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[Interview]van_Spijck:,,I see this function as a giant task''

Day 1,866, 15:01 Published in Romania Romania by TheYakuzini

Hello readers of this newspaper and not only.Today i bring you an interview with the new EDEN Supreme Commander :van_Spijck.I hope you to enjoy this interview and leave comments with your opinions / suggestions 😉

-o7 van_Spijck, can you offer me an interview?

-Tell me a little about the person behind van_Spijck, the user.
pfff, well I started to play this game after I read something about it in my newspaper.I played strategic military games before, mainly Civilization but erep is a higher plan in that regard.

-What about your eChildhood in-game
when I started there where no different division after a month or so I joined the politics in my e-country(eNL),within a few months I was selected as MoFA been that on and of for a long time.

-You’ve been playing for a while, how do you see eRepublik after spending so much time around?
hm, to me the society is more important then the game itself,the friendship one builds during playing this game, all the things we, the players, have invented around the game, addded to it wich makes the game more, then the original

-Soon you were chosen SC of EDEN, how you feel in this position?
I feel a bit like a revolutionary in the sence that after i got elected there where some strugglings with the old HQ staff most fled, ran away or even went on strik like I was the enemy or something while I see this function as a giant task chalenge even to get EDEN back on track, to become the Brotherhood it used to be the way it was intended not like it had become over the last half year or so with only a few big members, and the rest of the members wiped and fighting for those few that's no real brotherhood we need to show all members of EDEN that this is a Brotherhood, where we fight tom help eachother not just say we are a Brotherhood, but actually live it!

-What would you say your achievements are and what would you brag about with?
hm, to be honost, I'm not a bragger to gather the right people, with the right attitude, to really make a difference in this game,there's a lot of negativity going around, we should face that with positivity, friendship and perseverence!

-Which country from EDEN can make a major baby-boom?If you say yes,please argue.
to be honost, I have no idea, any country can make a babyboom, but it's harder to keep them on board something we in EDEN can more co-operate on, by bringing succesfull programs to all members.

-What would you say keeps you close to eRepublik?
the comunity, call them my Brothers if you will 😉

-Ireland leave EDEN some days ago and situation of Portugal it’s almost like Ireland situation.What is your opinion at these leavings from EDEN?
It is sad that Belorus, Ireland and India had to leave to open the eyes for many, that real change inside EDEN is necessary.this isn't somentinh we can establish in a few days, or weeks, but I'm confident in our new team, and the strategies we follow for that. it's high time to bring the Brotherhood back to the normal player,so every soldier of EDEN, no mather what member-country, feels a part of the whole,knows why he or she is fighting for ,knows that the other member-countries will also fight for his or her country,but all are a member of our big loving, warm Brotherhood!

-What do you think about CoT?And TWO!
looks like they found themselves in a sort of hate against EDEN, but we all know their friendship isn't that natural at all and sometimes even CoT members fight next to us against members of TWO

-Some people say EDEN needs to be reformed. What do you think about it?
there are very much right,that is exactly what my team and I are doing now.We need to bring EDEN back to the players, the real members.Every EDEN soldier should have access to EDEN's orders, better information,something the new PR team is currently working on also look into new possibilities,like perhaps a central EDEN organised supply system for important battles for the Brotherhood there are a lot of new and good plans but first we need to work hard on our foundation have a strong basis to build on further.

-(you can show us some of their new plans?)😃
as I laready mentioned, a central supply chan for important battles, also a EDEN newspaper in every member-contry but as I said; first a solid foundation,then we can build on and by the way; plans and ideas are always welcome, it's the members that make the Brotherhood!

-What’s your best eRepublik related memory? But your worst?
best memories are from the epic battles we won all together fighting side by side with your brethren giving it all you got, and then win the darn battles! the worste memories, probadly related the hated pink seeing that ugly monster poisen our new world!

-How do you see Romania from your position?
Romania is one of our biggest and best brothers. Romanians are always in the front of every campaign, fighting for EDEN,fighting for our brotherhood I have many friends among the Romanian players.

-Which player/s would you like to meet RL?
I'd proly like to meet most ppl rl

-A piece of advice for the younger players?
well, don't use your gold, unless it is to upgrade your traininggrounds, training is perhaps even more important then fighting for them and don't hold back when you have good ideas or ambitions.

-What would you do to make the game more interesting?
this game and our alliance need enthousiastic ppl who are willing to work together more then anything.I'm doing all I can

-Any thoughts for this paper’s readers?
don't give up, keep believing in our Brotherhood, together we can rebuild OUR EDEN, as a true Brotherhood the way it was intended they way it should be!

-Thank you van_Spijck for this interview and good luck on your projects.o7
thank you very much my friend



M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,866, 15:07

Voctoria aut Mors!
V+S o7

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 1,866, 15:10

Victoria aut Mors!

