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Hello Eire!

Hopefully you took a break from 'Espresso with Warbhoy' series and recharged your batteries because we're back in big fashion. My today's guest is MightAndMagic, one of the most fameous tanks from lower divisions. He's so strong in Division 2 that his hit often changes the outcome of the battles and without his hit being done any country would find it hard to win the battle. He makes others fight stronger and he does it in a lethal way.

He's not only a tank, he's much more than that. Being involved in so many events which happened, so many Turkish Governments and other projects he surely is one of the most important players of this game. Some of decisions he made changed the game to what we have today. He's a Turkish bro, MaM!

Q1) Hello MightAndMagic, your nickname has been one of my favourite ones in Erepublik since the day I saw it. Is there any specific story behind it? What about you in real life? Who is MaM?

Hello my friend. My name is Erkan. I'm a mechanical engineer. I'm 31 years old, living in Istanbul/Turkey. My nickname comes from a game with the same name ''Might And Magic''. I was a fan of that game before I start playing eRepublik. Not playing for a long time. #blameerepublik

Q2) You've been a soldier, MU leader, politician, important person to talk with, but the first impression people get when someone says your name is that massive hit you're able to do. You have, by far, the strongest hit in Division 2 of all Erepublik, which means you're often able to be a decisive part in the important battles. How does that feel?

Im playing in lower divisions for more than 6 years. As soon as the divison concept is introduced, I have adapted fast. I can say Im used to be the one of players who decides the faith of battle.

Q3) You're one the creators of Dream Team, it's a MU designed to rule the lower divisions and for a long time it really did that. It was impossible to win without you guys. Do you miss those times? What can you tell us about that period?

I can say Dream Team is one the reasons that Maverick Pack is introduced. There were a few organized MU which were almost unbeatable in lower divisions. Plato needed to adapt. He had 2 choice, imo. Either remove Infantry Kit or bring another pack to make IK useless. I guess the choice was easy for him. It was indeed interesting times back then. But I don't miss it, I'd rather plan the future.

Q4) You and Ireland have a very special relations, first we were good friends, then you got mad over something I honestly forgot about and tried to MTO us, but after that MTO attempt time past and you became one of our nicest allies. What's your opinion on Ireland? How do you see relations between our two countries?

It isn’t always easy to be a member of Turkish society. We had too many civil wars in past. There was a time I was tired fighting in civil wars that I decided to leave Turkey with my friends. We were looking for a new home. Ireland seemed to be inactive and we thought that it deserves more activity. Well, we were wrong. Ireland might be inactive in battlefield at that time but It was surely active on politics which made our MTO attempt fail. There wasn't any hostile feelings on both side. When the battle is over, there were people joining my military unit. We have always had friendly ties with Ireland ever since.

Q5) You're heavily involved in running eTurkey. It's fair to say that Turkey still is one of the most important countries in the world. What can you tell us about the current state of your country?

I was involved in running eTurkey. I worked with both foreign affairs department and ministry of defence. I can say that eTurkey is a stable country with long term plans. There is unity among citizens and there is content of how government functions. Im glad that I was part of achieving such unity.

Q6) It's impossible to do an interview without asking the questions about Bulgaria. Turkey and Bulgaria are responsible for many changes in the alliances, from EDEN time and later during Aurora-Sirius period. Why is so hard to make compromises there? Can you give the average citizen explanation of your rivalry?

Regardless of alliances, there is a part of Bulgarian society moved by real life issues. Even though, there is no hard feelings against Bulgaria within Turkish society, both in game and irl, I think far right wing of Bulgarians think that Turkey(or maybe I should say Ottoman) is their arch enemy and they reflect it in game. So basically a part of Bulgaria is fighting against their own ghosts. When things are one sided, there can be no compromises. Yet there are people who don’t live in past within Bulgarian society whom understands that we are playing a game and whom we can talk in a friendly manner.

Q7) Nowadays Turkey is part of the 'Anti Asteria' group of countries, but you've managed to get some bonuses and stability recently. How is that possible? Is there some strong diplomatic moves behind it?

Stability doesn’t come in a short period of time. And for eTurkey, in first place stability doesn’t require strong diplomatic moves but a unity within society and long term plans. eTurkey achieved both imo.

Q8) I often ask this question to my guests, so I'll ask you the same thing. Do you think time has come for our side to establish an alliance, good old formal alliance of countries who like each others and are willing to work together toward the goals of our side?

There are several reasons to build an alliance. To bring more fun in game, to be under same banner with brothers or to dominate the game. One of these would be the motto of the alliance and it shapes around that motto. Our side chooses to fight with emotions in the name of brotherhood against an alliance which fights with well crafted plans dedicated to dominate the game. We have to adapt. We have to find the ways to win. We have to TRUST each other and yes, we have to build an alliance.

Q9) How important is to have a centralized HQ in charge of decision making and damage coordination? Would you say it would be easier to accomplish goals of each country if we would make plans and strategy together?

Its not important to have a centralized HQ. It is a MUST. Every offansive campaign being started against Asteria without damage coordination, without guessing the moves of the enemy, without brainstorming to find the weaknesses of the enemy is a total waste and will end with defeat for sure.

Q10) Who would you list as your best allies?

Its a long list which includes every single country fights on our side.

Q11) Turkey had a very good relations with Argentina during the history, what's the state of your relations nowadays?

Turkey and Argentina had friendly ties even when we were on the opposite side of battefield. For a long time we are on the same side and fighting for common goals. We are brothers in arms.

Q12) Turkish community has always been very active, not only in Turkey, but also around the world. Turkish group INCI was based on Cyprus, then we had Lazokrats who went away from Turkey and are in South Africa nowadays. Loads of Turks has been in Ireland too, one of our Presidents was a Turk - Machiavelli. Why is this happening?

Every of these groups left Turkey for a different reason but if we search for a common reason, i think it would be ''we just couldn’t stand each other back in days''.

Q13) To conclude, is there anything you'd like to say, some message to be sent out? Also, another all time question - who do you suggest for my next guest?

Even though Im on a break playing erepublik active, I didn’t want to refuse your offer because you are doing a great job bringing the ideas of people playing on both sides. I wanted to contribute. Thank you for the interview.
I would like to suggest the next participant to be one of these; windfall, nenods or voodoo

It was great talking to an old friend once again and hopefully we'll keep in touch for a long time to come. MaM was an inspiration to me when lower divisions were added and one of the reasons how CrOmega was founded too. So this type of people, with fresh and new ideas always had a special place in my heart. Thanks for the interview buddy!

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