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[Independent Cyprus] cCc Support the Peace cCc

Day 2,102, 20:36 Published in USA USA by Kemal Ergenekon

[Independent Cyprus] cCc Support the Peace cCc

Dear eRepublik citizens; fellow eGreeks and eTurks; my beloved panpas,

We have gone through 2 months during which people worked tirelessly for the ideal of an independent Cyprus. Many groups have been formed to gather international support. Many negotiations have been made between the eCypriots, eGreeks, and eTurks. Many battles have been fought, won, and lost.

I am here to offer an end to this unnecessary strife. I am here to argue for mutual peace and respect between the three countries of eastern Mediterranean. I am here to ask for reason and honor.

I am here to ask for peace, so that friendship and brotherhood can take root again.

For those who don't know about the history of the conflict, here is a brief summary:

eCyprus, eGreece, and eTurkey have been friends for quite a while. Many times have the Cypriots hit for eGreece amidst the shouts of "tTt HELLAS tTt". We were friends and brothers.

A few months ago, there was a diplomatic conflict. To be frank, I wasn't personally involved in the event, so anything I have heard would be hearsay. Suffice it to say that eGreece perceived eCyprus as helping the enemy alliance, so a war broke out. eCyprus was invaded by eGreece, and it has remained as such for 4 months.

Last month, the eCypriots and their friends abroad have gathered together to rekindle the dream of an independent Cyprus. For those who never knew eCyprus before its invasion, it was the most multicultural country of the eWorld. It prided itself for the tolerance of different cultures and languages. It attracted many gifted individuals from abroad that cherished similar ideas, providing a haven to people who got tired of the banal nationalism and ethnic struggles that seem to plague the eWorld.

We fought and we won. We liberated eCyprus. As soon as we did so, both eTurkey and eGreece started voting on Natural Enemy laws against Cyprus. The law passed in eGreece, and eCyprus was once again invaded.

Diplomatic channels were established between the three parties to come up with a peaceful arrangement, but due to various reasons, a mutually beneficial and respectful agreement couldn't be drafted.

A few days ago, after preparations for a month, we fought for an independent Cyprus again, and we won. During the battles, the president of eCyprus issued the following article:

People of Greece and Turkey,

On the behalf of Cypriot people and the government, as the president of REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS i guarantee that if we win this RW, Cyprus won't be aggressive towards either E-GREECE OR E-TURKEY for a period, our primary and only goal is to rebuild our multinational community. Beside it, we aren't looking for a guarantee by E-GREECE or E-TURKEY in return, neither now nor in the future. This is our own word and initiative.


We are at a crossroads. eCyprus is once again independent. The question is whether the three states will drop their arms and sign a peace agreement, or that the last haven of tolerance and multiculturalism will be erased from the face of the eWorld once again.

Here are the arguments for peace:

- No region in eCyprus provides any economic benefit to eGreece.

- The constant Resistance War threat against eGreece causes a significant damage drain, as well as a strategic weakness. This has been proved twice when eGreece had troubles in suppressing all the revolts in its invaded provinces close to the congressional elections.

- Having an enemy in a strategical position in the Middle East is a threat by itself. Having eCypriots as an enemy can only bring problems in the long term for eTurkey and eGreece. Estrangement of a whole population is never a good idea, as the balance of power in eRepublic is a mercurial mistress.

- As time passes on, more people in eRepublik will hear of the plight of the eCypriots. We have received support from many individuals and groups in various countries, and especially from eTurkey and eGreece. Is the invasion of Cyprus worth making international enemies, and creating internal fractures and discontent?

- Honor and tolerance demands it. In the absence of any economic concerns, it is simply ethically unjustified to keep a country deleted for the sake of it, when its inhabitants want nothing but an everlasting peace.


I am a staunch supporter of the ideal of an independent Cyprus in peace and unison with eGreece and eTurkey. There are no reasons not to make this dream happen besides clinging on to old grudges and simple trolling.

Let us drop our weapons and sign peace. Please accept the olive branch that we offer in friendship and respect, and put an end to this mindless struggle and waste of our time and resources.

Kemal Ergenekon
A Supporter of Independent Cyprus


Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,102, 20:40

First reserved for peace

EpiCourious Day 2,103, 11:48

You mention in your article that you do not know how peace and good relations broke a few months ago. It was treason on behalf of the Cypriot government to support COT just for fun and trolling. I know because I was the Greek CP at the time. I did not strike back with NE and people in Greece became furious with me. As long as you do not have serious govs and cp and the parliament are not trolls peace cannot hold. In the last 6 months when eCyprus had parliament half of the laws was trolling and with no respect to Greece and Turkey. So all this story for international community is bullshit and you know it. Play fair and you will get NAP eventually.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,103, 11:50

You should give us the chance to play fair before asking for it. How does an invaded country "play fair"? By remaining deleted ad infinitum?