Osvetnik21 Day 1,866, 15:10

Voctoria aut Mors!
V+S o7

Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Day 1,866, 15:11

Victoria aut Mors!
V+S o7

Schmidt FZR
Schmidt FZR Day 1,866, 15:11

Victoria aut Mors!

Alex the best123
Alex the best123 Day 1,866, 15:13

Victoria aut Mors!
V+S o7

Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Day 1,866, 15:21

Victoria aut Mors!
V+S o7

JohnCV Day 1,866, 15:23

Victoria aut Mors!

Spijckie, good luck mate on reforming EDEN, i know you can do it, it just take time and patience.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,866, 15:35


Best of luck o7

Alvaro  Cunhal
Alvaro Cunhal Day 1,866, 15:45

its a bad time to sc, good luck

Bojan Figaro
Bojan Figaro Day 1,866, 15:50

Hail romania- hail traitor!!!

Mawkish Day 1,866, 15:55

Was that a bot answering these questions? Same plain ideas in every answer and in the same time no real action plans. EDEN needs a world wide strategic campaign with all the nations under one single command - epic fights gather hundreds, epic campaigns gather thousands!

C. Apuleio
C. Apuleio Day 1,866, 16:17

Mijn steun heb je van Spijck! Dit spel heeft vers bloed nodig... Ben sinds een paar weken eportugees en merk ook daar veel negativiteit.

anna tolasi
anna tolasi Day 1,866, 16:32

congratz my friend

Osama Bri Gadier
Osama Bri Gadier Day 1,866, 21:48

Yeap... Making EDEN a brotherhood, again, is the same as making my grandma virgin again:)

Victorie... ada slana aia din pod!


Infatulus Day 1,867, 00:19

o7 van Spijck!

Bogdan Armand Sibrand
Bogdan Armand Sibrand Day 1,867, 00:57

much respect for the man

aniujual Day 1,867, 01:19

Irlanda parasesc EDEN acum ceva zile si situatie de Portugalia ea este aproape ca situatie Irlanda

Basescu ti-a tradus intrebarile astea in engleza ?

TheYakuzini Day 1,867, 02:33

aniujual : Irlanda a parasit EDEN acum cateva zile si se pare ca situatia Portugaliei este aceeasi cu a Irlandei

zmeuNY Day 1,867, 02:48

ai doar 80 de voturi la Articol, desi ai dat spam de mai mult de 80 de ori in 2 zile

CHANGEIT Day 1,867, 02:58

he he asa e

nothing concrete yet

ElvenCRO Day 1,867, 04:25

Victoria aut Mors!

GiovaniIm Day 1,867, 04:35

TheYakuzini trebuia sa il intrebi de ce china nu vrea sa mai dea cetatenii membrilor EDEN??

gR33NnP0w3R Day 1,867, 04:47

,,Victoria aut Mors!

Spijckie, good luck mate on reforming EDEN, i know you can do it, it just take time and patience.,,

ardealu Day 1,867, 05:43


oboj Day 1,867, 09:25

o7 van Spijck!
Victoria aut Mors!

Sisk Day 1,867, 09:27

zmeu poate nu prinzi si 2013

TheYakuzini Day 1,867, 09:28

sisk,lasa-l pe zmeu,el crede ca articolul e de 2 zile,lasa-l in lumea lui

CRIS 99 Day 1,867, 09:30

EDEN Supreme Commander :van_Spijck. It's a bad joke
not vote !!!


Iuliusv Day 1,867, 10:52

Victoria aut mors!

eDanutz13 Day 1,867, 13:45


PaulTC Day 1,867, 16:46

Nice interview, nice words, but that's all they are: words. EDEN lives from memories. The game has changed, the alliance is not how it was intented to be anymore, and it can't be. Either the game mechanics have to drastically change, or this alliance has to die. It just can't meet the current requirements..

adytza Day 1,867, 22:08

is Mors or Moris. I dont remember exactly.

Darkslowstar Day 1,868, 00:51

intrebari de vacanta. de ce n-ai pus si niste intrebari mai dificile?

fuzzy wuzzy
fuzzy wuzzy Day 1,868, 05:21

“Words are wind.”

Romanian Liberator
Romanian Liberator Day 1,868, 08:55

I do hope You will succeed in transforming EDEN in a real and functional Alliance, otherwise it will come to an end soon ...

TheYakuzini Day 1,868, 10:13

Sper sa nu mai faceti reclama la articolele voastre aici

zmeuNY Day 1,870, 01:35

Se plange TheYakuzini de spam.

Am trait s-o vedem si pe asta!!!
Mai ales venind de la regele spamului, sau un gen de regele manelelor pe eRepublik !

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