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I have recently joined the Independent Party. Some might wonder what I am doing here so suddenly, so please allow me to write a short article on my choice.

I am in the IP because of the personal freedom it offers me… because of the focus to develop ideas and plans, instead of endless debates… and because of the supportive and respectful way the members work together. Whether you also want to join the Independent Party is up to you. Just know that to give ideas wings, we need as much people to help out as possible.

How I ended up in the IP
After being Party President of a party for almost 4 months, I moved to Russia to participate in the fights that Phoenix had. A few days before the elections, the IP published an article with requirements for getting CP support. At that time, UNL only had one CP candidate (Myers11), without a program, so I decided to candidate for CP, seeking support of IP. According to their requirement, I could have joined any of the top-10 parties (all parties in UNL). However, I wanted to run as open-minded as possible. IP did not publish a lot of stances, something with is almost fixed for the other parties. IP, however, focuses more on personal freedom. This enabled me to run for CP without any “obligations” towards the party.

So will I stay in the IP?
After I left my old party, game-mechanics automatically filled my profile: “No political activity”. However, I remained very active in politics (including being Chairman of Congress)! I really like politics; the debating, determining the course and plans together and achieving goals together. However, I especially liked the personal freedom as “independent” politician. I even considered creating a new party, naming it “Independent Politician”, and encouraging future members to debate and vote to their beliefs.

After joining the IP to run for CP, I discovered that I have found this personal freedom already in the IP. I feel like it’s a great new start of my political eLife. When the IP was created, it was stated that: “We want to protect personal freedom, social justice and democratic values; to make a healthier and friendlier nation.” I really experience and feel the spirit of this core party idea, and I will do my best to contribute to it.

IP’s political orientation
Influenced by many factors, mostly game-mechanics, I am more left-oriented in eRep. Others in the party, like Markus Bell, are more right-oriented. I have experienced in my year of playing eRep that the whole left/right thing leads to friction, sometimes even fights/flaming. In the IP, however, these small differences in political views are being used to benefit the party, to have a good discussion and develop stable plans. Yes, that’s correct, IP doesn’t work on “stances and goals”, but on “projects and plans”. Concrete actions to benefit UNL. As Markus Bell stated before: “(…) we worked to create what is now the Independent Party, working on a number of projects that we believe will help develop not only the Independent Party but the country, making it a better and stable place to be.”

Can a left-oriented guy like me operate in a former right-wing party? Probably not! Fortunately, the IP isn’t a “former right-wing party”, it is a party that looks at good points in both the left and right. Daniel Parker: “I don´t think we should see our party as a remnant of LP, we are a totally new party in my opinion. Boklevski joining our party is proof of that.” I fully agree with Daniel.

My future at IP
This new party is still being developed and formed. In fact, it will always be developing; we won’t stick into old (and outdated) habits. Times change, so plans need to change. Where some parties stick to stances they decided in the past, the Independent Party looks at projects/plans needed now and in the future. Thinking ahead.

Protect personal freedom, social justice and democratic values; to make a healthier and friendlier nation.I will participate in all idea developments within these key areas. Being a bit more left-oriented, I will mainly do my utmost to safeguard the “social”-part in the core value.

Which part of the core value will you safeguard when you join?

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