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[GBDP] 8th February Meeting Summary

Day 1,907, 14:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by CheetahCurtis
Note: Will Corbett, the GBDP spokesperson, usually releases these article but I will be releasing this one after Will Corbett could not make the meeting.

Friday the 8th of February, and another Great British Democratic Party meeting was held. We had jny123, Bob Bloggs, Novarefuge, Jamie Carter and CheetahCurtis attending, with Will Corbett popping in for a minute. A range of topics were discussed and a summary can be found in this article.

In the current eUK situation our party came to the conclusion that taxes should stay at roughly the same rate as they are at the moment. We believe that taxes should not lower or else the government will not raise enough money to increase funding after the recent war, but we cannot damage our economy even further by raising taxes too high. This is the current opinion of a majority of our party.

Building of the Factory
Not long ago, jny123 posted an article to state that he wanted to build a factory for the people of the eUK. The current state of funds is looking good and we are raising money at a good rate. We have planned how we shall raise more money and hope we can eventually set up the high-quality factory. If you want to donate to the funds, send your money or gold to Bob Bloggs.

GBDP Trivia Quiz
It was briefly mentioned in the meeting, and we shall be holding a Great British Democratic Party trivia quiz which will be open to all members of our party. More information will come in an article shortly so stay tuned to find out more.

This is likely to be the last meeting of my PP term. But as you can see, it has been a great success as we have brought people together and given everyone in the party a chance to express their views on various topics. You can read the summary's of both previous discussions here:
18th January Discussion
27th January Discussion

And thanks to jny123, Novarefuge, Jamie Carter, Bob Bloggs and Will Corbett for attending.

This article was written by CheetahCurtis on the 8th of February 2013. Please subscribe for more great tips and info.


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