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Day 1,816, 02:49 Published in Pakistan Serbia by Shin Gouki

Citizens of ePakistan,


As you all know that The State Bank of ePakistan has been looted by the so-called lions of ePakistan who enjoy their ever so long beauty sleep. These self proclaimed "LIONS" are assuming that ePakistan is their "MAMAY KI KHAIT" (Uncle's Fields) and they can consume her resources at their own will and for their own benefit.

I ask my self proclaimed "LION" friends, who are you to decide whether the finances of ePakistan are safer in your personal accounts or whether they are safer in national organizations? How will you provide us with accountability and prove to the people that the nation's hard earned money is not misused for your own personal needs? Can it be possible that the self proclaimed "LIONS" are consuming these funds for their own benefits?

In my personal opinion and according to the English dictionary, a thief is someone who steals something that does not belong to him/her. As the Head of Congress and the representative of the people of ePakistan, I demand the answers to be provided to the ePakistani people to where our funds have gone, this includes the Gold and the currency provided by the eSerbian Government for the lost MPPs. Unless justification and reasoning is provided to the people and accountability of each and every penny has completed, I request our self proclaimed "LIONS" to consider themselves thieves in the eyes of the people. This is not another bashing session. Policy and I have reconciled our differences and we respect our individual views. However, This is a matter of the funds of ePakistan which need to be restored.

On a lighter note, I pay tribute to Allama Iqbal as today is Iqbal Day and hope all of our friends are enjoying the National Holiday.

Shin Gouki
Head of Congress

☪☪☪ PRIDE ☪☪☪ POWER ☪☪☪ PAKISTAN! ☪☪☪




Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,816, 02:54

o/ loins

TheJakal Day 1,816, 02:56

Voted! Pakistan Zindabad

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,816, 02:56


Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,816, 03:03

O.o (^-^) o.O

Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Day 1,816, 03:22

yep. they are more safe when passwords has been changed and only 2 ppl knows them. : D

we shared the password with atleast 5 different ppl who were not even in goverment.

you guys are telling everyone that you got robbed. what i am asking is whats your proof.

you guys change the passwords and then make the screen shots to make your articles.

Geo tv zindabad : P

Last Son of Krypton
Last Son of Krypton Day 1,816, 03:24

please give every bit of gold and cc to PDP members to get more votes and supports for your party.

what about the other peoples who are not in your party????

jakal should be ashmed of himself, by using goverment funding to support his party

its the same thing, which zardari is doing.

vrsoldiers Day 1,816, 03:44

hmm... voted m waiting for a nice debate!!!

Shin Gouki
Shin Gouki Day 1,816, 04:10

We request the Governor of The State Bank of Pakistan to defend himself and clear the accusations which have been stapled to his designation. dodial has admitted to the fact that funds were relocated and these funds were moved unconstitutionally. The question remains, Where is the money? Why did you move it? Who are you to decide without the approval of the CP and the Congress?

St0L3n1 Day 1,816, 09:42

Quoting few lines from #ePakistan chat session making things clear that who took the money and what he or them thinking.

"[17:24] <&dodial> i am still the constitutional treasurer.. it is my responsibility to protect the public resources
01[17:24] <TheJakal> who made you the constitutional treasurer?
[17:25] <&dodial> .k TheJakal"

Awaiting answer

Cont ...

St0L3n1 Day 1,816, 09:46

I read the complete constitution of epakistan and I didn't see anything quoted there as any individual is protector or anything it clearly said that

"Minister of Finance can give the approval to Governor of State Bank in regards use of funds according to the budget with permission of the President."

This is my 3rd term as a MOF. And I didn't approve anything like that. Infact I got the complete info related to SBP in this term.

Count ....

St0L3n1 Day 1,816, 09:50

Back to #ePakistan chat session.

"[17:23] <TheJakal> kualkerr they emptied SBP
[17:23] <TheJakal> moved it to SSG Aresenal
[17:23] <TheJakal> and than emptied that today
[17:23] <TheJakal> 815 gold gone
[17:24] <&Annihilator10> Professional thiefs i must say xD
[17:24] <&dodial> tu aur lagar bagar ke haath laganay dain.."

Highlight:- "17:24] <&dodial> tu aur lagar bagar ke haath laganay dain"

So by the chat I can assume that the transaction is made by "dodial"

Count ...

St0L3n1 Day 1,816, 10:00

Now there is nothing personal but very simple but bit harsh questions.

dodial: Constitution of ePakistan is not made for individual, you serv ePakistan well but you are not excluded from it neither you are above of it. So why did you move the gold/cc from SBP to SSG & then in some personal account?

Before you come answer with the answers like "I am the protector or something" I humbly request you to read constitution

Policy Day 1,816, 10:10

Oi Mullah eRepublik-Aovallullah, you're a cancer.

TheJakal Day 1,816, 10:42

Virus, him and his multis spread like a virus!

ecoo36 Day 1,816, 14:03

dodial you stupid person i pay taxes in market give my money back or i kill you

Aamir1khan Day 1,816, 14:33

Voted Hard! LOL

LogicIsEveryWhere Day 1,817, 07:05

lol@lagar bagar : D

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Day 1,817, 11:55

(????) *-*

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