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[IBC] The Official MU Crisis

Day 1,895, 06:14 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Horatio I

Marian reforms

Over the years our great country has seen many different and varied attempts at a national ‘Army’. Many have been successful, many have been a burden. Upon the destruction of any real economy left in the game, public funding of a national Army(Military Unit) became unsustainable, especially with the introduction of Q6/7 items.

The Legion

So,when our last units to receive direct public funding shut down, a bill was proposed for an Official Military Unit, to receive no funding but simply the endorsement of the eUK Government.
The result of this was The Legion (Originally ESO Legion) being successfully nominated and elected. It is commanded by Carlini8.
Carlini8 has been a vital part of the Ministry of Finance for what feels like a decade.
He successfully raised the eUK’s currency reserves under The Unity Parties’ Talon Karrde to an all time high that mitigated slightly the unsuccessful venture to the Azores.

When it was passed through congress that ,ESO Legion , would now become the ‘Official’ MU of the eUK, Carlini stood down from ESO, foregoing all political ventures he may have had.
Not only that, the MU feed is almost 99.99% clear of any political talk, and anyone who tries to recruit members is quickly shot down (Normally fringe parties with less than 20 members, never have I seen TUP,New Era, UKPP,PCP,ESO ect. attempt to recruit in the MU feed).


Yes, Carlini8 currently has Polish citizenship but this is for one simple reason. Raw Material bonuses. To run the Legion as cost effectively as possible, Carlini needs all the bonuses he can grab his money-making hands on. It makes perfect sense for him to be in Poland.
There is absolutely nothing to imply by his Polish citizenship. Had he moved to a country weary of the eUK and actively fought against the eUK, there would be a point, but he hasn’t so drop the Polish thing.

But Mummy, I want to be official as well!

There seems to be a consensus that the Legion benefits from its role as ‘Official Military Unit of the eUK’. This simply isn’t the truth, let’s have a quick look.

As its apolitical, it receives no funding from any political party, or the government.
In its title as Official, it doesn’t itself advertise directly for new members other than demonstrating to the eUK public what it has been up to, who is doing what damage and further statistics.
Daily Orders are only set to Ministry of Defense orders, not what Captains/Commanders feel like.

In my mind, having a single well funded (and self-sufficient), apolitical and well organised MU to gather up new players, supply them , direct them, teach them and get them to engage in the game how they want is one of the eUK’s most successful ideas ever implemented.

Two Examples (Extremely simplified);
New Player A is born the eUK, He reads that its a good idea to join the Legion, he receives supply and reaches level 25, he joins Party Y because he feels he likes their pretty colours/Kittens/Shiny Things. He develops his own understanding of the game and goes on to enjoy a prosperous career as a lovely eUK’er.

New Player B is born in the eUK, he receives a private mail from Party X, They say he must join their party so he can join Military Unit X, there is no other way if he wants to grow strong. Party X is the best party because party X cares about New Players/Kittens/Shiny Things. Player B joins Party X and is quickly indoctrinated, or worse disheartened by the parties policies. He feels he has had no choice, and that the game is limited in opportunity and actually, full of crap talking ‘political parties’ so bids adieu to the eUK/eRepublik.

Guardians of United Kingdom Policy?

To be fair, its early days, policy hasn’t been refined but here would be my policy about a National MU/Funding.

[ - ] One Single Official Military Unit, and this should remain as the Legion. Carlini and others have done a fantastic job and there is absolutely no reason they shouldn’t continue to do so.
[ - ] All other MUs are free to be politically aligned, do what they wish, but may not declare themselves ‘Official’ as it will confuse new players and I consider this subversive behaviour towards the eUK.
[ - ] No MU may approach a player under level 25 to recruit them, apart from the Legion [Or the Official MU at the time]. The Legion will make it clear the New Player is not obliged to join the Legion and has a free choice and will show them the page where they can choose.

Comments from the following article -

The following really shows Don for the absolute narrow minded fool he often portrays himself as.

I also invite you to join The eUK Forums.

Crede quod habes, et habes.
Legatus Legionis ,
Horatio I

*All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of The Guardians of United Kingdom.


Jamie2721 Day 1,895, 09:17

so if there is no benefit to being official then there is no disadvantage of becoming unofficial

Horatio I
Horatio I Day 1,895, 09:30

The benefit is to the eUK in having a single gathering point for all new people, should the Legion loose its 'Official' title I'm sure Carlini won't loose any sleep over it, yet it is simply the most organised and hard hitting MU, why change what is working?

Novarefuge Day 1,895, 15:01

Yess. made the article!

On Guard!

FragUK Day 1,896, 07:15

[ - ] No MU may approach a player under level 25 to recruit them, apart from the Legion [Or the Official MU at the time]. The Legion will make it clear the New Player is not obliged to join the Legion and has a free choice and will show them the page where they can choose.

wtf ? I have Div1 members in my MU and we at Tank Nation look after then fine thanks.

D I W Day 1,896, 07:22

Agree with FragUK D1 players only allowed to be messaged by Legion. What Stupidity

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,896, 07:48

I think his intent was that players under 25 should be free from the force-join requests of party-related MU's (much as the NHS was initially conceived to perform), rather than block other non-affiliated MU's.

Also had a good laugh at Novarefuge's comment = D

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,896, 07:54

I agree with FragUK and D I W. "No MU may approach a player under level 25 to recruit them, apart from the Legion [Or the Official MU at the time]." is not a sound policy for new citizen retention in my opinion.

I'd have to see some pretty well researched evidence to believe an "official" military unit is better than any of the other eUK military units (political or not-aligned) at retaining new citizens.

As Commander of the Free British Irregulars I also have Div 1 members in the unit and they don't have to join the Workers' Rights Party and are well looked after and supported (if not supplied) even if they leave the unit.

Horatio I
Horatio I Day 1,896, 11:10

It's about consistency and reducing confusion. There's always a chance they get recruited by a MU who does jack for them and leaves them wanting more. Remember what it was like first joining eRepublik, you get overwhelmed by choice, have clear instructions for new people rather than saying;

You can the following 25 MUs 🙂 Good luck chump!

surferdude Day 1,896, 22:35

I used to be in party x

kdoggroundtwo Day 1,897, 06:25

As others have said the only Legion can recruit new people thing is a horrible idea.

All it would really do is damage smaller MUs as the only way to recruit would be poaching(what is a bad thing even if every party with an MU does it) what is unlikely after the time spent leveling to 25 the members are being told to join what ever party they joined MUs and them already being comfortable in the "official" MU.

And just like when joining a random MU theres a chance the MU won't help them and leave them for dead, theres also a chance with larger MUs they go unnoticed and get left behind.


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