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[FED] Feducation

Day 1,837, 10:03 Published in USA USA by EnterAwesome

Hello once again Readers,

I’m sure you’ve heard it is a totally overused and totally truthful saying. Feds are Awesome! We make sure our newbs are well informed and in tip-top-shape to represent the Feds in a positive light. Have you ever noticed that our newbs are some of the best in the game and cabinet after cabinet our newbs are put into government?

Let me share some of our secrets with you! On behalf of the Fed Party I’d like to present Feducation.

Guides made by Fingerguns, Jefferson Locke, Dr Heisenberg and Ramilas!

Feducation: Politics

Follow this link to get a walk-through of political basics in eRepublik

For more information about POLITICS, check out these wiki pages!

Also, stop by our Party Political Office to learn more and get involved

Feducation: Military Basics

Follow this link to get a walk-through of military basics in eRepublik

For more information about FIGHTING, check out these wiki pages!

Feducation: Economy

Follow this link to get a walk-through of economic basics in eRepublik

For more information about the ECONOMY, check out these wiki pages!

More helpful links to help you succeed in eRepubik:
An in-depth tutorial on how to MAXIMIZE your time, money and energy:

Still have questions? ASK THEM HERE

Or visit us in the IRC #fedpartychat

As Always,
Love EnterAwesome Exploration ,



fingerguns Day 1,837, 10:08

Total team effort on these. Jefferson Locke, me, Dr Heisenberg and Ramilas!

Feds are best.

fingerguns Day 1,837, 10:09

Love you, exploration

logamac Day 1,837, 10:18

This is so sexy XD

Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,837, 10:27

Feducation is the best!!! P/H

emdoublegee Day 1,837, 10:33

This was one program I was stoked to work with you on while i was still SoE...I'm sad and a little ashamed other parties didn't take it and run with it as much as the Feds!

Greene12 Day 1,837, 11:53

Always great stuff

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,837, 13:16


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,837, 14:59

This is awesome! The Feds. rule!


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