[ilphen] Random Events. A Suggestion!

Day 2,240, 09:06 Published in Denmark Germany by ilphen

Hi there!
I would like to propose a little idea to the eRepublik community, eReplabs and their devteam.

Many of you have probably noticed by now that the game is not really dynamic anymore. There are some big countries who are sitting on their a**** occupying several other countries, enjoying the extra tax income squatting the occasional heavy resistance “fly” that comes around. But basically they do not have to do much to keep that up. There is an alliance in this game which is superior to anyone that turns against it. Now you can either wait for a few months, years until they decide to stop beeing allies and hope for some change. But I do not see that happening in the near future. Hence I would like to see some change in the game which forces people to adapt to a new environment.

I am proposing random events.

Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about:

Say, there is a region and it has oil. Now we take it for granted that it is an unlimited ressource, the oilwells/platforms/whatever are going to pump the black gold out of the ground forever. In my opinion that should be changed, suddenly at one day engineers at the oilwell notice “Oh it’s empty, so sad, but look, so many cows are growing here now, let’s harvest them!”

“Breaking news: --- The oil source in randomregion has been depleted, it now produces cows! --- After tens of thousands of rubbers dying of a weird sickness in anotherrandomregion, oil has been discovered and will now be mined! --- Ironfarmers in againanotherrandomregion are sick and tired of feeding the ironore veins and decided to produce fruit now! ---”

I think you get the idea.

I do not want to change every single region everyday or so, there has to be a balance, maybe something like this:

• 1-2 regions per country/per month change their type of ressource
or maybe 10-15 regions/month randomly selected worldwide

• Needs to be limited to a degree that a country does not end up having one type of ressource in all their regions, say if half of their regions are from a single type it will not receive that ressource with the next event

• Countries that have a big amount of core regions, should have a smaller effect, or less events due to the fact that they could benefit too much from such a change.
e.g. USA has like 50 regions and ending up with having all ressources at some point would be rather unfair compared to countries that have less than 10 core regions.

Yet overall I believe this would create quite a disturbance in the force that binds eRepublik nations together. Suddenly allies could become targets, former enemies could become partners and all of that could change quickly again.

When it comes to coding such a thing, I do not believe it is a hard thing to do. I doubt creating a little event with a news headline and changing the type of ressource in a region in the database would be a big challenge for the devteam. On the other hand I have obviously not seen the database of eRepublik.
I have probably forgotten a few things I wanted to add but it is only a basic idea which can be developed a lot further I believe. I know I would just love to see a change from the static environment we are in right now and any feedback is very welcome. 🙂

I have also created a thread on the forum, I’m guessing if you have suggestions it is easier to do it there.