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|International Guardian| Epic Warfare starts the Economy

Day 2,122, 10:33 Published in Israel Serbia by Marmaroth

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Dear audience,

it is very hard to begin, but it is very necessary to understand : the Economy is being fixed right in front of our eyes. The Epic Warfare Tournament is not about damage making, it is not about rankings, it is not about decorations, orders and medals - it's about ECONOMY.

The Epic Tournament has 2 distinctive parts: 1) Fixing Economy; 2) Speculation and business.
The eRepublik crisis began as a result of an overproduction of Food, Weapons and Raw Materials. The first upgrades in economy module were made with the introduction of the working Tax, now the Tournament, wich will automatically begin the consumption of food in high proportions :

Title ONE : Fixing Economy

Individual Rewards

- After reaching a certain amount of Prestige Points players will be able to collect rewards as below:

- 550 Prestige Points -> 50% Damage Booster for 8 hours (Firstly the raise of the DMG makes psychologically players buy/eat food)
- 625 Prestige Points -> Recover 20 Energy every 6 minutes until the end of Day 2133 (That means FOR EX 10 Q1 FOR PER 6 MINUTES in comparison with 5 q1 per 5 minutes = 1440 minutes per/day which is equal to 120 wellness/ 60 minutes , which is 2880 wellness/ 24 hours in comparison with 200 wellness/60 minutes which is 4800 wellness/24 hours )
and the raise continues with 30, 40, 50, 60 and so on PER/6 MINUTES !

also continues the raise of the Wellness houses and also the boosters.

While the rewards are symbolically not less not more than 50, 60, 70 EB's and so on .

The analysis can be continued, but it is not necessary because doing maths is not about our topic 🙂 .

Title TWO : Speculations and business

Watch the prices right now, they haven't yet changed? Well , in 10 hours it just began starting ! Food price in big populated communities where many produce and many consume are less flexible to changes, so do the the high production and few consume communities, but even here we can speak about the exhaust of the food supplies and starvation beginning 🙂 . Moreover, less developed communities already began facing the "starvation". The price of the RAW and FOOD will grow definitely- remember my words. SO as a result, people with high storage and cash will buy and make storage, maybe for their use, maybe for sale in the next days. The speculation is inevitable. Another part is the growth profit of company owners.

So as to conclude, because few of us are interested of reading analytics - BUY FOOD, keep fighting , Buy companies, DO business and enjoy the game, the economy is being fixed.

International eGuardian office

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John TG
John TG Day 2,122, 10:49


MrBannana Day 2,122, 12:57

Dont forget that they put in thousands of gold to the game I think its even more than a million Gold!

bonjik Day 2,122, 13:15


Instead of fixing the economy they make a TEMPORARY fix and after the competition will end overproduction will return

Sergeant Spring
Sergeant Spring Day 2,122, 15:35

Voted 🙂

Sub zerro
Sub zerro Day 2,122, 20:03


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