EpiCourious Day 2,103, 11:57

I agree with you but I am not currently the CP. I SUPPORT free Cyprus but not with 300 multies created in the last two months that you try to revive the international community as you said. 😛

Komodor64 Day 2,103, 12:11

geçen karşımdan nasıl 250 milyon vurdun lan sen g*tveren.
sonuçta biz siqtiq ama xdxd

Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,103, 11:50

Comment deleted

durito Day 2,102, 20:42


Komodor64 Day 2,102, 20:45


MightAndMagic Day 2,102, 20:54

Güzel yazmışsın ama tutamayacağınız sözler veriyorsunuz panpalar. Unutmayın siz birbirine OÇ diye seslenen varlıklarsınız, verdiğiniz sözleri tutmak lügatınızda bulunuyor mu bir bakın bakalım

festoz Day 2,102, 20:56

verdigi sozu tutmayana orospu cocugu deniyorsa eterenin %60'i orospu cocugudur.

aziz -festoz- nesin

Samboz Day 2,102, 22:55

verdiğimiz sözü tutmasını da iyi biliriz, biz biliriz

Kutluk Bilge Kul antiocha
Kutluk Bilge Kul antiocha Day 2,103, 07:44

hayır biz biliriz.

Komodor64 Day 2,103, 08:25

biz bu sözlerin verileceğini 3 ay önceden haber almıştık.

kurtadamrevolution Day 2,103, 11:28

Bunlar verdikleri sözü tutmayıp üstünde camide içki için grub seks yaptılar.

kurtadamrevolution Day 2,103, 11:29

içip olacaktı edit

festoz Day 2,102, 20:55

taksim everywhere resistance everywhere


also voted.

birakilmiyor Day 2,102, 21:03

Affedersiniz ama biraz yalama makale olmuş. Barış olması en mantıklı sonuç ama biraz daha dik durulabilirdi. Makalede biraz daha aba altında sopa gösterebilirdin Kemal.

An owl.

The Riper
The Riper Day 2,102, 21:30

Panpa all e-Cypriots thank you for your support , but in the same article you are asking for peace ( i admire that ) you are doing a presidential campaign... Thats a bit strange...!

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 2,102, 21:40

al sildim

The Riper
The Riper Day 2,102, 22:19


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 2,102, 23:33

no way!!! , next month i'll run for congress, i'll run for party prezidency, i'll run for presidency and u'll all sing and scream HEIL O'KITTY !!! mouhahahhaha

Isr Heil
Isr Heil Day 2,102, 21:42


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 2,102, 21:59

Voted and signed o7

A kitteh from eCyprus.

mixail95 Day 2,102, 22:10

Cyprus has received support from political parties too.

actualguns Day 2,102, 22:14

tTt Hellas tTt

Megaloxorianos Day 2,102, 22:19

V, don't let anything stand before the righteous cause

Samboz Day 2,102, 22:55

TC Akdeniz'i verecek, Yunan'da Girit'i verecek.

Yaşasın Tam Bağımsız İNCİSTAN


plat0c un ruhu
plat0c un ruhu Day 2,102, 22:57

tTt hellas tTt we can repair to relationships 🙂

Şaka lan ne ılıcam amk gavur yunan dölleri ne cektirdiniz aylarca kıbrıs'a

ElRoi Day 2,102, 22:57

As long as eGreece is ruled by "klika" there is no way out of this situation and speaking for peace and friendship among the two countries is only a non-realistic romantic thought.


Yetlanesi Day 2,102, 23:46

Voted and signed o7

A friend of a kitten from eCyprus.



Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 2,103, 00:16

hahahah Yetlanesi xddd 😘***

pipo lolo
pipo lolo Day 2,102, 23:49


Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 2,103, 00:19

I used to hold Greeks in high regard. Never would I have imagined doing 10's of millions against them for FYROM.

poseidonsr Day 2,103, 07:37

And you want peace after that words ? btw thank you for not naming that country the way your President did !!!

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Day 2,103, 18:25

What would you have me say after Cyprus was forced to claw its way out of Greek occupation? Especially when it seems Greek leadership has no intention of establishing or honoring a peace?

cCc VENOM cCc Day 2,103, 00:40

voted amk adam yazmış lan o3

hipokraft Day 2,103, 04:48

66 Gold, 18 000 BGN, 2 000 Views Free ! ЕДИТ !! Edit !!! Bigger Prices !!

stephen s
stephen s Day 2,103, 07:24


Drawback Day 2,103, 07:44

that is a very good article,
and if you published this instead of that disgusting formal one,many things would be

DoveOfPeace Day 2,103, 07:53

güvercini izinsiz kullanma bidaha, sdp hep yapıyor ayar oluyorum

kthniatros Day 2,103, 08:23

V from a citizen of Cyprus and eCyprus

Asomac Day 2,103, 08:38

voted. You should be Cyprus' Cp.

Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Day 2,103, 08:38


satlak Day 2,103, 08:49

Satlak approves this

Norbengo Day 2,103, 09:01

How about you Turks go back to Turkmenistan and problem solved?

marcelbok Day 2,103, 09:27

voted and signed

The Hierophant V
The Hierophant V Day 2,103, 10:03


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,103, 10:59

Support peace in a war-game??? Meh....

remi.remi Day 2,103, 11:12

Sounds beautiful ~~~

CamiIo Cienfuegos
CamiIo Cienfuegos Day 2,103, 11:29

çal keke çal

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