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[info LN] Chile-Australia

Day 1,868, 01:01 Published in Indonesia USA by j4k4rt4

Chile MPP an kita, sudah membuat kesepakatan dengan Australia.
yg mau baca artikel aslina langsung aja ke TKP:

yg males buka-buka link artikel luar, ane copy paste in dimari:

The governments of Chile/Australia/CoT/Brazil and the US as well as the senates of eChile and eAustralia (as well as eBrazil I believe in support) have come to an agreement that will be announced soon. WA will be released on January 3rd . Until then we are Australian and we respect our agreements, please fight for Chile in the RW and for India (our MPP) in Kerala. WA will be ours soon!

Priority 1:

Fight for Chile VS. Australia in Western Australia. I know 🙁

Priority 2:

Fight for India VS. Thailand in Kerala.

Priority 3:
Any other alliance fight (or work on your merc medal!) Please do not fight against Chile for now.

patut ditunggu agreement lengkapnya kaya apa,

sangat menyenangkan kalo gov kita juga bisa ikut proaktif melibatkan diri dalam rembukan agreement ini sejak awal, sebagai anggota CoT, dan sebagai negara yg bertetanggaan langsung dg Aus.


kukuwicaksono Day 1,868, 01:54

Pertamax dulu ah.....

Dpamungkasz Day 1,868, 03:07

keduaxxxxxxxx aja !!!!!!!!

m0stwant3d Day 1,868, 03:43

gw kira tu region australi bs diambil..

nubiunyu Day 1,868, 03:54

j4k4rt4 for next MoFA \o/

YTHNN Day 1,868, 08:10


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