[International] Global Holding Company Day!

Day 4,222, 03:35 Published in Netherlands Poland by Shawtyl0w
Dear Readers,

Today I'm asking opinions about an event we can create ourselves.

Global Holding Company Day!

Building holding companies comes with a cost. For each holding company you own you pay 25 gold.

e.g. I have 2 holding companies, I will pay 50 gold to buy a 3rd one.

The first holding company is always free.

Let's have a look at the Global Holding Company Day shall we?

First of all, when you want to build a new holding company you will have to navigate to the screen below. In the top left corner you notive the cost of purchasing a third holding company (2x 25 gold). The total sum at this point is 43,835.85 cc. Wait what!? 50 gold = 43,835.85 currency?? Maybe it is related to the gold price on the monetary market.

Next up, how does 50 gold equal 43,835.85 currency? Let's have a look at the gold price. As you can see the gold price at the time was 850 cc per 1 gold.
Quick calculations point out 50 * 850 = 42,500.00 currency. That is pretty close! Is there a relationship between the value of gold on the monetary market and the cost of a holding company? The gold value according to the holding company cost equals 43,835.85 / 50 = 876,717‬ cc.

Can we manipulate this price? and to what extend? As we know the minimum value of gold on the monetary market is close to nothing. However one can also argue that the minimum value of gold can considered to be 200 cc. Have a look below.

First of all, there is gold in the national treasury that can be converted into currency.

This can be done though the use of the "Issue Money" law. This law can be proposed by all members of congress and the country president.

The erepublik wiki states the following about printing money using the Issue Money feature of the game. The conversion rate of 1 cc = 0.005 gold translates to 1 gold having a value of 200 cc.

A test? All government over the world instruct their citizens NOT to be one specific gold offer on the market. Will this work, probably not but hey we can try.

Gold offer at 1 gold = 100 cc This offer will NOT be bought by anyone for an X period of time. If this results in the reduction of the cost of the holding company to 100 cc * (n*25) = 5000 cc (for n=2), the forumula used by erepublik is purely based on the monetary market and NOT on the Issue Money valuation of gold at 200 cc.

If we get any result and it shows the valuation of gold to be +/- 200 cc we know the value of gold has a minumum of 200 cc.

Can we with mass global advertisement get this done?? I'm referring to country feeds, MU feeds, Party feeds, National articles and government instructions.

Is it worth a try?

Please comment below and discuss.

- Gold price in currency based on an average of x days
- Average of gold sales or lowest price?
- Is the dictatorship upkeep formula the same as the holding company cost?

Yours truly,