Hug a hungarian - project

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First of all I would like to thank those who voted for my last article. I love u 😘 

Some context

All started when Greece helped Hungary to declare its love for Romania

As compensation, Hungary helped Greece flee Romania, defeating Macedonia and Spain in Saudi Arabia

But happiness didn't last long because reinforcements arrived

Feeling betrayed by Pacifica, Hungary left the alliance and went out in search of new friends

in Asteria

in Andes

in Orion

🎼 My only friend, the end 🎼

That's why I decided to start the "Hug an hungarian proyect"

Nobody deserves this in Valentine's Day
(Yes, I know there are about 10 min left until the end of the day, but it's hard to make this kind of article in less than a day, just imagine that I published this about 15 hours ago)

- Just leave a comment with the name of the user you want to hug and I will make a gif with you two
- You have 24 hours from the publication of this article
- The hungarian user with more hugs will receive a mysterious gift