***If You Would Hang Me...***

Day 573, 11:21 Published in USA USA by Uncle Sam

I come back to life today for a short moment to present some irony to America, it's people and it's government.

Scrabman Spends 5000 Gold on Foreign War

Did not Congress impeach me for doing the same thing?! We see history repeat itself with Scrabman's actions, only he is investing 10X as much gold for the same reason. Taking Iron away from PEACE... Was that not what I did when investing 432 Gold into taking East Siberian Region from Indonesia?

I do not mean to bring hostility towards Scrabman, but looking at the irony... If you are going to impeach a President for "wasting" 432 Gold (on a mission that was successful btw) then why the change when the offense is 10X worse?

Irony is Fun
-Uncle Sam-
(That Dead Guy)