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*Fireside Chat* A Second Week, and the Sillies Begin.

Day 2,115, 20:54 Published in USA USA by Dauntless2000

Good Day America,

The government was busy this last week and first we have a big congratulations that needs to be given to all men and women of this great nation. As of September First, the Evil Empire that is Serbia has been forced out of the Western Hemisphere, all that is left of the five-headed beast is Poland, and I know the hearts of every American will not rest until we have driven them from our great country. We wield the arsenal of democracy that will not stop until we are truly free from TWO’s dark shadow created by their military and by their saboteurs that wish to take over our government. Thank you everyone, both native citizen and are allies that have weathered this dark storm and have continued to slowly struggle to return us to the map. Now let’s go to what has been going on with government.

For Votes filed in the Game, I did agree to two last donation to the CBO by Evry and The Mike. The money was given to the CBO to fund more Combat Payouts and other costs that are left. Wipes hurt, and now we are dealing with aftermath created and also the cost of removing the wipe through fighting. Wars cost and we are still fighting this one. I will make sure that the troops have the funds they need, without making the bank account go red. Next we have four MPPs brought to the chamber of Congress. Oblige proposed one for the nation of Bosnia, an enemy of Serbia and have supported us in the past. This one was an easy yes, anyone that is willing help us fight TWO and has been fighting with us is going to receive the full support of the United States. Next was the Nation of Finland proposed by their president JudasGoat. They have been friendly with us and to have a nation of Asgard as an ally, this could mean support from the other member nations of Sweden and Norway. I approved of the action. Then the President of Canada, klop123 was asking for an MPP with his country that at this time wiped by Spain. This one was harder for some people, on one hand we have a good relationship with Canada, on the other hand, relations with Spain have been getting better. At this time I voted yes to honor the good relation we have and their continued support to us. The President of Peru SirJohan was there as well, with great relations with South America except for Argentina it was good to give them a Yea vote. Then we have Oblige ask us to declare the nation of Poland a Natural Enemy of our Nation. This action shows who are true members of this nation, only the seven from the peanut gallery voted against it. Patriots of the country, they are patriots to the US as Michael Moore is a Conservative. Next on the forums, I support and voted yes on a bill that will give the top four congressional candidates of the New Lunar Republic Party to join us in the forums as full members of congress. This is a great thing to do because of their hard work to try and keep the AFA from being in the top spot and was willing to take a hit when they had to. This spirit of standing together to finally beat the PTO and end the Unity system should be rewarded.

Now onto some things that I believe deserves its own area that are going on in the forum. Congress has supported a bropact know as The Tequila Agreement with Mexico. The nation’s government that is helping us drive the beast of TWO out of the Western Hemisphere created this pact with the Secretary of State NewAzazel and Deputy Secretary of State Derphoof. The pact states:

This pact stands as testament to the growing friendship and cooperation between the United States and Mexico. In the months since the outbreak of the conflict known as World War VI, these two nations have worked together to fight off invaders and keep each other safe. This agreement formally establishes the commitment of these two nations to help each other, in every way, until the day the servers are shut down forever.

As such:

1. The nations resolve to defend each other from all threats foreign and domestic.

2. The nations resolve to work together to achieve military goals that are beneficial to both parties as well as the individual nations.

3. As well as resolving to defend each other in times of war, the nations agree to help each other when they come under threat of PTO.

4. Both nations resolve to help each other economically by giving refuge to commune holders during times of need.

This friendship, forged in the fires of combat, is therefore formally recognized on this Day X of the New World.

With this pact we create another great friend and ally like Russia, Brazil, and Albania. It is nice to now have Mexico join this list of strong friends to the nation. We are also starting up the debate on the budget for the government. This is good news for citizens of the nation, we decided to table the discussion on the rate for the work tax until the budget is set. We need to have an understanding of what we will be spending before we set a tax rate. I stated, we need a good tax rate that pays the bills and not a pain to the public. The start of that is setting our costs and then setting the tax rate so we can cover those costs.

Now to the Sillies of congress. As you all know, the AFA congress members that I have dubbed the peanut gallery are known for trying to make chaos in the halls of government. So what have the clowns of our members been doing? Well you see on the list of proposals, four additional donation proposals that I didn’t talk about earlier, guess who did them? Chop and K1tho proposed to congress and calimero68 used both of his proposals to request that the CBO received a grand total of, ten dollars. Yeah, each one of them asked us to give ten dollars to the CBO and calimero68 asked for eleven with his second one.. What a waste of time for the American people, and they are also attempting to make us look like we are wasting your money with filling the list with donation proposals. Most of us have voted no like me. Many of us are not spenders, we want to make sure your money is spent in the best way possible and not used for worthless causes. Don’t believe their actions I am not going to let the money you give us end up being thrown into the fireplace. I would love to have Plato place the name of the person proposing something on the list so you know who is doing what and also make the actions of PTOers more visible to all. We also have a push by one nut talking about a one percent tax rate. I would like to ask, how? Do you know the full costs yet, and will we be able to cover the cost to run the government with that rate? We are not completely ruling out a one percent tax rate, but we want to make sure the rate is not sending the government to the poor house. Finally the Ringleader of the AFA three-ring circus wanted us to impeach Oblige from his position as President of the United States, I’m sorry RGR, but the only way I would vote yes to that is if you remove my brain and replace it with a jar of mayo.

This time I’m going to respond to Neron Trocki’s comment from my last article, He states

if only more people did half you did, we would have a transparent government 🙁 sadly I dont see that happening . in any case, my hat is off to you, sir. marvelous

I do agree that sadly not many do this, some take the time but most CPs and Congress Members don’t do something like Fireside Chat. One of the reasons is the simplest one of all, too much on their plate. With work, family, activities, and all kinds of things in your real world life it’s hard to find time to do something like Fireside Chat. I do have to find some time and I actually started this article days before posting so I can make sure everything is ready and as correct as it can before the release. The second reason other politicians don't do something like this is understandable as well. Some may feel like they can’t keep a secret well and it is important that we don’t let things slide out of our mouths that we put on the private board. Last, but I think the worse reason is that they don’t care to do so. Why waste your time doing this, we have the press room and the speaker's newspaper. With those two things and the other government newspapers, why should I do an article when they can do it. Not doing something similar to Fireside Chat can make you look arrogant and don’t care about the people who voted for you to do the hard job of running the country. It also helps me to connect with you guys and understand what needs work to make the nation better. Also you have every right to know what is going on with government that does not reveal government secrets. This is your country and you have every right to know what government is doing for you. Thank you once again for those who commented on the last article I want to let you know that I’m happy to see everyone chiming in and as you know, leave a comment or send me a PM with a question and I will respond to it as soon as I can or in my next chat.

Thank You America for your time. I will continue to make sure you keep informed on what government is doing.

Until Then, God Bless The eUnited States
Exitus Acta Probat- The outcome justifies the deed

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Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,115, 21:05


DylanBAS Day 2,115, 21:35

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Tristan C Day 2,115, 21:43

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Tristan C
Tristan C Day 2,115, 21:49

Good article. Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep them coming. o7

Josh Whitehead
Josh Whitehead Day 2,116, 00:59

Your article was futured

Haselrig Day 2,116, 04:36

Excellent stuff Dauntless. I'm really enjoying these so far. o7

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,116, 05:00

I'm glad that I picked you for Congress. This is excellent.

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