[GOV] Welcome to the Federal Republic of South East Asia!

Day 637, 16:24 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Prime Minister's Department

Ladies and gentlemen, after two rounds of polling (see: 1st and 2nd) we finally have a winner. While the game will still label the union as 'Malaysia', the chosen official name of our country from today is:

Federal Republic of South East Asia

as the result of the poll was the following:
1. Federal Republic of South East Asia - 47 points
2. Confederation of South East Asia - 40 points
3. Union of South East Asia - 34 points

I'd like to apologize for the typo I made at option b, in the poll (leaving South out from Confederation of South East Asia). I hope it was still clear what I wanted to write there and that it didn't influence the poll.

And what implications does this name change have? It simply means that in their official mailings cabinet members will refer to the country with this name and official government newspapers, organizations and so on will be named with taking this new official name into account. I'd also like to take up on the suggestion of Ramos Sanchez which you can find in a comment: here.
By the spirit of that idea I'd like to ask everyone to refer to the country as FRSEA or the Union or the Federal Republic when you don't want to use the full name and call the citizens as Maithais collectively. Maithai works great as an adjective, too. Though of course other versions are also welcome.🙂

We will have one last task on this field. Setting up a procedure for requesting a name change. I think that a rule about having to collect the signatures of x congress members and y other citizens to initiate a new poll would work fine. I'll start a discussion on this on the forums.

Also hopefully now that we have settled for this new official name we can finally have a new forum up and running very soonish. And I'd like to thank everyone who submitted a suggestion for the name and/or voted in the polls later.

Best regards,