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[ImmortalS] Announcement

Day 1,984, 16:15 Published in Czech Republic Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by ePece

Dear citizens of Czech Republic,

We inform you that the military unit ImmortalS officially will leave Czech Republic.
Speaking as the ImmortalS unit we have to admit that a lot of positive memories are connected with this country, lot of hard battles, organisations, ups and downs, a lot of emotions...
The only thing that we failed and we take this in our hearts is that we couldn't get the trust in many of you. But as for those that we have get to know, we are very grateful.
We thought that together and with cooperation we could manage a lot more, but for now we can leave that aside.

In the end we would like to thank you for your help, and for the hard time that some of you have given to us. It was a great experience.

We would like to encourage you to address us whenever you need any help, believe us we will always be here for Czech Republic.

p.s. The transition period will not last more than 2 months, in which time none of ImmortalS members will be involved, or pretend on any political position.

Great respect,
Military Unit ImmortalS.

Signed, ePece
exMoFA[x3] of Czech Republic



Felllix Day 1,984, 16:16


ePece Day 1,984, 16:17


buli11 Day 1,984, 16:25


Krt3cek Day 1,984, 23:21

Tak ahoj budete mi chybet 😘

Vladislav Baloun
Vladislav Baloun Day 1,985, 01:42

bych se neradoval, známe tyhle chuje... ještě pryč nejsou

Chodte vsetci do
Chodte vsetci do Day 1,985, 02:39

farewell guys, good luck anywhere you decide to go o7

iTHOR Day 1,985, 04:40

Podpora o7

Drobcek Day 1,985, 13:20

Potpora o7

Wayne Nedorost Day 1,985, 13:25

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