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* Interview with the president of eLithuania - pararam * [BraveMKD]

Day 1,895, 13:59 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by BraveMKD

1.First of all thanks for accepting the interview and answering the questions, so let’s find out about “pararam”.
A: Hello and best regards to all people of Macedonia!

2.From who and how did you find out about erepublik? Who you blame for the erepublik registration?
A: Well long time ago one of my friends asked me to play here, but my tasks there was only to send him gold:) After a few years I started to play again, and that's what we have now:) So from the last time I blame only myself.

3.Where did you get the idea for your name?
A:Well as you see, there is no any idea in my nick. So I hadn’t any ideas what nick I want, that's why I created this one:) Sounds good in my language:)

4.Which functions you perform before you became president of eLithuania?
A:That is my second time when I’m Cp of Lithuania. I’m one of the mu’s leader, also I was president of my party for 2 times. And few times a congress member.

5. What is Lithuania planning for the future on he war battlefield and economic plan?
A:I’d like to start from economic. Cause there is nothing to talk about as all countries know that already 🙂. That’s why there are no plans about that. About the war, the nation decided that they don't need any wars at a moment, so we are not discussing about these things. We are now helping our allies in their battles.

6. Who are your biggest allies, and who is your biggest enemy in eRepublik?
A:We have good relations with all allies. So it’s hard to exclude someone. Maybe Latvia, Estonia cause we were in same alliance ABC and have much in common. But like I said before, all our allies are great and thanks to all of them for their help, when we had hard times.

7. What is your opinion for eMacedonia?
A:I like Macedonia a lot, your flag is very nice by the way:) Also I saw a few articles about your country here in erep, so it’s a very nice country. And also I have in my friend list on of you girls playing here, she looks very sexy, so I think that you girls are hot too:) I even found her on my friend list: Skopjankaxx

8. What would you like to change in the future in Macedonian-Lithuanian relations?
A:Hm, hard question. If those relations wouldn't be good, then I could answer that. But I think we are in good relations, many times we put your battles as COD, also you were helping us a lot in our battles with assguard. So everything is fine I think. Maybe you have something to suggest about that?🙂

9.Do you ready to candidate again for president of eLithuania?
A:It will depend what other candidates there will be, and who else will want to go from my party. But I don't want to do that 2 times in a row.

10. Who is “pararam” out of the game in RL?
A:Sorry, no rl in this game:) Usual guy, working, studying, fishing, sport:) Weight 100 kg., height 1.80 m. That's enough I think about rl:)

11.What do you want to tell for the end?
A:I want to thank Macedonia and your players for huge help, which you gave us in our battles; we are trying to repay that debt now. Best regards to all of you from Lithuania’s people. Especially to my friend’s from Macedonia, that I have most from foreign countries, I think, in my friend list. Kiss to all beautiful ladies you have there:)

HAIL eMacedonia \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/ HAIL eLithuania


gliookas II
gliookas II Day 1,895, 14:17

hail pararam the great!!!

BraveMKD Day 1,895, 14:19

Hail pararam o/

TheUnit pararam
TheUnit pararam Day 1,895, 14:19


EmuSV Day 1,895, 14:21

The Great master of me!!! o7

TheUnit MoGoM
TheUnit MoGoM Day 1,895, 14:56


BlMBA Day 1,895, 19:44


Archi tektas
Archi tektas Day 1,896, 23:49


ONE Q Day 1,896, 07:01

26/129 stavi i ti na mojata statija

Just Rock
Just Rock Day 1,896, 08:28

Hail pararam. o7

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