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[FR/EN] How to win the game / Quoi faire pour gagner?

Day 1,825, 18:25 Published in Canada Canada by SpockPQ

1. Do not try to be self-sufficient by trying to produce all what you need. Just try to make as much money as possible and use the free market to get what you need at the lower cost. Also, let the free market tells you what to produce for a maximum profit.

2. Do not give rewards for daily orders, as Plato already does that. Few tanks don't make a big difference when you already get an energy bar and a bazooka. Just give fewer but bigger rewards for players that pull this blue bar on the right side exactly when needed and with considerable means considering their rank.

3. Do not try to maximize government revenues and to plan everything. Just take enough money to sign MPPs and to give the rewards above mentioned.

4. Experienced & rich players should help young players by donating them some stuff and money through true charity. Most importantly, they should teach them how to get rich and experienced.

1. N’essayez pas de devenir auto-suffisant en produisant tout ce dont vous avez besoin. Tentez seulement de faire le plus d’argent possible et servez vous du marché pour obtenir ce dont vous avez besoin au plus faible coût. Aussi, laissez le marché vous dire quoi produire en maximisant votre profit.

2. Ne donnez pas de récompenses pour les ordres du jour, puisque Platon le fait déjà. Quelques tanks ne font pas une grosse différence quand vous obtenez déjà un bazooka et une barre d’énergie. Donnez simplement des récompenses plus rarissimes mais surtout plus généreuses aux joueurs qui tirent cette fichu barre bleue le plus à droite possible exactement quant c’est requis et avec des moyens considérables considérant leur rang.

3. N’essayez pas de maximiser les revenus du gouvernement et de tout planifier. Prélevez seulement l’argent nécessaire pour signer les MPPs et pour donner les récompenses ci-haut mentionnées.

4. Les joueurs riches et expérimentés devraient aider les jeunes joueurs en leur donnant items et argent via des actes de vraie charité. Plus important, ils devraient leur enseigner comment devenir riches et expérimentés.


===>>> I want to go to congress / Je veux aller au congrès



Shoi12 Day 1,825, 18:37

True way to win: log off, never return.

Saves you time and money 🙂

Plugson Day 1,825, 18:50

So give all the good stuff to rich and experienced players that do targeted strikes and hope that they are charitable enough to throw a bone to the new and developing players that don't purchase Gold.

Sounds like a recipe for V1 CAF.

SpockPQ Day 1,825, 18:53

I disagree.

With the new division system, young players are now much more important than before. And I choose the words "with considerable means CONSIDERING THEIR RANK".

SpockPQ Day 1,825, 18:55

And I've never bought gold since my e-birth in 2009 (but I must admit that I have lost plenty of time here... 😮) ).

TheBurningMan Day 1,825, 19:01

True way to win: log off, never return x2

SpockPQ Day 1,825, 19:05

And for the charity, this was how it worked when I was with my french MU (CHILLAX). Each time a experienced player got a BH medal, he put 0.5 gold in a fund to help all the palyers of the MU.

Plugson Day 1,825, 19:07

Okay, I see this is a rough sketch of ideas and specifics like how to coordinate players across various divisions. I would applaud those that have the capacity to organize such an endeavour, on the one hand, and feel sorry for the amount additional time lost, on the other

I guess it makes sense to start dividing players into elites according to their commitment to the game~might be easier, in the end, than trying to spread things out + lifting a greater amount of people up a notch or two

Plugson Day 1,825, 19:09

MU fund from donated BH sounds like a good idea. A voluntary program would be good. Enforcing it with supply cuts or getting the boot would be a pain to implement after an MU is already established.

It would be the smart way to establish self-supply instead of waiting for govt. funding.

SpockPQ Day 1,825, 19:12

A VAT at 20% would also divide players into two class : those who are member of the clique and get subsidized guns, and those who just want to buy guns on the market and fight for their country.

SpockPQ Day 1,825, 19:15

A VAT at 10% is just the sweet spot between the government-funded supply system and the good old free market.

Plugson Day 1,825, 19:25

We have 6 very new MPPs and 3 fresh ones signed by tomorrow, and our treasury is at 87933.

That leaves us with almost 60k after almost one month of 10% VAT (minus about 30k that was burned in very new MPPs a couple weeks ago).

Let's say we want 10 MPPs per month. That leaves us with roughly 80-100k CAD per month.

You can't have govt-funded supply system on that. You could offer small bursaries for WRM upgrades for MUs, and that's about it.

Plugson Day 1,825, 19:30

At least not a very effective supply system with the current MU Funding scheme. It would need to be radically reshaped. The 10% VAT came too abruptly and Congress would need to devise a better funding model if it wishes to keep MUs on govt funding.

The 20% VAT is being called for mainly because the current MU Funding Act necessitates high taxes. Arguing for 10% VAT will have little traction while there is such a heavy demand on taxes for MU Funding. Change Funding Act, then change taxes

SpockPQ Day 1,825, 19:35

If there is a problem with the funding act, it could be changed.

Mason Grey
Mason Grey Day 1,826, 03:32

With the new division system, young players are now much more important than before. And I choose the words "with considerable means CONSIDERING THEIR RANK".

In response to that, they aren't as much important. As their contribution is only 1 point I believe. The 5 points of Div 4 is more important than that. 😕

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,826, 13:48

if you look at the points alone... maybe... but more players fall into the D3 D4, which makes the lower divisions the toss up divisions... which can gain large numbers of points...

as far as new players .. they are more important, mainly because if not trained and welcomed properly they will be those useless 2 clickers with low STR and goals... and if all of eCanada's D4 was based on those players it would be useless... however we have knowledgable players and they are helping train our...

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Day 1,826, 13:49

future soldiers so eCan will only get better... young players are the future, until they reject assistance and chose the path of the 2 click non-motivated player... and that doesnt mean they need to be a VISA player... just one with vision and a goal in mind

Chochi Day 1,827, 15:31

I agree with the first two-third of point 1 and point 4. I disagree about the rest, in some cases quite a bit.

For your first point, I wouldn't get too tied up on market demands. It says that everyone wants Q7 weapons. No surprise there. But a Q7 company is outrageously expensive. Players should focus on the most efficient companies first in terms of return on investment and then, if you're rich and don't mind wasting some gold, in terms of energy savings.

SpockPQ Day 1,827, 16:52


Low Q weapons are not profitable TO FABRICATE (you're better to sell the raw material you are producing and buy Q5-Q7 weapons instead of making Q1-Q3).

For weapons:
- Raw material requirements increase with Q, so does the fabrication cost
- Damage output increase with Q^2, so does the price on the market (except for Q1...)

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