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[Felllix] CP news #2

Day 1,822, 15:55 Published in Czech Republic Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Felllix

Greetings to all,

In short, I would like to inform eCzech players that our government had a meeting with representatives of ePoland and eSlovakia.

The meeting was on our initiative and our only request was: liberation of at least one eCzech region and starting of a friendly relation's between our countries.

Unfortunately we didn't succeed to find mutual language regarding this issue in order to make the agreement for our request.

In lack of diplomatic opportunities of solving the problem, we will continue with our efforts for liberating our original regions through the only thing that we have left in this game, resistance wars.

Also we want to inform you that new resistance wars will be started more often in future.

Best regards,
CP of eCzech Republic


Felllix Day 1,822, 15:56

[Felllix] CP news #2

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neumíte mluvit co? 😃

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