[Garmr] Plans

Day 2,602, 10:12 Published in Netherlands Poland by Garmr

Dear fellow citizens,

I intend to be taking care of business.

Foreign Affairs:
- Negotiate an agreement with Hungary for their occupation of Southern and Western Netherlands. We have been good friends with them in the past, even loaning them 200g during the mighty battle of Hello Kitty. I believe we should restore our old ties to them.
- Increase regional stability and cooperation. A focus on increased diplomacy with Spain, Norway and France, while maintaining good relations with Belgium, UK and Germany. It is key for all smaller western European nations to maximalize our influence on larger neighboring nations through combined diplomatic and military effort.

- On a meta-level, our citizens do not receive as much information on the battles we fight as the cabinet could give. There will be daily articles with an explanation regarding the importance of the battle and how the outcome would influence the world.
- Irc-activity directly ties into the community feeling that keeps people engaged in erepublik. The exact setup is still in the works, but soldiers will be more engaged and more rewarded through presence on irc.

Home Affairs:
- Moving away from looking for reasons to not accept an application, I want to decline all citizenship applications unless there is a very good reason to accept them. Many countries are being Balkanized and once that happens it is a long run to get them out again.
- Writing a new lawbook will also be started and finished during this term. The current version is full of loopholes and sections can be interpreted in multiple ways. We need clarity to prevent bickering between parties and to create equality for all citizens.

In the bigger picture, there can be all kinds of events that require us to take appropriate action when they happen. I am confident I will provide the best possible outcome, and I already see things brewing that might turn this in quite the eventful term! Rest assured that when matters become more certain, there will be full transparancy and discussion before any important decisions are made.