[Govt of eBelgium] Weekly Update: Day 1,208

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Quick Note: Mitte was having difficulties with keeping up with her workload so I agreed to write this for her. I’m not entirely sure what to do, so I guess we’ll just see how it goes. I’ve had a quick look round the forums for the info. I didn’t have time to find absolutely everything, but I did the best I could.

Mittekemuis “asking” me to write this.

Anyway, on to the article…

[Govt of eBelgium] Weekly Update: Day 1,208

This is going to be an article that, as you’ve probably already guessed, will be published weekly. Its main purpose is to keep the public informed about what the various ministries are doing and planning over the next month.

This will hopefully be a very useful article for you so that you all know exactly what the government is doing (well, at least as much as I can find out).

Country President
ThomasRed has had a promising start to his term, with all his ministers doing very well. He has also lead various other projects such as the training war with the Netherlands, and he has also produced a new citizen message (although it needs updating due to images no longer working) and has proposed MaryamQ as a speaker for congress.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Chris has been in contact with leaders in the Americas and is currently making a report on PANAM affairs after an "interesting few weeks" in the alliance. Meanwhile, Mitte has kept up her general contacts from all over the place including a meeting with the Polish CP on Thursday I believe.

They have also helped ThomasRed to organize a training war with the Netherlands, which you can read more about by clicking here.

Ministry of Home Affairs
There’s not a huge amount to do in terms of citizenship requests at the moment, but Bertie has published a couple of articles, and has been looking for suggestions for improvements in immigration policy and has generally been very enthusiastic about it. Elynea has also got to work by sending out daily messages to newcomers. Overall, a very promising start despite the lack of a minister.

Ministry of Defense
After the drama of last month, Temujin and the rest of the High Command are preparing to settle back down and concentrate on things like recruitment, retention and supply. Main projects are to start organizing some more IRC strikes (obviously the rebellion didn’t exactly help with this) and despite some very disappointing initial projections for the communes, to try and sort out the supply system so that the soldiers get the most out of the money congress gives them and have supplies avaliable for the upcomming training war with the Netherlands.

Ministry of Finance
Jofroi has been busy with all sorts of financey-type things such as a proposal for a new military budget as well as a more generalized system for the national budget as a whole. He has also continued to monitor the Monetary Markets and enforce the peg from last term.

Ministry of State Companies
There’s been quite a bit of controversy over this ministry recently, but nothing’s gone horribly wrong so far. Slivever has assesed the situation of all the State's orgs and companies and created a plan of action for each. These should be put into action over the next few days.

Ministry of Justice
NLSP intends to continue his work on the constitution, though the new ideas that are gaining popularity have delayed the process a bit. He also intends to discuss the Supreme Court and then possibly start a search for a new justice to replace me.

That’s pretty much it. Hopefully Mitte will be able to do it more properly next week (she’d better as I’m not going to be here 😛 ).

Cabinet Spokesperson

Other Cabinet Spokesperson

ThomasRed has just reminded me that he is still looking for a Minister of Home Affairs. If you are interested, or just want a bit more info about what that involves, contact him here.