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[ILP] Country President Candidature ~ February

Day 1,898, 20:03 Published in Ireland Ireland by The Irish William Wallace

The Senior Council of the Independent Labour Party would like to present this February election our nomination for Country President: The Presidential Committee! This revolutionary new-way of administering the office of Country President will forever be known in eIrish history as the Great Democratic Experiment!

The Presidential Committee assumes five Committee Members, one of which acts as Executive Committee Member (MikeBane). Each has one vote, the majority vote ultimately determines what decision will be made. This Committee will sometimes compromise and discuss amongst ourselves possible alternatives and all the options we have for each decision.

The next article we will present around two days time. We will present our stance on current issues. We hope that we can convince you to vote for us on election day and we're just as excited as you to try the Great Democratic Experiment!

Cabinet Members

Executive Committee Member: MikeBane
Committee Members: Ian E Coleman, Cydp, Nogin the Nog, Liam Tatlock, and MikeBane.
Minister of Finance: Appleman
Minister of Defense: Seanan
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Moomoohead
Minister of Community: Winston Hope Smith
Ministry of Immigration: Congress Committee/Discretion

Forever Eire's,
Party Leader MikeBane


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 1,899, 12:32

What will you do when someone declares war on you?
You'll wait 48 hours cause not all CP's were able to come online? x2

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,899, 13:29

All the committee members are online a lot, so there's little to no chance of needing days to make a decision. In the rare event of having to act extremely quickly, we have discussed it and could act without the full committee, but this is likely to be the exception rather than the rule.

Bhane Day 1,899, 13:53

Liam, what is your backup plan for the day Mike goes on tilt and has one of his "moments"? When he does something that hamstrings the nation, how will your committee repair the damage?

I certainly hope your team will be handling all the foreign affairs duties. He can have a wild mood swing in mid-summit and send us inexorably into a war or ruins an opportunity with a potential alliance. Mike has always been prone to semi-bipolar behavior. That unpredictability is not an attribute you want in the person you give the CP mantle to. I sincerely hope you decide on a different person within your team to actually nominate.

At the moment this just seems like pity is driving the ILP to try and get Mike the CP medal he has long craved to get on his resume.

You should not nominate him because you feel sorry for him, you should nominate him because he is the truly the best candidate in your minds. Clearly the party knows he is not, since he has admitted to only getting the nod because other members of the committee declined nominations.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Day 1,899, 17:55

Clearly the party believes in him and supports him entirely. He didn't choose to run himself Bhane, we asked him and he accepted. I'll never accept a position if I know someone else who wants it and can do a better job. All of this judging on a guy who hasn't even had his shot yet. Its kinda sad. If he'd done all these things you think he will it'd be different.

If the ILP loses this election because we chose to support our comrade who founded and has done a great job leading our party, then so be it. But we aren't going to throw some other candidate out there just to win. We as a party have great ideas we'd like to try to change things up, Mike has these ideas as well and we support him. End of story.

moomoohead Day 1,899, 18:17

Good Luck Mike

Bhane Day 1,899, 19:07

Raven you are only 6 months old. I am not judging him before he gets his shot. i am voicing concerns based upon his history and past behavior and past rhetoric. I am judging based on his actions. He has earned every bit of skepticism I have voiced.

He has said he will write an article addressing the issue of his past erratic behavior. I am happy to give him the opportunity to ally my concerns. But the issues are all legitimate, and Mike will write about them.

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,899, 19:56

I've always been loyal to eIreland. I've always considered it home and returned. When I get criticism about the integrity of my character and principles it somewhat upsets me. I want to be able to be given the chance to help out the best way I know how, I had the idea of the Committee because I know I may not be completely experienced to be CP but it's that sum of inexperience that sometimes leads to progressive innovation.

The issues will be addressed.

Bhane Day 1,899, 20:31

I have not questioned your loyalty, or your integrity.

My concerns are only about your erratic and occasionally irrational behavior. It has been pretty easy for people to push your buttons and send you off on pretty extreme tangents, Mike. If a troll got under your skin one day and you went off on one of those tangents before one of your council could reel you in, then things for eIreland could go downhill pretty quickly.

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,899, 20:47

I can assure you completely that I would not damage the reputation of the ILP over a personal feud. That is a promise.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,900, 04:26

Enjoy La Fhéile Bride / Imbolc , eIreland.
It's a great time for fresh perspectives on old problems.
Love the poster.

Patrick O'leary
Patrick O'leary Day 1,900, 06:58

Guys, I have the answer. Myself and MikeBane and Cydp will decide who is president. As the leader of this venture, I will be given 3 votes, Mike and Cydp have 1. Sound fair? Good.

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