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[Gnilraps4PP]Stronger Party, Stronger Nation

Day 1,910, 09:30 Published in USA USA by Gnilraps

Party President Platform
Day 1,910 of the New World
11 February, 2013

Hear ye, Hear ye!

The Federalist Party Presidential Race has begun.

In lane 1 is Duncan Crowe. Clearly an early favorite, Mr. Crowe is coming off of two spectacular terms of service as Federalist Party President. There isn’t a single Fed I know who wouldn’t love to see him continue as Party President. Duncan Crowe is p/h.

In lane 2 is Exploration (soon to be known as EnterAwesome pending her name change). She has the support and guidance of her good friend Henry Pfeiffer Arundel so she must also be considered a front runner. But more than just having friends in high places, she also comes equipped with a plan. Her promise to get involved in the workings of Easy Company is a major move after months and months of Fed Party Presidents who have pretty much just left EZC alone. The Federalists would surely thrive under her leadership. She is by all means p and h.

In lane 3 is Paul Proteus. “PP for PP” was his motto last time he ran and won the Party Presidency. It’s just too good an idea not to try again. And PP has the personality to be a very good President. I regard him as one of the engines that drives the “fun factor” on our Forum. I would expect a Proteus Presidency to be full of fun and success. PP is also very p/h.

And in lane 4 is yours truly, Gnilraps for Federalist Party President. Yes, I’ve done this 4 times before (more if you count my time as PP of WTP). And yes, my previous terms as Federalist Party President were all very successful by any measure. But they are such ancient history that most of our currently active Federalists probably do not even know me as a former PP. I am mostly seen in the Party as the dude with the credit card in EZC.

Let the Federalist Party know that I am racing for the Presidency with a very clear agenda which will benefit our Party now and over the coming 6 months at least. I will lay out my plans herewith.

Public Policy
If we asked the general (eRe)publik what the Federalist stance on CoT is, how many would know the answer? Does the Federalist Party even have an official stance on CoT? Does the Federalist Party have an official stance on National Bonuses? What about Defense spending and the Congressional Budget?

As long as I have been a Federalist, our Party has never developed a public voice on the issues. We have always had decent writers who have espoused their personal opinions. But when it comes to issues of national importance, our Party has always been silent. We are fairly noisy about how much fun we have, which is always good. I mean, everyone knows we are p/h, right?

I want to develop a publicly accessible platform for our Party so that voting Federalist means more than just casting a vote for one social circle over another. So as Party President, I will be working to give words to an official public platform for our Party.

Individual Federalists will surely at times disagree with one plank or another, but they will all be encouraged to get more involved in our intra-Party discussions so as to help shape those planks in the future. My first goal – to establish an official Party Platform on current national issues – will create an atmosphere of greater involvement and a deeper sense of purpose for our Party.

We will still be more fun than any other Party, but we will also be leading where it counts, in shaping public opinion.

Public Image

My second goal as Party President is to increase the flow of Federalist ideals into the eUS Forum.

Every time our Party gets criticized for being insular and disengaged from the eUS Forum dialogue, we tend to get defensive about it and we fail to hear the truth behind those criticisms. True, they are usually aimed at us by people who don’t really care about us. But I care about us a whole lot, and now I am going to say it: We are too insular and disengaged from the eUS Forum dialogue.

I will never be a proponent of moving our Forum presence onto the eUS Forum. So nobody panic. Instead, what I want to see us do is increase our presence in the eUS Forum. I want to see us use our awesome private Forum as grounds for discussion about what is happening at the national level. On our own Forum we can grind our way through the issues while helping to give voice to our younger players who are usually less well-informed and afraid to post much on the eUS Forum for fear of receiving one of the smack-downs which the eUS Forums are famous for. (Wow that is an atrociously run-on sentence.)

As Federalist Party President, I will be raising the expectations on our other leaders to increase their activity on the eUS Forum, and to take a leadership role in bringing those discussions into our Forum for the benefit of new members. This increased activity will raise the political consciousness of our people and will result in the formation of high quality future congressmen and congresswomen. It will also help to spread the good news of Federalism throughout the eUS Forum, possibly resulting in some Party Growth beyond the efforts of our Recruitment department.

Public Attraction

Finally, I would like to grow as a Party. Being the top-ranked non-PTO party is great. It’s time to take aim at being the top Party overall.

As Federalist Party President, I will be making every effort to increase the membership of our Party ingame, and especially in Forum. We have been given an awesome legacy as Federalists, and it is the job of each one of us to be good stewards of that legacy.

So as Federalist Party President, I will be focused on the size of our Party, and will work to make it grow.

I can be trusted to deliver on this last promise, since everything I have ever done in this game has resulted in growth. I do not want to divulge my plans for recruitment and growth here in my public newspaper. I will instead be leading discussion about such things, first with my cabinet.

Leadership of the Party for Leadership of the Nation

In summation, the Gnilraps Campaign for Federalist Party President is about “Leadership of the Party for Leadership of the Nation.” It is a basic tenet of Federalism that our Party is not then end, it is the means to serving the ultimate end that our Nation become ever stronger, wealthier, and more secure. The Federalist Party is the means, not the end.

So vote for Gnilraps to see a stronger eUSA grow out of a stronger Federalist Party. Together, let's raise more "raised right men".
You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


bigcdizzle Day 1,910, 09:39

Voted hard. P/H


Tiacha Day 1,910, 09:44

Who is your cabinet btw? Hard to vote without knowing, as someone brought up earlier. Especially now that you are a frontrunner, I think its all the more important for members to know.

Good luck

Malarkey83 Day 1,910, 09:44



Gnilraps Day 1,910, 09:51

@Tiacha - working on that.

fingerguns Day 1,910, 10:05

Her name is Exploration right now. She's going back to Enterawesome.

GL Gnil! Looking forward to cabinet lists n junk lol


Gnilraps Day 1,910, 10:21

Thanks fg - I repaired that in the article.

Thedillpickl Day 1,910, 10:39

Tried to vote for you but couldn't. 😃:D

fingerguns Day 1,910, 10:42


stewy Day 1,910, 11:23

4 good candidates, it's a good month to be Fed.

gl Gnil

ugura Day 1,910, 12:22

good luck Gnilraps

DW.Frost Day 1,910, 13:18

The public policy section is something necessary.

Voted Gnil

Zoli Day 1,910, 13:22

It is such a hard decision. Only StKrems and Gaius Julius could make this race most interesting.

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,910, 16:32

Good luck.

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Day 1,910, 19:21

I find it humorous about everyone's concern about announcing a cabinet on the party level. Peeps chill its not CP for God's sake.

The Hierophant V
The Hierophant V Day 1,911, 04:50

Agreed. It makes me feel like platforms don't even make a difference -- there's a distinct difference between Gnil's platform and the rest. Personally, that's what won my vote.

Magnanimous Day 1,911, 23:13

My vote is won

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