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- Imperialism for Dummies -

Day 423, 12:44 Published in USA USA by NoneSuch

PEACE GC - "The PEACE Global Community shall be established as a defensive alliance that will pursue peace in good faith."

That is PGC's mission statement taken directly from the wiki. As we all know at this point that is a horrible lie. While PGC continues start resistance wars across the globe, none of them are in "good faith" by anyone's standards. The sole reason behind all these resistance wars is to simply gain them support and potential allies for their war against Atlantis. This is a very difficult situation when it comes to what actions Atlantis should be taking and there isn't any easy solution.

- Imperialism -

"Imperialism is the system of building foreign empires for military and trade advantages or in other words, the practice of extending the power, control or rule by a country over the political and economic life of areas outside its own borders which may be accomplished through military or other means..." - Wikipedia

If Atlantis would just take on a full front against imperialism then we would not be having these problems. PGC could no longer say that they truly fight for peace and Atlantis can the become the only alliance available to nations with good intentions.

- Reasons For Expanding -

No problem exists within eRepublik that cannot be solved through political means. If Nation A needs diamonds and Nation B has diamonds, Nation A doesn't have to take over Nation B. Just set up some sort of deal where Nation A buys from Nation B and then everyone is happy. Prices will eventually even out and in the end it will be as if Nation A and B both have the same amount of diamonds. If Nation B doesn't have the workforce to supply another nation, then look to Nations C-Z, they DO exist.

Let's say Nation A gets bored one day and wants to start a war with someone. Nation A can knock on Nation B's door and invite them to a "War Party." If Nation B agrees then the two can meet one day for an all out brawl and both can go home with smiles on their face. If Nation B says no, then punch Nation B in the face and talk shit behind their back to Nation C. Nation C is usually the drunk nation that you don't want to talk to as much but is always up for war.

- Disclaimer -

I think is a reliable source of information. Please don't actually punch Nation B in the face, but if you do, please apologize.



Jewron Incorporated
Jewron Incorporated Day 423, 12:49

How about Nation J? I say we occupy them and bring them "democracy." Good write up.

NeilP99 Day 423, 13:04

I'm from Nation N. Don't mess with us, we have nukes!

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 423, 13:10

voted NS

Eugene Harlot
Eugene Harlot Day 423, 14:00

I want to be Nation X. X is the coolest letter and brings instant badassness.

Make way for Nation X!

Boss_Khamzi Day 423, 17:54

Fun rating +1

Fighting is fun... more ideas on war games.

Lets start one!!!

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