purchased 50,000 Q1 Food at a price of 0.22 per unit, costing us 11,000cc

We made payments as part of the Irish Army Airborne initiative to the value of 31,885cc

We also purchased 900 tanks with prices varying between 48cc and 49.49cc costing 43,661.9cc

This gives us a weekly cost of 86,546.9cc*

However, our costs would be much higher had we not received a donation of 10,000 Q1 Food from Kevin Sheridan as well the implementation of a capped pay-out of 5,000cc with regards to air kills.

*Closing Stock of 175 Q7 Weapons and 7500 Q1 Food

[Our Supplies]

Thanks to the funding from the Plato Foundation, Irish Army soldiers can now receive the following supplies:

Food For Completing Daily Orders

Payment Per Air Kill Upon Completing 5 Daily Orders

Tanks For Completing 3 and 7 Daily Orders Respectively

[How Have We Progressed]

Daily Orders Completed.

Week 1 Daily Orders Completed:87
Week 2 Daily Orders Completed: 109
Week 3 Daily Orders Completed: 117
Overall Improvement: Increase in completed Daily Orders by 34%

Air Kills.

Week 1 Air Kills: 6438
Week 2 Air Kills: 7725
Week 3 Air Kills:8973
Over Improvement: Increase in Air Kills by 39%

National Rankings

1st in Air Kills
1st in Air Damage
2nd in Tank Kills
2nd in Tank Damage

Additional Activities

1) As usual we held our Sunday Night Air Strike in which we fought for Ireland in our ongoing Training War with Croatia.

2) On Monday night we launched a new initiative called “Game Time” where soldiers are asked a question and the most voted answer wins 1,000cc.

This week’s question is:

"Who should Ireland attack and why?"

Always in the fight

The Irish Army Command
Slua, Commander
T1nk3r, 2nd Commander
Armanych, 2nd Commander
aimeisan, Captain
General Hi Story of Trite, Captain