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[Fed] The Hugest Party Update

Day 1,843, 10:17 Published in USA USA by fingerguns

Congrats to President Inwegen! He may have won our primary by only 2 votes, but he beat the dog crap out of the AFA and that's really what matters.

A number of Feds will be holding or changing positions in the Cabinet and there are a few Fed noobs joining up as well. I'm not sure Inwegen knows what he's getting into having all these Feds around, but it's too late to do anything about it now.


Now for some important Fed biz!

Exploration has been named the new Director of Retention! She was basically already doing the job, so it's nice to see that the title is now official! Congrats Exploration!! You're awesome!!

An important message from Recruiting Director, logamac, on how we all can help with recruiting efforts!

Speaking of recruiting, apparently we're doing such a good job of it that our material is being lifted lol

Party President nominations will be opening today! If you want to run, you better start rubbing elbows and kissing babies to get those nominations!

As soon as 2 people nominate a candidate and that candidate accepts the nomination, we can start asking them some questions. By 'some questions' I mean raking them over the coals and making them wish they never accepted.

The nominations close on the 10th, and then the polls will open!

You may be noticing some new graphics lately. Our graphics wizard, Ramilas, has been playing around with some new images for the Fed party! Let us know what you think of the new pics on IRC or on the Fed Forum. Feedback is always good.

Thanks to Ramilas for being so inspired by his Fed love that he just did all this without anyone really even asking. If I remember correctly, that's how we ended up with our last logo/batch of images. P/H!!!!

Some silly stuff:

Up next- logamac! You're goin down, sushi cat.

Another awesome custom emoticon has been added to the forum, this time just for Easy Company! CURRAHEEEEEEEEEEE!

Die Hard is the greatest Christmas movie of all time??

Good Fed Reading:

Financial update from Vijalob, starring Felicia Day

Exploration's Christmas Giveaway!

This one is for the noobs

EZC will never support terrorists. Ever.

A football story: Britseelowe vs Jefferson Locke

Keep watching the Bro Paper by Bucephalus92 for world warfare updates!

Duncan Crowe is pretty much the embodiment of P/H.

These are tough economic times for everyone right now. I wish there were one thing to point to and say THAT'S THE CULPRIT! But it's really like a perfect storm of awfulness and it's affecting not just the eUS, but the whole eWorld.

Feds want to help however we can. Duncan Crowe, with the help of Jefferson Locke and Exploration, has been running a program that basically is just giving stuff away to anyone who requests it. You don't have to be a Fed to apply and there are no strings attached. Just bros helping bros.

We've already given out around 4,000 tanks and we still have more to give.

Get to know some Feds!

All this term we have hot Fed on Fed action as our players get to know each other more...intimately.

Jetsmets does Tiacha.
OneSky is all over Duncan Crowe AND Jefferson Locke. Hot.
Stewy gets some love from StanBrown.
Kody5 peeks under the hood of Dennis McVicker.
StanBrown explores the depths of Exploration.
Ramilas does MollyEmma
One Sky fingerbangs fingerguns.
Greene12 probes OneSky.

Is there a Fed you would like to know more about? Throw their name out here, or volunteer to interview one of our awesome members!

It doesn't have to be sexual, but there's really no rule against it.

Add all of the people in this article as your friend if you haven't already!

That's it for now, Feds! Stay P/H and see you on the forum!

Shout blast:
We're in ur cabinet
Fed boning ur stuff.



fingerguns Day 1,843, 10:24

First reserved for hams.

AlexJ1890 Day 1,843, 10:30

Feds FTW! P/H

bigcdizzle Day 1,843, 10:33

Awesome stuff.


One Sky
One Sky Day 1,843, 10:36

Proud / Horny. Feds ftw

Ramilas Day 1,843, 10:36

So damn proud, so damn horny.

Dr Heisenberg
Dr Heisenberg Day 1,843, 10:55

Im way too proud and horny for erep

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,843, 10:56 why we are awesome!

P/H fed for life!

Tiacha Day 1,843, 10:57

\o/ P/H

Bucephalus92 Day 1,843, 11:54

So damn proud, so damn horny

capitacommunist101 Day 1,843, 12:15

nice. P/H

Jetsmets Day 1,843, 12:16

Hey I'm in this article 🙂

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,843, 12:21

fingerguns, you are so damn awesome!!!

totally p/h!!!! voted hard!!!

We.The.People Day 1,843, 12:27

Nicely written.

Evil.Elvis Day 1,843, 12:42

That was the best fingerbanging i've ever had.

Dinnyin Day 1,843, 12:55

mmm, Ham.

Candor Day 1,843, 13:03

Fg for UC? V

fingerguns Day 1,843, 13:08

Candor, like I said- start a petition and I'll think about it lol

I get trolled so much it's hard to know how many people would actually support such a thing.

OneTakeTony Day 1,843, 13:32

Hey I'm proud, also horny. Is this my thread?

fingerguns Day 1,843, 13:34

lol you're in the right spot, OTT.

Soon you'll see no difference between pride and horniness. On that day you become a man. A Fed man.

Vijalob Day 1,843, 14:43

p/h thanks for the plug!

Nine Arts Dragon
Nine Arts Dragon Day 1,843, 14:55

So horny... oh i mean great article!! ❤

logamac Day 1,843, 15:37

This is so cute :3

And sushi cat will never go down.

DW.Frost Day 1,843, 15:45



Malpazar Day 1,843, 17:28

The Hugest P/H I got.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,843, 17:58

Voted for the anti-pto banner and because feds and AMP are bros.

kavinaugh Day 1,843, 19:22


DMV3 Day 1,843, 19:37

This article needs some DMV, and it made me p/h!

Kody5. Day 1,843, 20:01

this article has me twice! 😃

LongLiveTheElitists Day 1,843, 21:55

This was a very good article and shows a lot of cohesion and amicability in your party. 🙂

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,844, 02:52

Putri is right.. well run party is well run.

Gravitas1555 Day 1,844, 14:25


Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,844, 22:59

At first when I read my name I was like WTF, but then I realized what it was referring to lmao. Voted, Die Hard is definitely the best Christmas movie ever.

PS. Why isn't my name blue?

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