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[GOV] The Door is Now Open

Day 1,888, 22:25 Published in Malaysia Malaysia by Social Office of eMalaysia

Dear citizen of eMalaysia,

We heard a lot, some of you dissatisfied when an individual get all the fame from the distribution of government money. From now on the Social Office of eMalaysia will do all the social work including citizen analysis, welfare prgram, and we will cooperate with other government department in order to bring eMalaysia to a better live. Every data regarding new players will be collected from Ministry of Internal Affairs and we will determine which player are safe to be helped and which one is a multies. Now the door is open. You can contact our office to register into the next welfare program. If interested, you may join our team by PM our minister, JUJAI23.

Training Booster for Newbies

During training it is advisable to train with using 0.19 gold. By doing that you will gain your strength much faster plus u get some gold out of it.

Lets calculate.

Without gold.

Gain 5 strength
extra 1 strength day 1 to day 4
extra 5 strength day 5

(6 strength x 4 day) + ( 10 strength x 1 day) = 30 every 5 days
250 / 30 x 5 = 41.65.

About 42 days to gain Super Soldier Medal (5 gold reward)

With training 0.19 god

Gain 7.5 strength
extra 1 strength day 1 to day 4
extra 5 strength day 5

(8.5 strength x 4 day) + ( 12.5 strength x 1 day) = 46.5 every 5 days
250 / 46.5 x 5 = 26.88.

About 27 days to gain Super Soldier Medal (5 gold reward)

What do u aspect next. Next is upgrading your training center during erepublik promotion. They will give up to 45% less cost to upgrade your training center. Dont miss it!

Here some example after upgrading training center.

Lets Calculate

With training 0.19 gold

Gain 22.5 strength
extra 1 strength day 1 to day 4
extra 5 strength day 5

(23.5 strength x 4 day) + ( 27.5 strength x 1 day) = 121.5 every 5 days
250 / 121.5 x 5 = 10.28.

About 10 days to gain Super Soldier Medal (5 gold reward)

It only cost 10 x 0.19 = 1.9 gold. Its totally worth it.

Spread this info and vote this up so that everyone can see this

Credit : RyuYuki



JUJAI23 Day 1,888, 22:30

First denied

Nerzhu1 Day 1,888, 22:45

DO they register the welfare to you JUJAI23?

Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,888, 22:55 the next generation!

syd de mizar
syd de mizar Day 1,889, 23:18

is more easy if you use this tool


RyuYuki Day 1,889, 00:06

Patut la macam kenal je...😛

mhifzan Day 1,889, 00:40

buat dwi bahasa LOL

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,889, 05:04

i need financial support for training 🙂

MiVEX Day 1,889, 08:38


Rudywi Day 1,889, 18:14

bahasa melayu tidak ada ?

JUJAI23 Day 1,889, 20:04

a Bahasa Melayu article will be came out soon

zeropercent Day 1,890, 03:26

thank you / terima kasih

Firebourne Day 1,890, 11:46

Twelfth denied.

JUJAI23 Day 1,890, 21:56

twelfth also want to deny eh?

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